Sensible yet Shy Bookworm
Portrayed by Molly C. Quinn
Name: Eibhlin Nora Shine
Aliases: Evie, Eve
Birthday: Dec 13, 1921
Position: Head Girl
Lineage: Half-Blood


Standing somewhere around 5'7" with an elegantly feminine sort of build, this young woman is soft-lined and gently curved. Her face is a rounded oval, high cheekbones and a pert nose leading down to full, naturally red lips and a delicate chin. Her skin is as fair as winter cream, dusted across the nose and cheekbones with light freckles, and her light coppery hair is set off by bright blue eyes. She most often wears her hair loose, allowing the fine tresses to brush freely about her shoulders.

When at school, she wears immaculate robes and clothing declaring her to be a Ravenclaw. When away from Hogwarts, she is often seen in vastly more Muggle-like styles.


Some Wizards are just a bit of a bad egg, just like Muggles can be. Liam Shine (though that may not even be his real name) was one such man. With a penchant for hustles and cons, he found himself having to avoid many of the Wizarding centers of Europe for a time and set to the rolling hills of Ireland.

This man spent much of his time swindling the good people he came across. Largely for small things, such as room and board. It was at a small farm, south of Derry, that he set up his first long con with a young woman by the name of Moyra. She had inherited the farm from her father, who had just passed — her mother having died of illness years before — and was struggling to manage it.

Liam won her over, first offering to work as a farm hand in exchange for a small space in the barn and food from her table every night. As the months passed, Moyra was soon taken with his quiet charms and his ability to seemingly magically (oh little did she know…) make crops grow.

She soon let him take a room inside the house and not long after, they were courting. It was a short courtship and they were married without ceremony at the local chapel. Being a kind, but naive woman, Moyra thought little of it when Liam desired to have his name added to the deed of the farm, yet to keep separate financial accounts. She was a woman who finally had family once again (having been an only child herself).

It was not long before Moyra was with child and her excitement was tempered by Liam growing distant. He seemed bothered by her pregnancy, often growing short with her for even the smallest slights. A smaller dinner than usual, due to her swelling ankles. Refusing to understand her mood swings.

When she was allowed visitors after the birth of the baby girl, Moyra was informed there was none. They had sent word to her husband, but he could not be found. Moyra returned home with little Eibhlin to a home that had seemingly been sacked. All of Liam's things were gone, including many of her valuables.

Moyra was shattered and Eibhlin nearly ended up a ward of the state were it not for the community coming in to support the poor mother left abandoned. It was simple fortune that she was wed when the child was conceived else she may have been turned out altogether. Such cases were rare, but not unheard of.

Thus Eibhlin had a quiet, if awkward childhood. Many children did not understand why she did not have a father around and she was ostracized for it. Moyra's love for her daughter, however, won out over all and she was raised well. The farm did not do as well without Liam tending to it, but it did well enough. Due to the finances he had set up, anything she sold on market still was required to have half sent to his accounts. Accounts which she could never trace down- the banks had heard only from an executor and could not share information.

On Eibhlin's 11th birthday, an owl arrived. A shocking, uncomfortable experience for both mother and daughter. At first, they refused to believe it. Being, in essence, a muggle family, the Ministry had served to send someone to explain matters. The only viable answer, it was learned, was that Liam was a Wizard (soon Moyra understood why the farm did so well under his care) and that Eibhlin had taken after him.

The liason agent had never heard of a Liam Shine and was thus unable to provide any more help, but let them know that surely, someone might know of such a man. Moyra and Eibhlin were soon introduced to the wonders of the Wizarding world, the former thrilled to learn of such greatness for her daughter and the latter happy to learn something of her father (Moyra never revealed the unsavoury aspects, not wishing to affect her daughter).

Sorted into Ravenclaw, Eibhlin's natural intelligence and curiousity were in her favor. Her mother always said she must have taken after her father, for Moyra had never had much luck learning her letters or other intellectual pursuits. It had really been up to the village schooling for Eibhlin to get what learning she had done. Much of it, even, had been on her own.

To be in a place where she was able to learn as much as she desired and more, well, Eibhlin excelled. Unable to practice magic over the summers, she instead devoted them to more mundane studies. This also aided her mother well in the ploy that her father had aided in sending her to a boarding school (which was, in a sense, not entirely a lie).

Over those summers, Eibhlin generally studied in other languages. She had a knack for them and and found that be able to study something in, say, the original French could serve one much more than reading a translation.

Through all this time, she has attempted to seek out her father, but no one has been able to tell her of a Liam Shine who attended Hogwarts. Her fanciful mind has concocted many a reasoning (he was undercover, he's an Unspeakable…). She has considered more unsavoury reasonings, but she's too afraid of how she might feel if she learns of them to entertain them for long.

Always a rather shy student, Eibhlin has been urged by some of her professors to begin perhaps joining clubs and seeking out some more friends. Something important as she gets into those vital young adult years.


  • Absentminded - It's not ADD or anything like that. Eibhlin is just usually so caught up in her latest projects (or homework, stories, etc.) that she doesn't always pay mind to everything else. Certain things may go missed by her, only to be recalled later when it's too late to act. This can make her seem a little ditzy at times and slow to catch the point.
  • Bookworm - It's a common Ravenclaw trait, but Eibhlin can take it a bit too far sometimes. She had all the love in the world from her mother, but she keenly feels the absence of her father. She knows her mother has always kept the truth from her and that's made her certain it's all the worse. Books are something that can never abandon her.
  • Common Sense - Growing up with an uneducated, naive, but well-meaning mother can mean a girl has to mature quickly. Eibhlin learned numbers, finances, and organization just to support her mother. She may not be street-smart, but she has a good solid head on her shoulders.
  • Natural Linguist - It's a skill that likely comes from her father. That desire to communicate. She does not, however, use it the same way he did (thankfully). Instead she uses it to learn: whether it's reading books in their original language or connecting with someone in their natural tongue.

Report Card

Classes Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7
Astronomy E E A A A
Charms O O E E E O
Defense Against the Dark Arts E E E E E E
Herbology A A A A A
History of Magic O O E E E
Potions O O O O O E
Transfiguration A A A A A E
Arithmancy E E E
Study of Ancient Runes O O O O
Broomflying A

RP Hooks

  • Barely passed Broomflying in 1st year and has had little to do with a broom since
  • Received the Excellence in Arithmancy Award at the end of her 5th year (1937-38 school year)
  • Favorite Class: Ancient Runes
  • Dislikes Herbology
  • Clubs - Eibhlin is being urged to branch out and join some clubs. Maybe your character is trying to recruit and has heard about this!
  • Research - Eibhlin loves it. She may even be willing to barter to do your research for you!
  • Lived Like a Muggle - Eibhlin is a half-blood, but her wizard father disappeared before she was born, so she'd identify with Muggles more than pure-bloods. Want a sympathetic shoulder? She may understand.
    • Prior to attending Hogwarts, Eibhlin attended muggle primary school where she received instruction in: Irish, English, Arithmetic, History, Geography, Music and Needlework.1
  • Journalist - Eibhlin is a budding journalist. She loves the research, reporting, and interviewing. Need someone with those skills? Seek her out!
  • Student Aide - Eibhlin serves as a Student Aide to Professor of Charms, Vindictus Viridian.


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She may be dating Alphard, but despite that she's a good friend. Not quite sure what she sees in him though.


My Intended. Anthony sort of.. happened. We'd been friends forever, sure, and I knew how he used to feel about Morgana, but I didn't know about how he felt about -me-. Not until after school came back. He's been through so much, and he's still so brave. We've talked and talked and finally decided. As soon as we have jobs, we're getting the banns read.


She's so worried about what her future holds. I wish I could do something to help her.


She's a nice girl, but its sad to see someone so young put such harsh judgements on people based on a singular experience that I'm not quire sure she fully understands.


Status: Roster
I've never really been close to her, despite being in the same year and House… But as of late, I've started to realize just how much we have in common. I think we could be good friends.


One of my longest and closest friends since coming to Hogwarts, Julian had professed a love for me. He knows something about me that even I didn't initially know… at least I think I can trust him. I… miss him. I miss our talks.


The timing was bad. In other circumstances, I'm sure we could be friends. Instead, I'm sure she hates me and I know I don't blame her…


One of my best friends over the years. Her parents have a library I'm intensely jealous of.


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