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Young Adventurer
Portrayed by Jeremy Sumpter
Name: Eamon Pheric MacCaille
Aliases: E
Birthday: July 1st, 1922
Position: Gringott's Wizarding Bank
Lineage: Half-Blood


Eamon has a face full of mischief, with big dimples when he smiles and bright blue eyes. His blond hair has darkened in recent years, turning into a much darker and neater brown. He's quite tall, already at 5'10", and built athletically.

Dark as midnight are the trousers that fit snugly over his tall backside, the same color as the undershirt worn beneath the open long-sleeve shirt worn over it. Stone washed denim is the color of this shirt, sleeves casually rolled upwards to nearly his elbows. A flare of design is found in the black pinstripe material that makes up the tuxedo collar and a stripe that runs down the front to either side of the buttons. On his feet below are comfortable loafers in black.


Eamon's family has been caring for a lighthouse on the Isle of Man since the first lamp was lit in the early 1800's. His father inherited it from his father, who inherited it from his grandfather, and it was generally expected that Eamon would, when the time came, take over as well. Oddly enough, however, whenever Eamon had a fit as a child, the lighthouse would begin to flicker. Once, the lightbulb even broke. It wasn't until he was 11 and his Hogwarts letter arrived that his mother, having witnessed the signs, gently revealed to her very Muggle husband that she was a witch, and that Eamon was to be a wizard. Understandably, he had some choice words at first, but eventually became used to the idea, having grown up hearing all of the glorious bedtime stories his grandmother had told him in the original Manx Gaelic she'd heard them in, passed down from the days before Christianity came to roost. Eamon, however, had a much harder time accepting that his mother had hidden this from him for so long, and after a particularly heated fight, left for Hogwarts without so much as a goodbye and I'll miss you.

At Hogwarts, Eamon was sorted into Gryffindor, and joined the table with much welcome. He proved to be a friendly, kind, and appropriately daring young man with a sound mind for his studies. He filled his free time with Dueling Club and Broom Club, speaking of adventures with friends and learning of other places, picking up a smattering of many different languages — never enough to be fluent, but enough to pick out key phrases in the books he was reading on different countries and cultures. By fifth year, he'd well decided his career path would need to involve travel and adventure (and definitely girls), for while he spent his summers at home on the Isle of Man, he longed to spend them traveling as some of his more well-to-do schoolmates did.

Eamon graduated in his Seventh Year, after a grueling two years of studying Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, and Ancient Runes in his NEWTs. True to his dream, he found a job traveling, and now works with Gringotts as a Curse-Breaker. The dangers of travelling during the Muggle's War only adds to the danger and excitement and Eamon has never felt so alive!

RP Hooks

  • Residence: While the Lighthouse on the Isle of Man is his family home, and while he is usually travelling more often than not, Eamon has his own apartment in Lufkin Lofts in the Mysticked District. #8 J18 West Horizont Alley, Mysticked District, East End, London, England, United Kingdom.
  • Former Prefect: In his sixth year, Flint decided that Eamon wasn't putting enough attention into his duties as a Prefect, and stripped him of the title.
  • Lover of Languages: Eamon loves learning new languages in bits and pieces, and is happy to help others learn, or practice with native speakers.
  • Knack for Ancient Runes: This is one of Eamon's favorite topics, and he studies it even after graduating Hogwarts.
  • Globe-Trotter Eamon sees the world as few others do — literally. He has been to six of seven continents, and there are rumors in the office that he might be sent to the seventh as a punishment. Like to travel? This is the guy to speak with.


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  • Itchy Feet
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Gift for Languages



Pheric and Karen MacCaille nee Stump
Parents: They still man the lighthouse on the Isle of Man. Eamon knows they are disappointed that he will not carry out the family tradition of manning the Lighthouse, but they still show support and love for him. His mother most of all is quite the worrywort, and if he didn't send an owl home once a week she would be massing an army for a search party for her son. He might have a wanderlust, but that lighthouse will always be his beloved home.


Employer: Bogrod is one of the many goblins that handle Eamon and give him tasks and new places to explore. Eamon doesn't care for him, as he doesn't most of the goblins that he works for. But he gets paid to travel and collect rare goods. That's more than worth suffering Goblins and their pissy attitudes.


Colleague: Eamon has been poking at Colton since they were first years together to teach him Shelta, the Irish Traveler language. Colton won't teach him though because Eamon's not a Traveler. But over the years Eamon has been around enough to pick up on bits when Colton is cursing and talking to himself or to his little brother Finley. Colton and Eamon graduated the same year and in many things were friendly rivals, Classes (they both were taking the courses to be accepted by Gringotts), tales of travelling, and of course Kimiko. Cut from similar cloth, the big difference is that Eamon was a good Prefect until it was taken away by the prejudices of the Pure-Blood Headmaster and Colton was the one always breaking the rules.


Friend: Eamon was not sure what was brewing between them, but Kimi made him feel good and she seemed to really like him. He only wished he could save her from her great-grandfather. But perhaps his uncertainty is what led to them drifting apart. Nevertheless, they have remained friends.


Departed Friend: Eamon was part of Leander's entourage when members of the school went to Durmstrang.


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