Character Information
Portrayed by Iain De Caestecker
Name: Edmund Karl Harper
Aliases: Eddy
Birthday: May 22nd, 1915
Position: Shopkeeper at Quills and Other Thrills Stationary Shoppe
Lineage: Pureblood


At 5'8", Edmund isn't what anyone would call "tall," and his physique is rather more wiry than burly. Still, there's something about the winsome smile and big blue eyes set into a long face with a square jaw that tend to win him more admirers than not. He keeps his light brown curly hair close-cropped because otherwise it would run amok.


Edmund is the second son of Tristan and Gertrude Harper, one of four children. He grew up with a sort of fatalistic acceptance of the Harper Family Curse. He always knew that he would be sorted into Ravenclaw - after all, he was daddy's clever little boy! Once there, Edmund did his best to learn what he could, and excelled at most of his subjects like any good Ravenclaw would. His original goal, though unstated to most people, was to become a Curse-Breaker and free his family from their Doom. That all changed the day he learned that sometimes, rules are meant to be broken. A certain girl of his acquaintance got herself into a spot of trouble, and confessed, sobbing, to Edmund. Determined to save her reputation, for she really was a dear old friend (if a bit feather-brained), he brewed what he could to fix the issue, much to her eternal gratitude. The word of his helpful and secretive nature quietly spread, and when certain illicit potions were needed by students to help them out of jams, Edmund was the one to ask for them, and he never charged outrageous sums, either. It was generally agreed that he was reasonable and very nice, and absolutely discreet.

After graduation, Edmund naturally fell into working at the family Stationary Shop with his father, uncle, and older brother. After his uncle's untimely demise, he's stepped into a bigger role, taking on more responsibility. That hasn't stopped him from his little side-business, however. There is a steady trickle of men and women who come into the Stationary Shoppe and ask for Edmund's help in selecting a quill for their great-aunt, the secret code that they need one of his potions.

RP Hooks

  • Illicit Potions: If you need a discreet potion or charm to help you out of a bit of trouble, but can't bring yourself to go into Knockturn Alley, Edmund is the one to see. Just ask him to help you choose a quill for your great-aunt!
  • Chess!: Edmund loves the game, and will gladly accept a challenge from anyone. He's a graceful loser, too.


  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
  • Honeyed Tongue
  • Curse of Ridiculous Doom
  • Dark Secret


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Tristan Harper
Father: (1886 - ?) Pureblood. Tristan was just the kind of father every boy needs - kind but firm, loving and involved. He's proud of his son, and only hopes that the curse takes him before it takes Edmund, because watching one of his children die is his worst nightmare.


Gertrude Harper nee Schrader
Mother: (1892 - ?) Pureblood. Gertrude is a sweet and gentle soul who is utterly besotted by her husband. She strives to be a good mother, often plying her grown children with sweets and sweaters they don't need, and sending them home after visits laden with good German food.


Sister: (1926 - ?) Pureblood. Edmund is Elise's older brother, and he's rather proud of his little sister's Quidditch prowess - after all, he's the one who taught her to fly (so he claims)! He worries about her - she does take things seriously. And now that she's noticing boys, he might have to scare the stuffing out of some spotty little wannabe-Lothario.


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