This character is retired, and is no longer in play. It's rumored that Douglas eloped with Medusa Malfoy. Or that he's locked in the Malfoy dungeon. Or that Medusa got shipped off abroad and Douglas followed. Or he became an outdoor guide in the Amazon Forest in Brazil.

Character Information
Portrayed by Colin Ford
Name: Douglas James Macmillan
Aliases: Doug
Birthday: May 1st, 1921
Position: Amazonian Guide
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Blue eyed, brown haired and with a turned up nose, this young man never quite manages to look respectable. If it's not his dishevelled clothing, it's his mop of hair which always seems to have at least one bit that sticks up, regardless what anyone might try to do with it, and if it's not his hair, it's his general demeanour. He sports a crooked grin, his eyebrows are always in motion, and when he's not wildly gesticulating at anything and everything, he's usually got his thumbs tucked into his belt.

At the moment Douglas is wearing a Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry uniform. Rather notable by the scarlet and gold colouring he must have sorted into House Gryffindor. A grey vest edged in gold and scarlet covers a crisp white Oxford shirt, buttoned from the belt-line to the collar and accented with a scarlet tie with narrow gold stripes. The shirt is tucked neatly into matching grey trousers that fall to the tops of black shoes. Over all of this flows a voluminous black robe lined in soft Gryffindor Scarlet fabric, unadorned except for a scarlet maned golden lion standing rampant over a scarlet background with gold fret sewn over the heart.


Douglas Macmillan, from the many, many Macmillans from Aberdeenshire in the north east of Scotland, is the third of four children, his two sisters having graduated from Hogwarts before him and settled into respectable lives, and his younger brother setting a relatively good example as a third year. Douglas is not exactly the good example one might hope for, however. While not entirely stupid, academic life is clearly not for him, and he's more likely to be found out by the water or up on a cliff, watching the world go by and occasionally sketching it, than he is to be found in a classroom, studying. To say he struggles with his classes would be a lie — if it's too difficult, he simply switches off and turns to doing something else instead, like planning a devious and foolhardy escape from the classroom by distraction, by charm, or simply by the nearest window.

Growing up, he spent a lot of his time outdoors, no doubt to avoid being treated as a doll and dressed up by his older sisters, traipsing across the hills and finding new burns and bens to catch his interest. This was encouraged by his father, a breeder of owls with a similar love of the outdoors, but frowned upon by his mother, who despaired of ever keeping him clean.

In his time at Hogwarts so far he has found a passion for sports of all kinds, which is perhaps not unexpected, but also a talent for Charms, perhaps the only academic subject which piqued his interest, which may or may not have anything to do with a sudden interest in girls. He's also dabbled in Quidditch, and has a reputation as the fastest boy over fifty yards in his house, particularly when it's fifty yards to the nearest hiding place and there's a class coming up he doesn't fancy and a professor on the way. While not a massive fan of music per se, he's not all bad on the dance floor, again an affectation he's learned to impress, or at least try to impress, the ladies.


With no real ideas what he intends to do when he leaves school, his mother, born a Yaxley, has arranged a potential job with his aunt Bettina Yaxley in the department of intoxicating substances. Who says nepotism is a bad thing? Supposedly Douglas, because without much word to anyone, especially his parents, Douglas left. There are many rumours and assumptions where he went and why. That Douglas eloped with Medusa Malfoy. Or that he's locked in the Malfoy dungeon. Or that Medusa got shipped off abroad and Douglas followed. Or he became an outdoor guide in the Amazon Forest in Brazil.

RP Hooks

  • Fellow skivers/truants.
  • Owl fanciers.
  • Long suffering ladies, subject to his dubious chat up lines.


  • Sense of Direction
  • Untidy
  • Wealth: Comfortable

The Owls

Douglas has a fondness for owls, brought about no doubt by his upbringing. In his seventh year at Hogwarts, he came across a nest in the owl tower, from which three barn owls hatched, which he has adopted as his own and done his best to train.

  • Horace, the smartest of the three owls, is often seen flying about the grounds, learning to deliver small messages, and expecting a fuss any time he does. Douglas has high hopes for him as a genuinely trained post owl, the first Douglas has ever trained by himself.
  • Daphne is less bright, and likely to eat anything she can find, from mice to shoelaces to scarves. She's probably not got the temperament to be a post owl, but she's definitely got a curious personality, and Douglas gave her to Medusa Malfoy for Christmas '38. At least officially. Unofficially, he still thinks of her as one of his.
  • Gertie was the last of the three owls to hatch, and had issues in hatching. Douglas is fairly convinced she's brain damaged. Still, she's very sweet and docile, when she's not falling over or forgetting where she was waddling (flying is still pretty hard for her), and she'd make a good pet, putting up with all sorts of fussing, cuddling, and amusing hats.


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Ranulph Macmillan
Father: (b. 1884) Pure-Blood. Married: Angela Yaxley, 1910-15 some time. Father: Frazier Macmillan (1855 - 1939) Mother: Harriet Macmillan nee Higgs (1855 - 1941). Siblings: Malcolm (b. 1875) and Drostan (b. 1876). Doug's father is a respected breeder and trainer of owls for the owl post.


Angela Macmillan nee Yaxley
Mother: (b. 1885) Pure-Blood. Married: Ranulph Macmillan, 1910-15 some time. Father: Beauregard Yaxley (1859 - 1940). Mother: Chastity Yaxley nee Burke (1861 - 1941) Siblings: Radcliff Yaxley (b. 1881), Bettina Yaxley (b. 1883), Lysandra Black nee Yaxley (1884- 1923).


??? Macmillan
Sister: (b. 1916) Pure-Blood. 1st child of the Macmillans. Unmarried. Known to be 'respectable' ((Open for Creation.))


??? Macmillan
Sister: (b. 1919) Pure-Blood. 2nd child of the Macmillans. Unmarried, but tends to get engaged with increasing frequency, before inexplicably dropping them and moving on. ((Open for Creation.))


Brother - Born: June 27th 1925 . 4th and youngest child of the Macmillans. Academically perhaps a little brighter than Douglas, but equally likely to choose to be outdoors rather than cooped up in the confines of the castle. He's got a talent for flying, and could be the replacement beater on the Gryffindor Quidditch team when Douglas graduates.


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