This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

The Brooding Stranger
Portrayed by Luke Bilyk
Name: Edgar Robert Carrow
Aliases: Crow
Birthday: Aug 3
Position: Slytherin
Lineage: Pure-blood


This young man stands at a mere 5'9" and though he is thin of frame, he shows a latent promise towards athletics. His skin is pale, contrasting his sable hair, which he keeps short. His eyes are a pale green and his features could be considered handsome, with his square jaw, thick but not overly so eyebrows and a distinctly straight nose. When threatened or otherwise challenged, his eyes take on a defiant, fierce cast to them, a promise of trouble.

He wears the uniform of Hogwarts almost impeccably, with the suit jacket and the slacks always meticulously kept, the shirt ironed and spotless, the shoes polished. The emblem of Slytherin figures proudly on the chest of the right lapel, denoting his membership in the house.


Edgar Robert Carrow was born in Essex, England, son to a Goyle, Serena, who married his father, Sabinus Albert Carrow, eighteen years ago. He is the first of five siblings, though each of them are four years apart and thus they only enjoyed eachother's company for a handful of years; Edgar, for instance, does not know his younger siblings well, only the second eldest, Maria.

Given that he was the child of pure-bloods, and a Carrow at that, Edgar was expected to present himself as imposing, as mighty and powerful. To their elation, he was selected by the Sorting Hat to be of House Slytherin. To his parents' frustration, his first two years at Hogwarts were nothing but, with the shy child growing more introverted the more they pushed him into it. The third year showed a different sort of improvement: the boy took to practicing duelling spells and saw that his powers in those areas flourished - dramatically so. He also developed a sort of natural talent for Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms, perhaps in keeping with the militant pragmatism of his family.

Still, he suffered in several areas but given that he was unusually smart and was somewhat quick of wit for a teenager, he learned that studying is the only way to offset these weaknesses. He also had begun taking an interest in the girls, with fleeting crushes that last year-round or after mere weeks, no courage in asking any of these girls for a date was forthcoming and thus they dissolved into relative disappointment and apathy after sometime.

RP Hooks

  • Blood Purist: As one of the infamously militant Carrows, this is something to be expected.
  • Carrow: He is seen as a bit of a disappointment in the family, since he is not a leadership figure in the slightest but those of his cousins in the Duelling Club may have already learned a harsh lesson on underestimating him.
  • Duelling Club: His only extracurricular activity, but one which he throws himself wholeheartedly into. The exclusivity might change later on but he doesn't feel in the least inclined about it.
  • Chess: He is a decent player. Not a professional by any means, nor especially gifted but he can hold his own.
  • Poetry: Generally two-line verses. He keeps these a personal secret.


12 inches inches, mahogany, unyielding, with a dragon heartstring core.



  • He Who Laughs Last: If Edgar is wronged, the danger is in the patience he shows to enact his plans. But then the trap is sprung, and as they say, he who laughs last, laughs best. He takes it to heart.
  • Mr. Schadenfreude: In combination with the above quirk, it means that Edgar's tendency to be sarcastic and derive some enjoyment from someone else's misfortunes can make him an unfriendly fellow. That's not always true, but…
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do: Like most Carrows, wealth is just another form of power, so that means a scion of this family must be appropriately provided for as he studies.


Logs featuring Edgar Logs that refer to Edgar



Master of his Craft
Edgar and Alphard share a certain love in common for pranks and wreaking havoc in general and Black is someone whose antics are undoubtedly fun to watch as they unfold.


Devious Friend
Lucinda Slughorn is a friend of Edgar's, a fourth year Slytherin and someone whose sarcastic sense of humor and preference to avoiding the larger crowd resonates with him. A prankster in the making, also.


The Princess
Crabbe is a fellow Slytherin and in the Fifth Year. Together with Goyle, she makes a very fun duo. She has a strength of opinion that he appreciates as well- few actually would stand up to the Queen of Slytherin as she has.


The Rogue?
Goyle, aside from being his cousin, is somebody who is very sociable and doesn't like to show it but might be a very, very sharp wit indeed. They get along just fine, too.


Quidditch Star
Jenny likes to pick on Edgar, but it's always a playful, teasing sort of picking on. He actually likes it though he never knows how to deal with it exactly.


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