This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

Character Information
Portrayed by Anna Paquin
Name: Elise Anne Harper
Aliases: Mouse
Birthday: June 9, 1926
Position: Student: Ravenclaw
Lineage: Pure-blood (English, German)


This small girl has a pale oval face and dark brown hair to her waist. Her eyes are brown, too, beneath wistful eyebrows. She has a pert nose and a narrow cupid's-bow upper lip. Her front teeth seem a little too large and have a slight gap between them, but that lends charm to her smile, as do the dimples in her cheeks. She's thin, with delicate little hands. Most of the time, she looks rather somber in her expression.

Elise is dressed in a perfectly tidy Hogwarts uniform - a white button-up blouse and a tie striped in the house colors of blue and bronze, a dark skirt, and shiny black shoes. Over the clothes are black student's robes with the Ravenclaw House insignia on the breast.


Elise was born to a fairly well-known family in the wizarding world - well-known for the wrong reasons. The Harpers have been suffering from a strange curse ever since Elise's great grandfather, Henry Harper, accidentally broke several artifacts during his study of the Ancient Egyptians. Since then, Henry's descendants have been doomed to die in the most humiliating and strange ways possible - death by swordfish impailment, a deadly allergic reaction to blueberries, the infamous Polka-Dot Plague, and other odd demises. They could be young or old - the curse seemingly strikes at random and has left curse-breakers stumped for years.

Elise grew up in a little town called Storrington in a house they call Harper's Warren, next to South Downs National Park. Her father, Tristan, and mother, Gertrude, have three older children, Linus, Edmund, and Ruth, who have all since graduated from Hogwarts. As the baby in the family, Elise was a bit spoiled, and she enjoyed being the focus of her parent's attention while trying not to think too much about the curse hanging over her family's heads.

Tristan runs a stationary shop in Diagon Alley with Elise's uncle and her older brother, and sometimes Elise would go to help, but more often she got lost in a book in the back room. She learned German from her mother and grandparents, and her grandmother taught her how to sew and garden, while her father taught her bowmanship during their regular Saturday afternoon picnics. Elise's best friend has always been her cousin Lucille, and she was often convinced to go on 'adventures' instead of studying - but even that didn't stop her from devouring any book she could!

UPDATE: Uncle Theo was recently killed by the family curse on 7/27/1939. While in an outhouse, he was knocked through the back window into a potions shop, and landed on an unfortunate combination of brewing potions.

Quills and Other Thrills Stationary Shoppe

The inside of this shop is bright and airy thanks to the large windows that face the alley. Besides the shingle swaying over the door, the window itself has been painted with the name of the store in bright silver, so no one can miss it. Neatly kept, the shop sells stationary and all things stationary-related. There's everything from fine parchment to translucent sheets of rice paper, vellum, papyrus sheets, and even watercolor paper with a small supply of the translucent paints nearby. There is every conceivable color of ink to be found in bottles large and small, and quills made from feathers ranging from modest raven feathers to opulent ostrich plumes with golden nibs. There are even some quills that will write what you think at them, no hands required. Blotters, dictionaries, thesauruses, diaries and journals, calenders, and in one corner an elegant writing desk of tiger maple and ebony are all for sale. Things are spotlessly clean, but somehow cheerful, likely due to the demeanor of the store's proprietors, Tristan and his sons (who seem determined to live happy lives in spite of their unfortunate curse).

Family Tree

  • Electives: N/A and N/A
  • NEWT Classes: N/A, N/A and N/A
  • Clubs: Mud Club, Broom Club, Pirates


Allergic to Seafood
Fear of blood
Wealth: Well-To-Do
Family Curse of Ridiculous Doom


Elise's wand is: 13 inches long, made of chestnut wood. The core is dragon heartstring.
Chestnut: While attracted to those skilled in herbology, taming magical beasts and natural fliers, chestnut displays little personality of its own. Instead, it tends to take on the personality of its core and/or its owner.
Dragon Heartstring: A creature of legend, the dragon symbolizes wisdom and longevity. The dragon is fierce and strong, and would make a ferocious enemy or marvelous friend. The heartstring of a dragon would be a wise choice for one who wishes to cast extraordinary hexes or defensive spells. Would also make an excellent companion to woods that feed off the element of fire.


A barn owl named Jeeves. He's fairly aloof, but he does his job with efficient consistency. Favorite treats are voles.

RP Hooks

I'm Ravenclaw, class of 1944, do you know me?
I love to read, and I'm probably in the library a lot - let's be study-buddies!
I play chaser for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team!
I'm a Pirate, now, and for those in the know, you can call me Mouse. Chocolate, ahoy!
I'm a member of the Mud Club. If you're a member, too, let's play! If you hate that I'm a member, let's play!
My uncle died during one of the terrorist attacks in Diagon Alley. I am grieving.


Logs featuring Elise Logs that refer to Elise


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London (there are two pictures)
Diagon Alley
To see the full map of London and Diagon Alley, click here: http://tinyurl.com/m2p55gv
Hogsmeade: https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1BnOGD3LI4v-0lwUnTt67cLi_gUm384H-TVJRBtrqFTw/edit?usp=sharing
Hogwarts: http://wandw.wdfiles.com/local--files/maps/WiWi-Hogwarts-Castle.jpg



First Cousin and Best Friend

Elise and Lucille were born only weeks apart, and grew up near to each other in Storrington. While Elise has always been by nature a studious, inverted child, she was brought out by her extroverted cousin Lucille, and the balance has served her well.


Captain of the Pirates, Elise's crush

Elise doesn't know much about Cillian, yet, except for the story of how he lost his eye and what the eye now does. They've known each other for a year, now, and Elise has developed quite the crush on him, despite her best efforts. She has… no idea how to handle this.


Gryffindor Student, Fellow Pirate

Elise and Josie are fellow Pirates, and they not only share a love of that club, but a love of Quidditch, too!


Ravenclaw Student, Fellow Pirate

Gabrielle is nice, and Elise likes her and respects her artistic talent. Also, she's a Pirate, so that's good!


Slytherin Student

Elise thinks that Lillian is a great Quidditch player, and even though the girl is much older, she looks forward to playing against her on the field.


Tristan Henry Harper
Father - Born: 08/18/1886. 1st Son of George Wilberforce Harper and Mary Louise Harper nee Urquart. Married Gertrude Schrader: 08/04/1882. Siblings: Eloise Catherine Harper, 1890 - 1897. Irma Violet Harper, 1894-1911. Theodore Betram Harper, Born 1898.
Elise is Daddy's Little Girl. He dotes on her, and she loves him as a daughter should.


Gertrude Anja Harper nee Schrader
Mother - Born: 08/04/1882. 2nd Daughter of Leopold Karl Schrader and Velda Mathilde Schrader nee Kopp. Married Tristan Henry Harper: 08/18/1886. Siblings:


Linus Leopold Harper
Brother - Born: 05/15/1913. 1st Son of Tristan Harper and Gertrude Harper nee Schrader. Married Flora Cornfoot: 1918.
Typical loving, stable sibling relationship.


Edmund Karl Harper
Brother - Born: 07/03/1915. 2nd Son of Tristan Harper and Gertrude Harper nee Schrader.
Typical loving, stable sibling relationship. PLEASE TAKE THIS CHARACTER! There is a darker side to Edmund,. Well resigned to the fact that he will die early of a curse, he has forsworn the idea of having children of his own, and thus never seriously courts a girl. In addition to that, without his family's knowledge Edmund has waded knee-deep into the waters of the black market. People who need certain illegal or illicit materials for spells and hexes know that Tristan Harper is the middle-man to come to. He's extraordinarily careful, though, and has yet to have been caught or even suspected - this is probably because he is picky about who he'll do business with. This character has a Destiny which will impact all the Harpers - message me for details. Suggested PB: Iain De Caestecker


Ruth Velda Hawthorne nee Harper
Sister - Born: 04/18/1919. 1st Daughter of Tristan Harper and Gertrude Harper nee Schrader. Married Bradley Hawthorne: 1915.
Typical loving, stable sibling relationship. Elise is actively worried that Ruth will die any day, now.


Second Cousin - Full name: Arthur Urquart. Born: 12/20/1922. Elise's grandmother's sibling's child's child.
Elise doesn't know Arthur all that well - enough to know he's her second cousin. She does remember visiting with his family as a small child and being told he didn't want to play with her…


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