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Character Information
Portrayed by Douglas Booth
Name: Duncan Potter
Aliases: Dunc
Birthday: March 13, 1918
Position: Keeper
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Standing at a height of 6'1" Duncan Potter is a well built individual. Compact muscles still give him size, and a low body fat percentage make him look even better built. A lean jaw comes to a rounded point at his chin, where stubble could be any given day, or a clean shave. Hair is a few inches long, almost black in some light, dark brown in others. It's commonly tame, very infrequently will there be a mess on his head. Hazel eyes that carry some unknown weight behind them above high cheekbones.

His usual attire is some sort of poet's shirt or other simple wear, and comfortably fitting trousers over black and maroon marbling leather boots. Quidditch boots, if you will.


Duncan Potter was born in River Piddle, Dorset to Warren and Constance Potter. He has two older sisters, Bailey and Tabitha. He was an unexpected third child. But with the foresight his parents had, he was not to be treated as a mistake, but the greatest blessing in the world. This may have caused a little bit of doting upon him, and extra support and care for him that might not have been necessary.

By the time he got to Hogwarts, he was happy to be away from parents caring for his every need, sniffle and 'guessed-at' desire. In some form of spite, he joined the Broomflying club, and not long after tried out for the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Upon the dreadful injury his big sister Bailey received from a broken broomshaft through the shoulder, he decided it would be his personal goal to win a world championship on her behalf.

The next years at Hogwarts were spent a little too much on his training to be a Beater (spite for over-supportive parents) and his studies ended up taking a plunge to barely passing scores. Owls were barely passed, except for Conjuration as that was almost natural and most interesting to him. Creating something from nothing. He only stayed at Hogwarts until Seventh Year to get more 'free training', signing up for N.E.W.T.s that he knew he couldn't pass, only for the facade of staying on the quidditch team for Gryffindor another year to get the extra boost once he graduated, and to decide on a team.

The Arrows were his first choice. And only choice. It took him six months of extra training after graduation before he was picked up by the team as a second-stringer. The first time he was a starter was this most recent season. After his first game with the Arrows, he was introduced to drinking, smoking, and his favorite celebratory game that seemed to find him anyway: barfights. Neither of which seemed to affect his play and training in any way, until it did, just after his first season as a started ended Duncan got into a barfight in The Hoard Tavern on Knockturn Alley. He went there on a drunken challenge and came out of the barfight with his main hand jinxed to the point that it never quite fully healed. At least not enough that he could wield a bat comfortably for a whole game. After a long talk with the coach Duncan started training as a Keeper and will be the Arrows' Keeper now since the last one left for another team.


  • Addicted: Smoker
  • Carouser
  • Famous
  • Roughhouse
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do

RP Hooks

  • Quidditch: Fan? Are you on my team? Have a different favorite team than the one I play for? Am I your favorite player ever?
  • Class of 1936: Did I know you? Did we play together or against one another? Did we have classes together?
  • Are you a party goer? We might have seen one another somewhere before.


Logs featuring Duncan Logs that refer to Duncan





Constance Potter


She is his eldest sister, and really paved the way for him to become great at Quidditch in more ways than one.


Tabitha Potter
Older Sister




Fleamont's Wife




Charlus's Wife


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