This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

Son of a Squib!
Portrayed by Lee Pace
Name: Donner Nicholas Jones
Aliases: Don
Birthday: Dec 24, 1913
Position: Spell Damage Fellowship
Lineage: Muggle-Born


A man with a pair of eyes pinched around the edges has short brown hair in a loosely curly style. Donner has clammy skin, brown eyes, stands about 5'4" tall and is approximately 150 pounds. Donner is a short, slender man. Almost slight. He looks like someone you could take in a fight. He rarely looks comfortable, even when he smiles it is tense and controlled. He smells faintly of chocolate and antiseptic.


Donner's parents may have been squibs, but they had just as much sense about naming children as their wizard kin. Born on December 24th, he was named after a reindeer. This is about par for his family; a shaky understanding of the muggle world and ostracization from the wizarding one led to all the Jones children getting the short end of the naming stick. Donner's early life is marked by the constant fear that he was not good enough. He wasn't a good enough Muggle to fit in with his neighbors and he wasn't a good enough pureblood to fit in with the Wizarding members of the family, on the rare holidays they crossed paths.

Despite being one of six, Donner was the only one of his siblings to receive a Hogwarts letter. It was not the first time Donner had heard of magic, but the subject was not a common one with the Joneses. Certainly it was never in the context of something that applied to him. His mother was ecstatic, and nearly the only one to be so. At last she had something to show to her parents as evidence of her worth. If she could not be it herself, she would mold Donner into a paragon of wizardom.

The boy himself was terrified. He was just starting to get the hang of this Muggle thing, and all of a sudden he's yanked out of that and thrust on to a pedestal? The sudden attention from adults did not make his life easier. His departure on the Hogwarts Express was not accompanied by hugs and hope and love, but the crushing pressure to excel and redeem his entire family.

After a particularly long Sorting, Donner joined the Ravenclaw table. In school he had a reputation as a mature, humorless hardass with a double helping of ambition. He spent more time in the library than the common room and sulked and snapped with each, thankfully rare, E. Early on he focused his efforts towards becoming a Healer. Donner was a competitive student who could not stand anyone beating him in anything.

School was a struggle for Donner. In classes that got him closer to being a brilliant healer, Donner was a dedicated, engaged student. In those that did not, he sat in a desk and studied for his "real" classes. He was not a naturally gifted student and received high marks by sheer brute force. After graduation Donner was accepted to study at St. Mungo's. In medical matters he is indeed brilliant. He has a near encyclopedic knowledge of ways one can use magic to injure oneself or another and a great skill at undoing that damage. What he does not have is the ability to disguise his enthusiasm for gruesome and disfiguring diseases and injuries. Despite the counsel of older and wiser voices that saw his passion clearly was not where he was aimed, Donner could not be shaken from his aspirations. He sits on his final year of a Spell Damage fellowship, a profession he cannot admit he does not want.


Poplar, 9 1/2" with unicorn tail hair. Rigid.


Tap Tap, a grey and white tabby cat

RP Hooks

Quidditch Fanatic - Donner is an avid quidditch fan. He doesn't play, but he keeps track of statistics and attends as many games as he can. His team is the Wigtown Wanderers, but he'll cheer for Appleby in a pinch.
Gruesome Injury - Horribly disfigured? Donner is intrigued! Bedside manner not available.
Stick Up His Ass - Need someone to be a prick to you? Call 1-800-REINDEER



  • Wealth: Poor
  • Perfectionist
  • Allergic to Failure
  • Son of a Squib



I'm afraid I insulted her. It's not that I would /mind/, exactly, but even if I was inclined it is hardly anyone's business, let alone that horrid woman's. And besides, I am far too busy at the hospital.


I saved his life. He did not seem very appreciative.




We're coworkers.


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