The Sunny Side of the Alley
Portrayed by Billie Piper
Name: Eloise "Elly" Emily Dodderidge
Aliases: Ells, E, El-ezzy
Birthday: Feb 27, 1916
Position: Midwife / Wench
Lineage: British, Half-Blood


Elly is a young woman with a sunny disposition. She has fair and rosy skin, sunny sky blue eyes, stands about 5'4" tall, and is approximately 122 pounds. Her hair is honey hued blonde whimsically done up in a mixture of braids and finger curls keeping most of her hair up in a half bun while the rest spirals about her back where it hangs down to her knees.

A young woman that lights up the room with her bright warm smile and the friendly caring sparkle in her eye. She practically radiates kindness and caring. Her ample chest and child bearing hips make her wenchy form a good picture of health. She has a fullness to her that's alluring and welcoming. And a dancing grace to her typical bustle about the days chores and work.


Born in the inn room above the pub of the Leaky Cauldron Eloise "Elly" Emily Dodderidge was literally born and raised within the walls of the most famous eatery, bar and lodge to the Wizards of the United Kingdoms. She was helping out her mother when she was a mere infant in the kitchen. She learned how to count by giving 1-2-3-4-5 shakes of the spice canister over the soup her mother was stirring from her snug little baby sling.

Elly's mother, Ethel Emily Burns first met Mick Dodderidge on her first day at work as cook in the Leaky Cauldron. Ethel is a very strict woman when it comes to Kitchen etiquette, a lesson quickly learned by Mick when he received a lump on the head from being beamed across it with an empty and thankfully cold cast iron frying pan when he dared to swagger into the kitchen like he owned the place (never mind the fact that he did!) Ethel would have none of it especially as he was going to dip his finger in the stew she was working so hard on without a by your leave. So she ran him right out of her kitchen. It was love at first WHANG! for Mick, for Ethel it took a longer time to warm up to her Bosses son. But eventually they were married and Elly eventually came. She was a bit of a miracle baby as both Mick and Ethel were on in their years, and after so many years of their youth having gone by without a child they thought it was just in the cards that they would not have a family of their own and just focus on the extended family of the Leaky Cauldron patrons.

Home + Business

The Leaky Cauldron


Elly's wand is supple at 15 1/2" long, alder, with a unicorn hair core.



In the early summer of 1938 Elly adopted a stray alley cat that was hanging around the Cauldron. She calls him Buster.


What was even more of a shock when Ethel discovered the stork had a bigger surprise for her! 15 years after Elly was born did another bundle of joy arrive, Eve Emily Dodderidge. Because Eve was born while Elly was at school it is still very unclear to Elly if her parents adopted Eve or exactly what the origins of her baby sister are. But as she grew up and took an interest in how babies come into the world did Elly realize her mother's decline in health after Eve's arrival probably meant Eve's birth was very difficult for her 53 year old mother.

Something that Ethel realized is that she conceived both of her girls after eating a certain very special meal she created the recipe herself. Hoping that her girls won't go through the heart ache of going so many years hoping for a child so that special heirloom recipe was made for her daughters so her father's 'joke' that he worries that a boy looks at his daughters moony eyed and he'll become a grandfather is really not very far off from the truth that this special secret dish has made both of the sisters reproductive system extremely healthy.

Growing up Elly did her part in the Leaky Cauldron without prompting. Though there are dents in the roof above the bar and on the other side of the floor of her own room at the Inn where Mick would bang his broom to rouse her from her sleep. But once she was up she'd be all smiles and bringing a sunny disposition to the pub as she'd take orders and weave dance like from table to table. Being raised in the Pub had its advantages in that many of the regulars at the Leaky Cauldron have become extended family to the Wench. It takes a Village as the saying goes.

At Hogwarts

Not surprising was the moment the Sorting Hat barely brushed Elly's honey hued hair did it triumphantly announce, "Hufflepuff!" Elly lived to take care of people and so being a friendly badger truly was the perfect fit. The most mischief she ever got into at Hogwarts was that she one day early in her first year baked cookies that were so rich she knew the Headmaster Dippet would have no choice but leave her in his office to go fetch a large glass of milk! While alone in the Headmaster's office she quickly got to work copying all of the birthdays of fellow Badgers down.

Then on the appropriate date she would throw a small celebration with a unique cake made for the birthday boy or girl. As time went on and she made friends outside of House Hufflepuff one of the first things she'd ask is what their birthday is and would throw a celebration for them in one of the spare classrooms. Eventually that spare classroom became a bit of a Club Headquarters and Elly would help teach cooking and sewing to those interested. And those not interested would stop in to delight in the treats and feasts the Club would create.

Elly excelled in Charms class and was a great help to the Nurse as she began interning at Mungo's during the Holidays when she was 15.

Recent History

Since graduating Elly has been working back at the Leaky Cauldron again and is happy to be home and doing what she loves nearly full time again. When she is not working at the Pub she's working and learning at St. Mungo's to fulfill her dream of becoming a midwife.

RP Hooks

  • A Wench at the Leaky Cauldron, always sweet, always warm. Beware The Snap though if too much nonsense and negativity starts to rise so will her fingers and if she does snap… it'll release the 'Kracken of the Kitchen!', her mother Ethel.
  • Expecting a little bundle of joy? Elly is a midwife and is a favorite among expecting mothers.


  • Soft Hearted
  • Optimist
  • Wealth: Comfortable



Cheeky Beggar/Husband Steak and Kidney Pie & Pint of Bitter - The cheeky beggar went and stole Elly's heart. Of all her suitors Jack had the least 'going for him' but Elly didn't care about those things. They were young (and stupid) and with the war brewing louder and louder and with Jack in His Majesty's service in the Air Force, Elly and Jack decided to get married and make the most out of the time they are allowed. Seems that time was even shorter than they expected. Shortly after their son was born Jack was in a training accident and went missing, presumed dead over the North Sea.


DaDa - No one believes her, but her DaDa is just a big ol' cuddler!


Mumsie - Unlike her father, there's no mistaking appearances. Her mother is a bit mad, particularly when it comes to her kitchen and pub. Elly has had to take more to the kitchen recently, her mothter's health is severely taking a poor turn.


Sissie - Born in 1931. Because of Ethel's health, Elly has been more a mother figure than a sister in the last few years since Elly graduated from Hogwarts. Eve is a bit of a clumsy one and Elly at least once a day is repairing something she's broken. If it weren't for magic the Leaky Cauldron would have no dishware!


"Squidge" Jack Dodderidge Jr.
Son - Born November 13th 1938.


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