Character Information
Portrayed by Raffey Cassidy
Name: Ellery Vesper Starkey
Aliases: Elle, Ry, Starkey, Stark, VESP
Birthday: March 2, 1927
Position: Student: Hufflepuff
Lineage: Half-blood


There is a determination and openness in the pale green eyes of the girl. Her fair skin shows off the smattering of freckles that spreads from her nose to beneath her cheeks. A slightly down hooked nose gives her a distinct looks. She wears a ready smile and occasionally a mischievious grin. She's taller than average for her year group, all long limbs and knobby knees.

She wears the basic school uniform skirt, sweater and button up beneath. The colors of yellow and black make up the stripes of her tie and to carry her house pride further her hair is often done up with ribbons in the same colors.


Ellery is the only child of Hesper and Astros Starkey. Her mother, an accomplished potion maker and admirer of the stars. Ellery grew up always looking upwards and that carried through most of her life. Her knowledge of potions and specifically astronomy blossomed beneath her mother's tutelage. Ellery had a rather normal childhood even yhough they shared a curiousity of the moon and its many facets, Ellery and her mother were not close in a traditional sense. Hesper was more of an academic and consumed with her work than she was with being a warm and loving mother. Her father was more of the warm figure, working more with his daughter in the aspect of a parental figure. Being of comfortable wealth there was never too much to worry over.

Ellery attended Hogwarts and was sorted to Hufflepuff in 1938. She did rather well her first year, making a few friends but took whatever time she could that she had free to fly. She joined the Broom Club and was an avid participant. Her summers were spent pracitcing as well and her second year was just the gateway into joining the Quidditch team her third year. Her electives that year were Arithmancy and Ancient Runes. Ellery's training at home meant she did rather well at potions and Astronomy and the others were basically passing although her third year found that she enjoyed Arithmancy as well, a rather straightforward and logical approach to magic. Her third year saw her subbing in for Hufflepuff in positions she could grab when needed.


  • Broom Aficionado
  • Sap
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Honest

RP Hooks

  • Starkey's Daughter - Ellery is Hesper Starkey, the astronomy professor's only child. Care to ask her how it is going to school with her mother around?
  • Quidditch Team - She was a reserve player her third year, fourth year she's hoping for more.
  • Broom Club - Want to talk Brooms? Want to go flying, she's your girl.
  • Inertia - in constant motion one way and then another, sometimes the energetic girl can surprise with her quick change of direction or ideas.
  • Athletics Club - Ellery is a daredevil when it comes to physical dares. Lets have some healthy competition.


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Astros Starkey
Father: Her father was a little more attentive than her mother, though they both were definitely made for each other. Ellery doesn't think she suffered for it and doesn't likely realize her life was in anyway unnatural.


Mother: Hesper Starkey cuts an impressive figure and anyone would hope to measure up to the intelligent professor of astronomy but Ellery has other directions she wants her life to go in.


Rabble Rouser: Felix inspires Ellery to do foolish things that land her in heaps of trouble. That doesn't mean he isn't good fun.



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