This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

The Bookworm
Portrayed by Abigail Droeger
Name: Elizabeth Aurora Dweedle
Aliases: Dweedle, Lizzie (she'll sternly correct you), Snow
Birthday: January 15, 1924
Position: Student: Ravenclaw
Lineage: Half-blood


The young woman's long raven hair is tied back in a French braid, tapering off at the small of her back with a navy blue ribbon tied to the end of her braid. A slender nose is the center piece of her smooth face. Separating her bright, sky blue eyes accented by long black eyelashes, hidden slightly behind wire, round-rimmed glasses. Below her nose is a pair of full, soft lips that reveal white teeth when she smiles. The curvature of her chin leads to her slender, strong neck.

Slender, womanly shoulders lead gracefully downwards, holding the uniformly black cloak bearing the house badge on her right shoulder. A soft grey sweater covers her full chest, trimmed with deep blue and shimmering bronze along the collar. Just underneath the sweater is a clean white dress shirt, buttoned with pearly buttons with a navy blue and bronze tie knotted under the collar, tucked between the dress shirt and dark grey sweater. The cotton material of the sweater covers her arms, the deep blue and bronze hem hinting with the lean build, leading to feminine hands with slender fingers and pale, natural fingernails.

Her flat, lean stomach curves naturally under the grey sweater, the deep navy and shimmering bronze hem covering over the tails of the white dress shirt beneath it. The smooth curve of hips hold the soft material of matching grey, pleated skirt, the hem brushing just an inch above the knee. Her lean, sculpted legs move gracefully as she walks, calves defined beneath soft, pale skin. Leading to small feet within black shoes with enough of a heel to accent her legs.


11 Inches inches, Hazel, Sturdy, with a Dragon Heartstring core.



Soot. Black Barn Owl. As Barn Owls are usually white, Soot is a genetic anomaly. Only one of a hundred thousand is born with black wings, even attacked by other barn owls because of the unusual color of it's feathers. It's probably this reason that Elizabeth chose Soot, relating to his uniqueness. Though opposite of her, Soot is rather energetic and even happy-go-lucky.



On January 15th, 1924, Christine Dweedle gave birth to a little girl in the heart of London England, a ray of sunshine on a dark and stormy day. Born to a simple shopkeeper and owner of simple bookstore Dweedle's Wheedles, located in lower Diagon Alley, and since her birth, her parents Arthur and Christine Dweedle loved and cherished their daughter. There wasn't a day Elizabeth Aurora Dweedle wasn't surrounded by literature and knowledge. Being taught something new everyday about the world of magic around her, she showed amazing talent at a very young age, absorbing everything that was offered to her like a sponge.

When her invitation to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry arrived, Elizabeth was reading through at least a book a day, regardless if it was fiction or nonfiction. Challenged daily with a wide range of ciphered documents by her parents, her knowledge of runes for an eleven year old girl was well beyond average, possibly making her a prodigy in the field. Receiving the letter to Hogwarts, her parents were delighted, beaming as they gave her hugs and excited exclamations of how much fun school will be with other students, saying the Hogwarts is the best wizarding school to go to and how proud they were. Though she did know about Hogwarts, she held onto her reserved skepticism of other children, having never quite understood other kids her age or how to talk and interact them. Having always lived in the second story home above Dweedle's Wheedles, Ollivander was only minutes away, knowing the storekeeper Mr. Ollivander on friendly terms, measured for a eleven inch wand made of hazel with a dragon hearstring core. And on the day she and her parents stood on Platform 9 3/4, her packed trunks waiting beside her, her eyes looked at Hogwarts Express with some apprehension. Being the first time to be away from her parents or her beloved bookstore for such a long period of time, the concept itself made the girl anxious. The moment was an important one for her as she took her first step onto the train and ventured to the enchanted, mysterious castle by the name of Hogwarts.

Sorted instantly into Ravenclaw the moment the Sorting Hat touched her raven head, Elizabeth looked forward to what Hogwarts has to offer. Studying and reading constantly, she spent most of her time in the library her first and second years of school, sparing time on little else, as nothing else seemed to be as important to her. Because of this, other students view her as an odd one out, unapproachable, and peculiar, off putted by her vast knowledge for a girl her age. Even those in her own house find her loner personality a strange one. And to those that did approach her, she was very to the point, seeming to have little interest in socializing. It wasn't unusual to her, knowing no other way of being friendly, but the puzzle that is her schoolmates was low on the priority list of mysteries that need solutions. It was her third year of school that signified to be an important one, being allowed electives, Ancient Runes was the cornerstone to the rest of her classes, though she also enrolled in Arithmancy.

Elizabeth carries around a well worn copy of Advanced Rune Translation with her at all times. It was a special birthday present from her parents on her eleventh birthday after being accepted into Hogwarts. Her interest in runes has also branched into other languages, leading her to teach herself how to speak other languages like German and French. Though Elizabeth has full intentions of inheriting the beloved bookshop she grew up in, her love of learning has rapidly expanded her knowledge of runes and ancient texts, so she has also pondered over the idea of working for the Department of Mysteries.


  • Honest - If you ask, you'll always get the truth.
  • Natural Linguist - An ear for languages.
  • Never Forgets A Word - Eidetic Memory involves the written word.
  • Puzzle-solver - Runes to be specific.
  • Wealth: Comfortable

RP Hooks

  • Bibliophile - Reading a book, fiction or nonfiction, more often than not.
  • Multilingual - Languages are a source of fascination and there are constant additions to her growing list. Know a foreign language or want to learn how to read ancient text? Ask for a lesson!
  • Tutor - For a price, Elizabeth has been known to help tutor students in one subject or another
  • Half-blood - Just try to tear into her bloodline. See where it gets you.
  • Family Shop - Her father owns a little bookshop in Diagon Alley, called Dweedle's Wheedles. It's likely one or two students have popped in there without realizing it.
  • Cool headed - Often mistaken for brusque or cold, but that's hardly what she is.
  • Loyal - Loyalty is not given, it's earned. And once earned, scarcely lost.
  • Sweet Tooth - Sweets are a disclosed weakness.


Logs featuring Elizabeth Logs that refer to Elizabeth



Though he was more than friendly the first time we had met, I now have the impression that he's lonely, even tired of being someone that he thinks everyone else wants him to be. And I'm sure there's even more under the surface that I haven't even glimpsed at.


Little Sister
Energetic, over-eager, and hyperactive as a general rule of thumb. She's also kind, loyal, and always friendly. While I myself will never bounce off the walls, her personality suits her, and I'm glad she is content with her blood, regardless what society may say. She doesn't let others' thoughts dictate who she is, and I find that admirable


Distant friend, borderline acquaintance
I still feel pain in my chest when it comes to Variel. I want him to be happy, but he's changed so much. I hardly recognize him any more. Worse still, I can't even say anything about it, knowing that I will only anger him further.


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