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The Wall Against Which Darkness Breaks
Portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.
Name: Elijah Bartholomew Lovegood
Aliases: Eli, Inspector Lovegood
Birthday: Jan 22, 1901
Position: Hit Wizard
Lineage: Pure-blood

"I understand, Rena. Honor is a big part of our job. To stand stalwart against the rushing tide of crime and injustice is a tricky task entrusted to only a few. But I see you standing alone." -Elijah Lovegood to Rena Lee

Theme Song

"La Foule" by Edith Piaf


This man stands at a good five feet and elven inches with an athletic build that's leaning more towards just being concerned about general health than physical strength. He has dark blue eyes that can be seen keeping watch over everything in his general area. He has short black hair, kept styled meticulously with streaks of grey like gossamer ribbons running along the length of his temples. He's wearing a simple ensemble consisting of a crisp white shirt and a blue and gold striped necktie under a grey tweed waistcoat. A pair of black trousers run down the length of his leg coming to a halt over his patent leather loafers, revealing just a hint of the blue and gold argyle socks he wears.


Elijah Bartholomew Lovegood is what some might call a functioning psychotic. He prefers the term eccentric. From humble beginnings in Oxford, Elijah was raised by two very loving and kind parents, both of pure-blood lines. He was sent off to Hogwarts when the time came. Frequently, but not necessarily successfully bullied throughout his school career, as a Ravenclaw, Eli could often out-wit the mean folk and turn their pranks against them. As he grew in his academic pursuits, Eli began to narrow down what he wanted to specialize in; eventually settling on Care of Magical Creatures and Muggle Studies. Eli, a man of various obsessions, was always drawn into Muggle culture, but the opportunity to study their lives more closely served to stoke the flame. Care of Magical Creatures did very much the same in regards to his fascination with the larger of the wizard-y animals.

Graduating at the top of his class, Elijah began his pursuit of a career in law enforcement. Elijah became a Hit Wizard after graduation and climbed through the ranks at a remarkable rate over nearly two decades. Several years into his career, Elijah drove himself to the brink of insanity trying to catch a killer, known only at that time by the moniker of 'The Butcher'. After a brief period of recovery, he was assigned a partnership with Adamantus Gideon.

This turned out to be a rather successful partnership for a time, but their large personalities eventually clashed and the two were seperated. Elijah continued to work alone, mentoring new inspectors and continuing his pursuit of The Butcher.

RP Hooks

All Over the News: Whether he's being lauded for solving important crimes or being criticized for his dangerous personality disorders, he's developed quite a presence in the media.

Moonlighter: To keep himself in constant mental and physical shape, Elijah will sometimes offer his services as a private detective when he's off the clock. Need help taking care of something?

Class of 1919

Like Elijah, the following characters are from the class of 1919 at Hogwarts:

Edwarlinda Galahad Hooch Michais



Eli's wand is an eleven inch cherry-wood wand with a core of dragon heartstring.



Elijah's favorite thing in the world is his white, Persian cat named Bubbles. Bubbles is rarely seen outside of Eli's house, so she has claimed that place as her own personal domain.


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  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Genuinely Fascinated by Cats
  • Theatrical
  • Unpredictable
  • Obsessed



Jeremiah Lovegood and Arachne Mulciber
Elijah's parents. They were as caring as two renowned geniuses could be. Elijah was furnished well-enough and flourished quite quickly under their tutelage and nurturing.


Cousin - She's positively brilliant. She reminds me a lot of myself when I was her age. Though, I must admit that I did fall out of crafting as time went on. I certainly hope she keeps it up.


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