Portrayed by India Eisley
Name: Dorea Potter
Birthday: March 12, 1920
Position: Freelance Artist
Lineage: Pure-blood


Standing just under five feet and four inches, Dorea's diminutive form belies her inner strength. Though refined and somber, those that think back on her often remember somebody much taller and more imposing. Her complexion is that of a typical English rose, porcelain pale though with the bloom of health held in her cheeks. She shares the dark hair which is so common to the Black family; thick and naturally wavy, worn pulled into a loose ponytail or braid when working. Her face is heart-shaped and fey-like, with curved lips, a straight nose, and pale green eyes that seem to expose every emotion within them. Her hands are those of an artist with slim fingers that are more often than not stained with inks and paints.


Ten inches, beech, slightly springy, with a unicorn hair core.



Charlus gave Dorea a small bundle of grey fluff with an unravelling ribbon around his neck on their first Christmas after they married. She named him Spider after he stalked a particularly large one in their bedroom.



Dorea was born the fourth and last child of Cygnus Black II and Violetta Bulstrode. As the youngest child she was often spoiled and made a fuss of by both siblings and parents, which is something which might have led her to becoming a precocious and spoilt child, but happily did not. Her artistic nature manifested itself early when upsets and tears could be bribed away with artistic supplies and she would busy herself making quite the mess, painting pink skies and lavender grass whilst ignoring the 'boy' colours entirely. Her childhood was, however, blighted by the death of her mother when she was just five, followed shortly after by the shocking discovery that her brother Marius was a Squib.

It was on her very first day at Hogwarts that Dorea met Charlus Potter, the man she would later fall in love with and marry. She met him on Hogwarts Express on her very first day, the dark-haired boy having pushed his way into the carriage she'd claimed with some friends, bashing people with elbows and cases, before he squashed himself into the seat next to hers. He annoyed her the whole way to Hogwarts and then proceeded to annoy her for the rest of year and the next after that. Sorted into Slytherin, as any decent Black was, she didn't expect much different from the Gryffindor boy and if she was ever having a bad day, it could be guaranteed that he would be somewhere near; grinning at her misfortune. It wasn't until they were into their third year that the childish teasing, which neither of them really understood, turned to friendship. They started to seek each other out for company and when choosing electives, they both picked Divination, with Arithmancy being Dorea's other choice.

It was inevitable that they would become a recognised couple in their Fourth Year at school; look for Charlus, and Dorea would never be far away. She tempered his devil-may-care nature and provided the counterpoint to his goofiness. She had a quieter, more serious nature and he encouraged her in her artistic pursuits, becoming the focus himself of many of her first steps in portraiture. They were betrothed in their last year at school and were married shortly after graduating with the blessing and relief of both their families since it was a 'good pure-blood match'. With Charlus finding work as a photographer with the Daily Prophet, they bought a small shop on Vertick Alley with rooms above that they worked hard to turn into a warm and welcoming home. The shop was stripped out and turned into a pretty art gallery where both Dorea's own work and that of other budding artists might be displayed and sold, along with various other artisan type crafts. They earn enough between them to be comfortable, and whilst its Dorea's motto that its not money that builds a perfect home, its love, it also helps that she's started to build a small network of people that appreciate her painting skills.


  • Art Lover
  • Family Loyalty
  • Romantic
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • A member of the Black Family: Dorea is a member of the Ancient and Most Noble House of Black, even if she no longer bears the name.
  • Accomplished Artist: Portraits, watercolours, oils. Dorea is making a name for herself in wizarding circles and her work now hangs on the walls of a few esteemed families. Need a present for someone? Discuss ideas with Dorea.
  • Fearful of Muggles: Dorea has an almost irrational fear of muggles. Phobia? Probably. Want to upset her? Debate them with her or bestow your mugglish presence on her.
  • Terrible Cook: Not the world's worst, just not very good. She loves to have friends around though, so forewarned is forearmed.
  • Poet: When not painting or drawing, Dorea can sometimes be found doodling poetry. Perhaps you'd like a few lines composed to give to someone?
  • Hopeless Romantic: Dorea's found the love of her life and likes to help others who's own path of romance isn't running so smoothly. Go-between, matchmaker, setter-upper of terrible dates. She likes to help.
  • Artisan: Dorea owns and runs a small shop in Diagon Alley from which she sells artwork and artisan crafts. She also takes commissions. Drop in!


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Husband - Pure Blood - Marriage between pure bloods is often carefully arranged, done for political or familial reasons. Not so Dorea and Charlus. They were the acknowledged couple of Hogwarts once they matured enough to realise that their antagonism was attraction. Dating from years three to seven, they became betrothed and were married shortly after graduation. He is the salt to her pepper, the blue sky to her fluffy clouds. They go together (like a horse and carriage).


Father - Pure Blood - Dorea's father runs Black's Bestiary in Knockturn Alley. He's rather a scary figure to most, having a volatile personality and a predilection to favouring animals over people. To Dorea though, he's just her father.


Mother - Pure Blood - Dorea's mother provided the softness that her father did not. She was the storyteller, the hand-holder and the parent to offer sympathy and kisses. Her death when Dorea was five left Dorea devastated.


Brother - Pure Blood


Sister - Pure Blood


Brother - Pure Blood (Squib) - Dorea adored her brother Marius. Everyone assumed he was just a late bloomer when his magical talents failed to manifest during childhood. When he was discovered to be a squib, it was with horrified shame that he was disowned by the family. Dorea, however, keeps in touch. He's still her brother.


Uncle - Pure Blood


Nephew - Pure Blood - Alphard is still at school and Dorea tends to pop up to Hogsmeade when she can in order to visit him between holidays. He's a typical Black and seems to be a popular figure amongst his peers, even if that popularity is bought rather than earned.


Niece - Pure Blood - Walburga is purist to the extreme. Dorea doesn't believe she's ever known anyone so driven and focused at such a young age and when Marius was discovered to be a squib, like most of the rest of the family she turned her back on him completely.


Cousin - Pure Blood


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