Character Information
Portrayed by Katheryn Winnick
Name: Ealisaid
Aliases: Eel
Birthday: November 1st, 1913
Position: Warrior
Lineage: Centaur


A deadly beauty, this Centaur Warrior is fierce poetry in motion. Her lightly tanned face is perfectly formed in stern, noble lines, with corn blonde hair that's braided and twisted up to keep it out of her ice blue eyes. Her body, both human and horse, have been trained and built up into perfect condition by years of fighting and hunting. Her coat is dun and spreads over a muscular, tall horse half, ending in a sandy gold tail that matches her hair. She wears riveted leather armor over a purple shirt, with a heather purple sash tied around her waist and embroidered with twenty stars in spider silk.


Born when Scorpio is the strongest when the full moon was above the sun in the middle of the first day of the month of harvest. The birth was uncomplicated and Ealisaid came out wailing a battle cry and she teethed on her sire, Torcall's favorite weapon. Her dame Caitig spent most of her young life sheltering her from gnawing on such things. Or trying to keep her eldest out of fights and trouble.

Ealisaid was a filly born with the strong spirit of battle and protection. When Ealisaid's sister was born and she was a touch on the smaller side it was clear that Ealisaid was born the way she was so that her sister could have a protector that was fierce but more understanding than an older brother could ever be. The sisters are very close and Aurelea is a huge part of Ealisaid's life, even into their adulthood.

It didn't surprise any in the Starchasers herd that Ealisaid took up the spear and shield and bow becoming a Warrior for her herd. Much of her younger years she was relegated to stay at home with the other females and at first she was resentful. But when she saved The Mystic and her sister and several of the other females that were in the village while the warriors were out tracking a Troll things changed for Ealisaid. That Troll tricked the other warriors enough that he hit the village while the other warriors were out tracking him. Ealisaid battled that troll practically on her own. The biggest star on her sash is the one commemorating when she defeated the troll and saved many of the herd untrained for combat. After that day she took a great pride in guard duty and in the fact that her herd felt safer with her watching over them.

RP Hooks

  • Protector - Ealisaid sees it as her destiny to protect the uncombatives of the Stargazers. These Stargazers most likely know Ealisaid and have been protected, stood up for, generally watch over bodyguard style at one point or another by her.
  • Amazon - Much like a band of ancient women she is very much an independent woman. She's yet to meet a male that lives up to her standards and capabilities.


  • Indifferent
  • Moxie
  • Robust
  • Iron Willed


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Father: Warrior and Scout, strong willed too. He didn't let the fact that his first born was female and not male keep him from training her to take his place in the Herd when it comes time for him to die. Torcall means everything to Ealisaid. He is the reason she has yet to find another male that can gain the level of respect she has for her sire. He has set the bar high in what she expects from any sire of her children. Big hoof prints to fill.


Mother: While Ealisaid takes after Torcall the most her mother Caitig has taught her a great deal about being feminine -and- fierce in battle. Ealisaid hopes that she can be as much like her mother to her own children some day. Being a warrior doesn't mean sacrifice to social life must be made. There is a way to balance it, her mother proves that it's possible.


Sister: A little copy of their mother. Ealisaid has always been a protector to her little sister. They are very different but that doesn't affect the strong bond they have.

Special Rules

  • Powerful Body: Centaurs are faster and stronger than humans. They receive a +2 bonus to all rolls involving feats of strength and physical stamina, and +4 to any roll involving running. As a rule, a centaur will always outrun a human in a straight race. Only a human who has trained specifically for running speed has a hope of matching centaur speed.
  • Eyes of Fate: Centaurs have a natural talent for divination, and gain a +2 to all Divination rolls.
  • Healing Hands: Centaurs are skilled healers, and gain a +2 to all Medicine rolls, and to Potions rolls to make Healing potions.



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