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Revenge is Perfectly Natural
Portrayed by Hayley Atwell
Name: Eden E. Eibon
Aliases: EE, E
Birthday: July 17, 1907
Position: M.A.C. Obliviator
Lineage: Pure-Blood


The soft curves of her face are accented by high cheekbones and almond shaped honey brown eyes. Her pale skin hints at her origins and rich thick wavy mahogany hair rests just at shoulder length and often shorter when styled. Her lips are a full heart shape and nose is slender and pinched. Her features all together are a soft impression over a rather amply curved feminine form.

Usually dressed in a simple white blouse and pencil skirt with a white belt to accentuate her waist, she wastes nothing on anything that is impractical. She wears a pair of stockings with a darker seam down the back and a pair of heeled Mary Janes to top it off. A matching jacket of brown tweed to go with her skirt is often seen at times. A plain gold locket is worn around her neck to add just a touch of flare.



Born to Noalan Eibon Senior and Joanna MacMillan as one of the youngest children in the Eibon brood, Eden was a passionate young girl when she was inclined to be but otherwise was a quiet, speculative child.

She doesn't like to talk about her early years or even her ones at School. Her life, as she calls it started after graduation when she first sought out a career taking care of and bringing down beasts. She began her training which led to her realization that it was not the job for her. With her extensive understanding of charms she was pointed to the Obliviators office and after being accepted in early 1927, she began her training. She completed it without a hitch and was soon sent away to help deal with some foreign problems near Asia and the Middle East.

It is recently, in the current year of 1937 that she has returned to take up a position with the Ministry of Magic in London. Given her new assignment, she is to begin working with a Reversal Squad along with other side work that comes her way.


Eden's wand is a 14inch long rowan wood with celtic carvings and a Veela hair core.


Eden's pet is a gray tabby named Jips and an owl named Tyr.


Wealth: Opulent She is one of the youngest children of the head of House Eibon.
Notorious Family Its not truly proven correct but its assumed that they have had some shady dealings.
Heavy Sleeper She can sleep just about anywhere without concern and not wake up even in the most violent tempest.
Claustrophobic Self explanatory - fear of small enclosed places.
Phantom Itch When she's nervous, she tends to scratch at her neck.

RP Hooks

Ministry of Magic She works as an Obliviator for the M.A.C.
Eibon One of the youngest children of Noalan Eibon Senior. Rich Pure-Blood Scottish family.
Ravenclaw A former member of Ravenclaw and its Prefect for a year.
Travel Have you been to Asia or the Meditterean in the past ten years?
Repealment She is a staunch supporter of repealing the secrecy laws.
Art Known to basically no one, she is a sketch artist. She is just starting to delve into using paints.
Brompton Eden has a London Townhouse in Brompton.


Logs featuring Eden Logs that refer to Eden



My brother Noalan's second son and quite an oddity in his Gryffindor placement. Makes me curious.


Little Evelyn, the daughter of my brother Greg and very much like me in many ways save a few. For which I am grateful. I will make certain her time at Hogwarts is something she can remember kindly.


My brother Noalan's first son and not surprising Slytherin. I wonder what trouble he might be getting up to.


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