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Character Information
Portrayed by Leilah de Meza
Name: Eileen Prince
Aliases: Eyes
Birthday: October 21st, 1929
Position: Student: Slytherin
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Gracing the world at only four feet and four inches in height, Eileen makes up for her lack of physical presence and size with a beaming personality. Her extremely well-to-do heritage is evident in the way she carries herself across the ground, along with a perfectly styled dark blonde haircut; shaped to fall upon each shoulder in waves. An unblemished skin tone is highlighted against pale green eyes, themselves narrow like a snakes. A slender button nose comes to an end between two slim cheeks, the right dimpled with each smile. Bright, strawberry coloured lips frame a set of teeth that are still on their first run, with a pointed chin exposed at the end of a soft jaw. When she speaks it is done in a well-mannered tone. One of a higher class that expects things to be done without fuss.


Eileen Marie Prince was born on a crisp fall morning in the Welsh country side to Etiam Prince IV and Harriet Prince nee Pyrites. The Prince family was well known amongst the Wizarding world for their extreme wealth, so it is needless to say that Eileen wanted for nothing. Etiam and Harriet had an extravagantly large home, that had as many empty rooms as it had occupied ones. Etiam was a respected officer in the Office of Magical Law Enforcement with the Ministry, and his beautiful wife Harriet a well known columnist for the Daily Prophet. The first of their children, Eileen's older siblings was Helene born on November 12th, 1920. Then came Est formerly known as Etiam Est Prince the fifth (V) on March 13th, 1923. So their parents had a full load with their jobs and her siblings prior to having Eileen come along, but they were sure to hire the very best nanny available to do the job of raising their daughter for them. Eileen was also perfectly protected from any of the rumours about not being Etiam's and instead being the product of an affair Harriet had with a fellow journalist she was working closely with on a story at the time Eileen was conceived.

Eileen had a fairly typical childhood, as well as someone whose family is disgustingly rich can have. She got anything she wanted, though this did not quite manage to sour her personality, more so, it just gave the young girl an appreciation for getting exactly what she wanted, which caused her to develop a sweet disposition to better sweet-talk her parents into giving her whatever she wanted. She developed a great talent in Gobstones from the hours of playing with her Nanny and the children of the other nearby Pure-Blood families.

When she was sorted at Hogwarts it was no surprise that she went to Slytherin House. It was the first time she was exposed to such an assortment of people and lineages. One of the nicest people that greeted her so warmly was actually a half-blood. She was a bit sorry that he was sorted into Hufflepuff, but even since the sorting he has been a very good friend. He is not the only person who's not Pure-Blood that she's making friends with. Yes there are many in her house that are purists and while she doesn't fault them for their view point, she just doesn't hold to it herself and she is very kind to everyone she meets at school. She has signed up for Chess Club and plays Gobstones with fellow students any chance she gets.

RP Hooks

  • Gobstones: Eileen is quite the talented young girl at Gobstones. She is almost a known ringer, but still welcomes any challenge. Care to play?
  • Chess Club: Eileen likes to play chess as well, though OBVIOUSLY it isn't as good as Gobstones.


  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Spoiled Sweet
  • Honeyed Tongue
  • Muggle Curiosity


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Etiam Est Prince the IV
Father: (b. 1877) Pure-Blood. Eileen and her father get along splendidly, when he is actually home to show her some attention. Eileen is his perfect little girl, and he her knight in shining armor. But that isn't to say that Eileen doesn't realize what a sucker Etiam is for her pouting or any other method she employees to get what she wants. It has worked quite well for her in the past.


Harriet Prince nee Pyrites
Mother: (b. 1878) Pure-Blood. Eileen adores her mother. It is from her that Eileen has gotten to be so good at manipulating her father, no doubt from years of watching her beautiful mother work. Eileen adores the way that Harriet moves through the social circles of the Pure-Blood parties they sometimes go to, and it is her hope to employ the same methods when she makes it to Hogwarts.


Sister: (b. November 12th 1920) Pure-Blood. Helene is much much older than Eileen so they aren't exactly very close. She does admire that her big sister is an Auror!


Brother: (b. March 13th, 1923) Pure-Blood. He's a bit of a jokester and fool, but she loves her big brother despite.


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