Character Information
Portrayed by Edward Tudor-Pole
Name: Dylar Borgin
Aliases: Mr. Borgin
Birthday: December 6th, 1905
Position: Co-Owner of Borgin & Burkes
Lineage: Pure-Blood


While he doesn't look particularly old, there's a frenetic air of anxiety and energy about this lanky man that renders him a little.. unsettling. A mop of tousled auburn hair straggles over a high, pale forehead and around some unfortunately 'sticky-out' ears, with harshly arched brows of the same shade lending him an oddly hawkish expression. The impression isn't helped much by his watery blue eyes, wide and constantly searching. A bulbous-tipped nose and the somewhat crooked teeth revealed when he offers a wide, grimacing sort of grin might bring to mind a rodent of some sort, alas. Though, even if he's not winning any beauty contests, there's a discernible sense of cunning inherent in his mannerisms.

Towering tall at 6'3, Dylar tends to dress in sombre hues, whether by design or a desire to disguise. A poorly-fitted suit of charcoal grey is brightened somewhat by the embroidered waistcoat beneath, and a cord necktie is fastened with a spiffy skull cameo.



  • Quirk 1
  • Quirk 2
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Co-Owner: Dylar is the co-owner of Borgin & Burkes.
  • Head of Family: Dylar is the founding member of the Borgin Family and is of course considered the patriarch of it.


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