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The White Sheep
Portrayed by Diane Kruger
Name: Edwarlinda "Eddie" Drusilla Malfoy
Aliases: Eddie, Lin
Birthday: Dec 03, 1900
Position: Auror
Lineage: Pure-blood


Stunning. Lovely. Intelligent. Pale. Those are probably the primary words that would best describe Eddie Malfoy. The woman is certainly a great beauty, in the classic sense. Platinum blonde hair looks natural against her flawless, ice pale complexion. She has just enough colour in the right areas — a faint rose on her cheeks made pale by the crimson colour of her full mouth. It's a mouth that often smirking or smiling. Happy confidence seems a customary attitude for the woman. Her eyes are arctic blue and flash more wisdom behind them than one might expect for her beauty. She looks to be in her thirties, but she wears every bit of age well. Even the laugh lines that occasionally dance at the corners of her lips seem to enhance her picture, not detract. She stands about 5'9" in height, though often gives herself a few extra inches with a pair of heels. Her frame is one of curves and feminine softness. While there might be muscle in her arms and legs, age and a happy life has softened the rest of her edges into an elegant hourglass frame.

More often than not, Eddie is seen in the neatly kept gray robes of an Auror straight from the Magical Law Enforcement office. However, she never keeps them shut and beneath can be seen a different, elegant suit each day. She has preference for splashy colour - bright reds and deep emeralds among her favourites. Each suit is custom tailored to her curving frame and complimented by a pair of proper silk stockings with a long seam up the back of her legs. It often appears the woman has enough money to wear a different suit on any given day of the year. If she moves quickly, the pockets lined into her robes will flash heavy with tools of the trade - her wand, some magiced ropes for ties, papers, a self inking quill. She is never unprepared.


The start of my life was typical of any Malfoy child - that is completely different than the rest of the outside world. I never wanted for anything. Hell, chances are, I was born and almost immediately swaddled in silk sheets. Nothing is too good for a child of the Malfoy line. Born to Balaurius and Desdemonia Malfoy, I had several younger siblings, each of which was as spoiled as I, if not more so. They had a sense I was going to be an odd one from early on, when I decided dirt and the outdoors was as interesting as elegant dresses and fancy parties with the other pure-blooded children. In truth, I was bored. Long before my owl to Hogwarts came, I had gone through what every private tutor and governess could offer. My parents were exhausted of my curious nature and my siblings didn't understand my need to go wandering. I didn't care. I wandered as I pleased.

Many ripped dresses, skinned knees, a visit or two to St. Mungo's and more books than my parents had bought all my siblings combined, they could not have been more happy to see me going off to Hogwarts many months after my 11th birthday. However, even that journey contained surprises. Whereas my family had found themselves sorted into Slytherin almost without fail for hundreds of years now, the Hat decided I would be a better fit in Gryffindor. I didn't even know how to tell mother. We barely wrote at all that first year. It was alright, I'd found new companions in my classmates, and far new challenges with school in front of me.

As I would have told you (I had little humbleness in those days and less even now) I was a brilliant student. No one would have expected less. Where I sometimes faltered in the detailed work, I more than made up for it with panache and pure, raw magical talent. The blood runs pure and strong in my family, I was no different in that. I reveled in each challenge that permitted me to show off my talents, and often did my best to coast by in the quieter classes like history and charms. Other than pure power, the only class where I found myself excelling unexpectedly was Divination. Staring into that teacup was as easy as breathing. It was the only class which I truly loved outside of learning to protect oneself and fight. By the time I was in my upper years, there seemed little doubt I would be headed for the Auror's office after school. I fell in love with the prospect of protecting society from those who would do us harm. And several other of my mates in Gryffindor were considering heading that way as well.

Therefore, in my final years, I truly hit the books. I brushed up enough to get good enough scores on my OWLs in my weaker areas, and knew I'd fly by the tests which relied upon more pure magics. I was even named a prefect in my last two years, though I didn't try for head girl. A lady has to have SOME fun left in her life, right? By the time I'd gradated Hogwarts, I'd truly managed to make a name for myself outside the reputation of my family. I had thought my parents would be thrilled, but I think they mainly looked a touch ill at the sight of their little girl graduating a Gryffindor. I tried not to care. I had a career in front of me, after all. And friends that were not all pure. Hell, some of the mudblooded around me were a damned sight more interesting that my pure-blood peers anyway. They at least knew how to enjoy life.

After graduation, I returned back home for the summer. It was strange, going back to that family, that life. There were parties, dinners, anything my parents could do to show off their daughter who was on her way to being an Auror. It was then that I truly noticed that every single person who passed our threshold was pure of blood. The owls I would send my mixed friends would mysteriously go missing, or I'd never receive a reply. My attempts to invite dear friends home were met with cold looks and harsh denials. By the end of that summer, it was all I could do to get out of that house and onto my training at the Magical Law Enforcement office.

That was a long time ago now, however. Nearly two decades. Time moves so fast. I moved out of my family's home that fall and never really looked back. Yes, they give me money. It would be a great shame on them to have a child living like a pauper - that is to say on the salary of someone who works for the MLE. We spend holidays together, the occasional party. The Daily Prophet sometimes cannot get enough photos, depending on what flashy arrest, or party, I've had on any given week, but I haven't really been one of them for years. The Auror's office is my family now. I believe in our work, but I believe in living life to. I work hard and relax even harder, if that makes any sense? Especially as the world goes darker around us, it seems all too evident that life is sadly short. I would be willing to give up my very existence to protect this world against the dark arts, so I might as well be certain I enjoy every moment. And I have enough money to make certain my friends enjoy it with me. Hopefully our lives stay calm. Hopefully this world doesn't get any darker.

RP Hooks

  • Do you like to party? Eddie does! And she's not scared to spend loads of money to ensure ALL her friends (and some total strangers) have a great time!
  • Have you committed a crime? Dabbling in the Dark Arts? Eddie is an Auror and WILL track you down!
  • Pure-blooded? The Malfoys only mingle with the best. Eddie probably met you when she was growing up. We're all forced to go to dinner parties together!
  • Mix-blooded or Muggle-born? Eddie is fascinated by your strangeness and would like to learn from you!
  • Bad boy? Eddie can't resist your rebellious charms. Perhaps they've snogged! Perhaps more?
  • Healer? Eddie often comes home bruised and not entirely certain how that happened. She also needs her regular dose of anti-hangover potions, so she can actually get to the office in the morning.
  • Gryffindor? Eddie was a prefect of House Gryffindor from 1917-1919! Maybe she went to school with you, all those years past?


  • Getting Soft
  • Party Girl
  • Infamous
  • Wealth: Rich


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Eddie's youngest brother. She loves him dearly. While she doesn't necessarily hold with all her family's beliefs, she'll never stop loving them, him included. There is a part of her that wishes she had been around a bit more when he was growing up and possibly she could have taught him some different ways. Now she does her best to remain close to him as they are both adults. While they'll never see eye to eye, she'll do everything in the world to protect and support him. He's her blood. He's her little brother!


Eddie's biggest little brother. She loves him deeply even if there are days she worries there may be something wrong in his head. She often thinks that about a lot of her family. Still, she is glad to see him back in London, safe, and considering settling down. She always worried about him so much out in those deserts. Maybe London life will calm the wild man down a bit?


Little sister.


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