This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

Portrayed by Henry Cavill
Name: Edwin Collins
Aliases: -
Birthday: Oct 31, 1914
Position: M.A.C.
Lineage: Pure-Blood


A tall man, just above six feet and built just as any normal person. Not muscled, not skinny. Just normal. Dark wavy hair and clear blue eyes make up a rather pleasant face that often smiles. His clothes are pristine. A double breasted jacket cut and tailored to fit rests over a starched white shirt and a deep blue vest. Down lower, the man wears a kilt of his clan, Collins. A white stripe that cuts across a filed of dark blue and green makes up his kilt that hits him right at the knee. He wears a Sporran as well, the belt with the tassles and all. White knee socks and a pair of polished loafers complete the ensemble.


There are some lives that just begin well and Edwin's was just that. He was born to a pair of affluent parents who lived well out in the country with a host of horses, goats, cats, and dogs. They were from wealth, enough to be quite comfortable in life and they chose the simple life. Life was relaxed and full of things to do. Their son was born on Halloween in 1914 and was named after his mother's favorite uncle.

His footsteps took him to Hogwart's, of course, and within the walls of the school (and house Hufflepuff) he grew and learned that he was quite adept at solving situations involving other people. He was able to step in and diffuse arguments and squabbles of all kinds. He became someone who remained calm in situations and was brought in by his classmates and the like. He did well enough in school but wasn't anything special as far as academics were concerned except he seemed to excel in Charms and in Muggle Studies. He got by in everything else. Still, he was easily likeable and often smiled. Still, the boy discovered a little bit of eccentricity as he discovered his family tartan and began wearing the kilt quite often after when he was on casual days from Hogwarts.

After he graduated from school with his skills in dealing with Muggles and Charms as well as his abilities to calm down rough things, he was brought in as an Obliviator. This is where we find him today after having been in the job for several years and finally settling in after the day to day of getting used to something new. Still wearing his kilts on occasion.

WAND: Unyeilding Acacia, 11 1/2 inches. Phoenix Feather

PET: A Chestnut Aethonan (Winged horse) named Barney that is housed at Camilla's stable.


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  • Wealth: Well-to-do
  • Animal Lover
  • Natural Linguist
  • Trustworthy Face
  • Hard to Anger



The one his eyes find the most these days. They are very close and getting closer. Maybe it's in the cards…


A longtime crush from Hogwarts that was never told of any of his feelings. It went badly for them and after a strange love triangle, Edwin went to her and told her to embrace Jack and love him.


Quickly becoming Edwin's right hand friend. He's got good advice and Edwin's back.


The other pearl in Elly's eye. Edwin views him as a good enough man who just needs a good break in the world to find his way. Edwin believes he deserves a better life.


Grumpy and opinionated but loves Elly like she was his daughter. He creeps me out.


A lovely woman with star quality. Backstage of her ego, a woman with a soft nature and a good shoulder.

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