Character Information
Portrayed by Amanda Seyfried
Name: Effie Grant
Aliases: -
Birthday: April 1st, 1911
Position: M.L.E.
Lineage: Muggle-born


Effie is a spitfire of a woman, not tall nor muscular, but slim and a few inches shorter than average. Her eyes are large and grey, long-lashed, her brows expressive. Her skin is pale, creamy, with only a hint of pink on her cheeks and lips. Her hair is long and honey-flaxen, slightly wavy, reaching midway down her back. Effie's everyday robes are a soft misty-grey trimmed in heather-purple. They are double-layered, with the inner layer form-fitting and slightly darker, and with the outer layer of flowing grey-silver gossamer. She also wears ankle-boots of a grey leather. Her hat is tall and pointed, the same grey as her robes, with a wide brim. Into the hatband are placed several sprigs of heather.


Effie Grant was born in hospital in Inverness to parents Craig and Annabella on April 1st, 1911, an April Fool's surprise - a twin no one expected. Her brother Donnan came first, bawling, into the world, and it was several hours later that Effie arrived, a wee pale thing, quiet but wide-eyed. It wasn't long after that the Grants took their young twins home to the small village of Balnain, not far from Loch Meiklie. There were farmers there and foresters, but Effie's father was neither. He raised collies, glorious rough-coated collies. Effie was only three when the First World War began. Her parents sheltered her from it as best they could, but the war took most of their dogs and lamed her father for life. What the war left behind the Spanish Influenza almost took, leaving Effie in the care of neighbors for weeks. But these hardships only brought the family closer together.

Effie's childhood was, nevertheless, as normal as her parents could make it, though normal and Effie didn't seem to mesh very well. Whether it was the Purple Well-Water Occurrence or the Shoelace Incident at school, Effie always seemed to be at the heart of it and the Hogwarts letter, when it came, was really no great surprise to the Grants once they understood what it meant. So off the girl went to Hogwarts, and while she missed her family, she fell in love with the school almost instantly. Yet her Muggle family was never forgotten. It was her father's reluctant accounts of the war that inspired Effie to bravery, to protectiveness, and to study to be an Auror, that she might, like her father, protect those who could not protect themselves. After graduating from Hogwarts in 1929, she went on through Auror training, throwing her best efforts into it.

Being an Auror hasn't been easy, and sometimes she wonders if her Muggle lineage has been held against her. Still, she is proud of who she is and what she has accomplished. Her Muggle ties led her to Lachlann who shared her Muggle heritage, her surname, and her House, along with her love of dogs and the Scottish glens. Friends through school, they married once she had finished her Auror training. She is now living comfortably at the edge of Hogsmeade with her husband who works at the Ministry — formerly as a Muggle Liaison and now as an Obliviator— and a trio of collies. Though they do not yet have any children, they would like to in the near future.

RP Hooks

  • Auror: Need an Auror for anything? I'll be happy to oblige.
  • Loves dogs: Effie loves dogs, and is often seen with collies. Like dogs? Hate dogs? Here they are!
  • NEWTS: These are Effie's NEWTS and electives. If any of these subjects interest you, we can sure talk about them. NEWTS — Defence Against the Dark Arts & Transfiguration & Charms & Potions, Electives — Ancient Runes & Care of Magical Creatures


  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
  • Honorable
  • Quirky
  • Graceful
  • Loves Dogs


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Craig Grant
Father: (b. 1884) Muggle. Effie loves her father dearly, and considers him her inspiration and the source of her bravery. She learned service and loyalty and duty from him. She is very close to him and still visits him as often as she can. Craig worries about Effie's career even though he doesn't quite understand what she does, but he's very proud of his daughter.


Annabella Grant nee Fraser
Mother: (b. 1888) Muggle. If Craig is Effie's rock, Annabella is the song in her heart. It is from her mother that Effie learned gentleness and patient love and the perseverance to try and try and try again. Annabella has always been very accepting of her daughter being a witch, though she does wish the girl would learn how to bake a decent loaf of bread.


Donnan Grant
Brother: (b. 1911) Muggle. Through their childhood years, Donnan was always Effie's partner in crime. Admittedly, he is also the one who usually got Effie in trouble, though it was always in good-natured fun. Really. He was crushed by Effie's acceptance into Hogwarts, and, jealous of her magic, it took years for him to accept that he did not share his twin sister's gift. Effie never stopped loving her brother, and wrote him constantly. They have recently reconciled, and Effie soon hopes to meet Donnan's wife and daughter. ((Open for Creation.))


Husband: (b. 1910) Muggle-Born. Lachlann and Effie took about four hours to get sick of explaining that they weren't related when they were first both Sorted into Gryffindor, and about four days to decide that really, they couldn't stand each other. It took them four weeks after that to decide that they actually liked each other, and the two have been fast friends ever since. By the end of their seventh year, marriage seemed almost a foregone conclusion, but they decided to wait until Effie's MLE training was over. For Lachlann, Effie has learned to enjoy Quidditch and has even taken a ride in a motorcar, but she still prefers to Apparate more than other forms of travel.


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