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These rules require revision now that the skills have been revamped.

What follows is a system for handling magical duels. Note that this does not represent rules for all magical combat. These are formalized duels that follow certain IC rules.


At least three people must be present. The Duelers and a Witness who also acts as Master or Mistress of Ceremonies (M.C.) for the duel. It is the M.C.'s duty to do the rolling involved.

  • RP the prequel to the Duel, getting prepared, in positions, having the M.C. detail the rules.
  • Bow and/or salute your opponent.

Duel Round Structure


  • Initiative is rolled by the M.C.:
+roll <Opponent1>=Mind + Reaction vs <Opponent2>=Mind + Reaction

The roll will appear:

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- <Opponent1>=Mind + Reaction Vs <Opponent2>=Mind + Reaction
<        <Opponent1>: Failure          <Opponent2>: Success
<                Net Result: <Opponent2> wins - Marginal Victory


  • In OOC, the Opponent that lost Initiative announces what they are going to do (e.g. "ooc Attack - Confundus" or "ooc Defend - Fumos").
  • Then, in OOC, the winner of Initiative declares what they are going to do (e.g. "ooc Attack - Confundus" or "ooc Defend - Fumos"). If the winner declares Defense, they gain a +2 to their DM roll (representing that they have seen what their opponent is about to do, and can better prepare their defense).
  • In the event that Initiative is a Draw (or both duelers suffer Failure), actions should be paged to the M.C., along with any desired description text for posing.

For this example Opponent1 declares they will Defend because they lost Initiative. While Opponent2 is going to Attack.

Luck Points

Inevitably, the time will come when someone wants to spend a Luck Point to improve a roll. M.C., take note. When this happens, be certain to give the opponent an opportunity to respond with their own Luck Point. These are all Opposed Rolls, which means that if you rush the roll before the opponent has a chance to say "I'd like to spend one as well", you're going to have to re-roll the entire roll to account for both Luck Points, which might rob the original spender of a good result.


The M.C. then rolls appropriately:

  • If one dueler attacks and the other defends, it is an OM vs. DM roll.
+roll <Opponent1>=OM vs <Opponent2>=DM

The roll will appear:

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- <Opponent1>=DM Vs <Opponent2>=OM
<        <Opponent1>: Success          <Opponent2>: Good Success
<                Net Result: <Opponent2> wins - Marginal Victory
  • If both dueler's attack, two separate rolls must be made.
    • First, the winner of Initiative rolls OM vs. the loser's Reaction.
    • If the first roll doesn't decide the contest, the loser of Initiative rolls OM vs. the winner's Reaction (with any appropriate penalties from the previous roll applied).
+roll <Opponent1>=OM vs <Opponent2>=Reaction

The roll will appear:

<FS3> Opposed Roll -- <Opponent1>=OM Vs <Opponent2>=Reaction
<        <Opponent1>: Great Success          <Opponent2>: Failure
<                Net Result: <Opponent1> wins - Crushing Victory


  • In OOC the M.C. outlines what happens: ooc "The smoke shield wasn't cast in time or accurately and <Opponent1> is now quite befuddled. Due to the success of <Opponent2>'s spell next round <Opp1> will have a -1 to their roll.
  • Now comes the posing. The winner of Initiative (in this case the Attacker, who should have been compiling their pose since learning they were going first on Initiative) poses first. Then the loser of Initiative poses second.

<Opponent1> doesn't want to hurt <Opponent2> thinking this whole duel is absurd, so wishing to put a quick end to this they whip their wand about is silly squiggle patterns and the Confundus Charm bolts out of the tip of their 13 inch wand of oak and dragon heartstring, a bunch of glowing squiggles burst from the wand to swirl and pop around <Opponent2> with the aim to confuse and befuddle them.

From the tip of <Opponent2>'s 15 inch cherry wand with unicorn hair starts to puff out smoke as they cast "Fumos" to try to obscure themselves from the zippy little lights heading their way. But the smoke gutters and stops and <Opponent2> is left defenseless against the pretty lights, everything beyond them is obscured shadow. When one light gets right up and singes their nose they bat at it angrily and are thoroughly distracted by the pretty but horrid little zips of light.

  • In an Initiative Draw, the combatants pose their intent (with no results), and it is up to the M.C. to pose both the results.


If the duel is not decided, return to Initiative and repeat the steps above.

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