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"I don't want to be a monster."
Portrayed by Madeline Carroll
Name: Druella Rosier
Aliases: Dru
Birthday: March 18th 1929
Position: Slytherin Student
Lineage: Pure-Blood

O villain, villain, smiling, damned villain!
William Shakespeare, Hamlet (1603)


A little girl with soft brown hair and merry brown eyes, Druella has a round face with apple-blossom cheeks and a wide, laughing mouth. Her heavy eyelids have a tendency to slip down whenever she is considering some question, only to lift just enough to let her eyes twinkle from beneath thick lashes. Her figure is sturdy and her movements energetic, and she has a knack for directing her attention toward a person in such a way as to give the impression that they are all she is thinking of.


Druella Rosier, only daughter of Erman and Amorina Rosier, was born on the 19th of March, 1929, in their family's ancestral home in Suffolk. Although their fortune has somewhat diminished in recent generations, such that the family has been obliged to give up their London home, Druella found her childhood a perfectly marvelous place, with plenty of village children nearby to befriend and play with. Where her elder brother Calig forever held himself apart from the Muggle riff-raff, it pleased Druella to win their affection through her warmth and jolliness, and she honed her ability to charm and cajole on the children, shopkeepers, and neighbors, as much as on her parents and relatives. Druella learned the value of being well-liked, and she shrewdly took advantage of the favors she could earn in this way to facilitate her natural laziness. Why do your own chores, or buy your own sweets, when others would jocky for the honor of doing it for you?


Twelve and a half inches inches, apple, unyielding, with a dragon heartstring core.



Druella has had a tawny owl of her own since she was eight years old. His name is Orrin.


Petted and spoiled by her parents from an early age, Druella acquired a deeply held sense of her own superiority, one bolstered by the status that comes of moving in Pure-Blood circles that ones family has belonged to for time immemorial. Although her parents were doting, Calig tended to torment her for being more popular, a dynamic that has somewhat abated now that he seems to have found his own tribe at Hogwarts. Still, Druella has a lust for leadership that has only increased with age. She can hardly wait to begin school, where the talents she's been honing for years will finally serve some purpose.

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Social Butterfly Druella is a people person, with winning ways that seem to disarm others and put them at their ease. She makes acquaintances easily and develops many of these into friendships. It's something that's always come naturally to her, and besides, it's just sensible to know as many people as possible.
Spoiled Druella wrapped her daddy around her little finger from a young age, and she's gotten used to having whatever she hopes for delivered in short order, within reason. It doesn't always work now, though, and Druella is having to employ other techniques to get things she wants.
Honeyed Tongue Druella is persuasive and charming nearly all of the time, a trick she employs to good effect when trying to talk herself out of a tight corner or manipulate a teacher out of assigning extra work.
Allergic to Cats Cats seem to be very popular at Hogwarts, which causes some consternation on Druella's part, as they make her eyes itchy, her nose stuffy, and herself basically quite miserable. She goes out of her way to avoid touching them or interacting with them at all, when possible, but often finds herself having to visit the nurse to alleviate symptoms when this inevitably fails.
Wealth: Comfortable The Rosier family used to be quite well-to-do, but like so many old money families in these times, their family fortune has diminished somewhat through poor management and the splurging of ancestors. Still, they own a home and their quality of life has always been quite good.

RP Hooks

People Person Druella might be a pure-blood whose family leans Slytherin, but she's friendly! She's empathetic! She doesn't make snide comments behind her hand or give that judgey up-and-down look that so many of her classmates seem to. Whether this is because she's a kinder, gentler soul than others, or because she's the lyingest liar who ever lied, remains to be seen, but regardless, she's warm, confiding, keeps secrets, and loves to take new people under her wing. Maybe she will adopt you!
Leadership Potential All right, so Druella is only eleven. Even so, she's been called 'bossy' a time or two. She likes to be in command of her little gang of compatriots, a position she feels qualified for by birth, but doubly entitled to by inclination. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with her.


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Erman Rosier
Father - Druella's father dotes on her - she's his precious baby girl, and he indulges as many of her whims as he can manage. Of course, if he hadn't wasted some of the family's fortune in his profligate youth, he would be able to indulge her more exorbitant requests now, and he seems to be trying to make up for that by going overboard on anything remotely affordable. Care packages from home will be a near-daily occurrence for young Miss Rosier.


Amorina Rosier nee Urquart
Mother - A beautiful and charming socialite, Amorina Rosier delighted in having a daughter, and uses her exquisite taste to dress Druella in the best possible style, as their pocketbook will afford. Her mother is a fond but somewhat careless parent, and incredibly proud of Druella's accomplishments.


Brother - Even though he's changed since falling in with his new friends and is acting like he's more popular. He will always be the stupid-head that has tormented her because she's always been more liked. Druella is glad he's making headway toward not being so wretchedly unlikable, and doesn't even mean to hold his past nastiness against him - much.


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