Portrayed by Holliston Coleman
Name: Elspeth Nina Rosen
Aliases: Elet
Birthday: Aug 31, 1923
Position: Ravenclaw
Lineage: Muggle-born

"A barg mit a barg kennen zich nit tsuzamen kumen, ober a mentsh mit a mentsh kennen." — ** "Mountains cannot meet, but men can"** — Yiddish saying

Physical Appearance

The little button nose looks right at home in the round face with a smattering of freckles over the bridge of her nose, forehead, and along her cheekbones. Her dark red hair isn't fiery like that found among the Gaels of the British Isles, and when left out of its usual braid, it falls in calmer waves than is usually found with the color. Most often found with a sketch pad or book, there is a quiet sort calm around her, accompanied by a certain sadness in her hazel gaze during unguarded moments. When she does speak, there is a slight Germanic accent to her speech.


Common Knowledge: Elspeth is a muggle born, and if you have knowledge of accents, the slight coloring of speech is Germanic. She's mostly a quiet student,

Family and Childhood

Margeret Adams showed talent for cooking at a very young age, and when she graduated from school, she went to France to study with the best pastry chefs. She had meant to go for two years, but only stayed for one after New Years Eve party that she couldn't remember. The last thing she remembered was being given a glass of champagne, and then waking up in her bed in her little flat. A few months later it became apparent that more had happened on that night than she dreamed. She realized she was with child.

She managed to hide the fact until she finished out the spring term, the truth only being discovered by fellow student, a young German man. Benjamin Rosen had been taken with they sweet, young, Margaret when he first saw her. He encouraged her to marry him before the baby was born, and promised to raise the child as his own, and their secret would never be told. Desperate to save face, and because he was such a sweet, young man, Margaret willingly converted to Judaism, married, and moved to Germany with his family.



Elspeth's wand of Cedar contains a unicorn tail hair core. It's fairly springy at 12 1/4 inches.



To a mixture of her chagrin and delight, Elspeth's friend, Evelyn, gave her a Cleansweep Three for Christmas one year.


Neko is short for Nekomata, a mythical Japanese cat. Lan gave Elspeth the idea for her cat's name when she was trying to find names for a litter of kittens in her parent's barn.


The Rosens owned a Bakery in the small village of Greetsiel, and the kind, young woman was quickly embraced by the community, as was the young daughter, little Elspeth Nina Rosen. No one ever remarked on that fact that though both her parents were dark haired, with brown eyes, the child had red hair and hazel eyes.

The first seven years of little Elspeth's life were happy ones, spent fishing and exploring along the river banks, and reading books and sketching under the windmills.

In 1928, with its failure to make inroads in the city population, the National Socialist German Workers Party began to target its efforts to smaller rural areas, hit hard by the Depression. As a bakery's bread is always needed, the Rosens had managed to remain above poverty level. Despite the fact that they lowered their prices, and sold day old bread at half price to help their fellow townsfolk who were down on their luck, the propaganda made an example of the business as Jews being the reason behind good Germans being out of work. As the anti-semitic movement began to take root, and things began to be ugly in the small town, it was decided that Benjamin and his young family would visit Margaret's family in England until things blew over. Elspeth was a sweet, caring child who believed the best of every one, and they didn't want that being spoiled with the growing ugliness directed towards Jews and the Rosen bakery.

A friend of the Adams family who owned an inn and had just bought a bakery offered Peggy and Ben Rosen a job, and the flat above what used to the inn stables back in the days of old. It wasn't a large flat, but it was cozy, which was fine as the stay was going to be temporary.

However, the popularity of the Nazi party grew, and life was becoming increasingly difficult for the Rosens left back in Germany. Ben and Peggy reluctantly realized that returning now was out of the question, and that their stay in Britain was likely to be indefinite.

Meanwhile, Elsie, as she came to be called in England, had made fast friends with the son and daughter of the inn owner, Luke and Sarah. The three of them presented a united front against the bullies who made fun of Elsie for her accent and for being Jewish, or disliked her because her father was German. When she wasn't playing with them, she began to spend more time in the bakery learning at her mother's elbow. Peggy had a clue that there might be something different in child when Elsie was stirring some batter one day, and as she measured more ingredients, the spoon kept stirring itself. The girl herself seemed oblivious to this fact.

Another person that took note of the self-stirring spoon was a woman named Jacqueline Strathcona who stopped in to buy biscuits one day. Although she didn't say anything about it, she recognized the sign of talent in the young girl, being a witch herself. She took an interest in Elsie, and finding the girl to have an adventuresome spirit and mind, she often stopped back to tell tales of her travels around the world as an art appraiser.

When the invitation to Hogwarts came, Jacqueline was able to help her and her parents adjust to the idea, to navigate Diagon Alley, Ollivander's Wands, and everything else that she would need for school. Jacqueline accompanied Elspeth to Platform 9 3/4, and gave her a gift just before she got on the train. It was a Star of David pendant from one of her travels, charmed to keep the wearer and their clothes dry in rain, snow, and from possible aquamente charms going awry.

Hogwarts Year One

Elspeth was sorted to Ravenclaw, where her inquisitive nature and love of books fit in well. She found that she had an affinity with a broom, and loved flying class most of all. Potions was one of her best classes early on, since she was able to apply the same basic skills as she had in the bakery.
She was sympathetic towards one of her housemates, another First Year named Evelyn. The girl was quiet, and shy, and Elspeth 'took her under her wing' without realizing what she was doing… she just wanted the girl to have a friend.

Hogwarts Year Two

Elsie happened upon a Hufflepuff and Slytherin of her year debating manners in the courtyard. It wasn't long before she and Noalan and Artemis began sitting near each other during class, and hanging out between times. Lan, known for butchering everyone's names, for the most part called her Elet. She improved upon her flying, and found she had an affinity for plants, adding Herbology to her area of 'expertise'.

Hogwarts Year Three

Along with many her age, Elsie added Care of Magical Creatures to her studies, along with Ancient Runes. She didn't want to take too many electives, because she had made the house Quidditch team as an alternate, and devoted a lot of her time to the extra practice. Although she was mildly teased for it, she deepened her ties with Lan and "Emi" as they had decided to call Artemis.

She also began to, almost unwillingly, make friends with a rather prickly boy in her house named Gage, who showed a soft side when he heard about her family still in Germany one night.

A chance run in with Lan outside her village one day during Christmas Hols, brought the realization he didn't live too far away, and determined to find out where he lived over the summer. Although she didn't find his home, she did run into him over the summer with almost disastrous consequences. It was Lan's father that took her on her first secret trip to Germany (in his company plane) to start smuggling the Rosen family heirlooms out of the country.

Hogwarts Year Four

Elspeth's Fourth year saw much personal turmoil. She did well in classes, and has been talking more with her hoeusemates and being a little more outgoing. Being on the quidditch team has helped her in that respect.

She and Lan had a few ups and downs, with the tensions around that involve pure bloods and muggle borns increasing. Elspeth herself is feeling the persecution from all sides. Her family in Germany is facing increasing hostilities, and the incidents at Durmstrang have heightened the pureblood/mudblood angst in school and among wizards/witches in general. A box of incorrectly potioned chocolates made things a little more uncomfortable between the two, seeming to indicate the two had affections for each other. Elspeth is feeling the stirrings of deeper feelings, but doesn't know what to do about them.
She's also worried about Evelyn, and how much longer Mr. Eibon will allow his niece and son to consort with her.

Gage is also figuring in her life, becoming more of a friend, and having more conversations with her, although he still has a sullen quietness about him that confuses her at times. When the barn cat had kittens, she gave him one as a Christmas present, and he's had it with him ever since.

Hogwarts Year Five

OWL year seemed designed not only to break Elspeth, but to try and smash her to smithereens. Besides the stress of OWLs, she was a prefect and quidditch captain in an increasingly purist atmosphere. Although she steered clear of politics as much as she could, not joining the Mud Club or any other clubs that had anything to do with blood lineage, it was still a tight rope to walk when needing to enforce school rules with people who saw her as something less than human.

On the muggle side of her life, her family in Germany are finding themselves increasingly the target of violence. Kristallnacht saw their bakery smashed and painted with anti-semetic slogans. The Adams have managed to procure safe passage for Benjamin's mother to join them, and she is now helping in the bakery. Passage for the rest of the family is much harder to find.

Her soft heart took a crushing blow when Gage and his twin, Kyte, were found dead in the Forbidden Forest when she was home on Easter Break. She had been worried about the trouble Gage was getting himself into, fighting against the ever increasing anti-mudblood atmosphere, and worried that he'd drop out of school. His death was almost incomprehensible to her. She brought his little cat home with her and gave her to her muggle friend Sarah.

In response to the extreme burdens to her mind and heart, she strengthened her friendships with her three closest mates, Evelyn, Artemis and even Lan. Although still not open about the feelings she has for him, for fear of reprisals to him, she decided she needed his support too much to push him away. With their combined support, and Artemis as a study partner, she managed to score well in her OWLs.

+++Hogwarts Year Six

After getting through her fifth year, Elspeth had watched the tensions over the summer between purebloods and muggleborn increase to a pitch where her parents were half afraid to let her return to Hogwarts. She managed to convince them she would be alright, and returned to a divided school. She still had her positions as Prefect and House Quidditch Captain, but it seemed at every moment that she would be losing them. The tightrope was even thinner, as she had to find a way to study, but not be caught doing so as the muggleborn were forbidden by Headmaster Flint to study magic. Luckily, pressure from the wizarding world at large removed Flint from his position, and with Dumbledore in place, things became more normal, and Elspeth was able to catch up in her studies.

Misfortune befell her dearest friends, Evelyn and Lan, shortly after the Eibons invited her to join them at Malfoy's Christmas party. Elspeth hadn't been sure it was a good idea, but she had been persuaded by the latter, who had even offered to buy her a gown appropriate for the event. She keeps hoping that it's been a set-up, as it came so close after the Malfoys encouraged polite society to shun the Eibons for inflicting the pure bloods with her presence, but so far, it hasn't been the case.

Her relatives in Germany have been trying to at least get the children out, whenever they hear of an opportunity. Some of them have managed to slip into Denmark, and from there are hoping to take to the sea to escape Nazi persecution.


Seventh year at Hogwarts.
Surprised to be Head Girl, Elspeth has more than a few nerves to hide as she gets ready to board the Hogwarts Express for her last year.

RP Hooks

Domestic Club: Do you like sweets or want to surprise someone with a birthday cake? Elspeth has a knack with baking.
Quidditch! Ravenclaw team captain.


Honest: Although she is usually quiet and keeps her thoughts to herself, she cannot lie when asked a direct question.
Compulsively Creative: She usually has her sketch pad with her, but she's also the kind to build a castle of the pebbles and stones she finds on the lake shore, or weave some strings she finds together into a book mark.
Soft-hearted: Elspeth is one of those people that has been the brunt of prejudice, and this has made her compassionate to other people and their problems.
Green Thumb: For some reason she just seems to be able to encourage plants to grow and do well.
Wealth — Comfortable: Her parents have found a modest living by muggle standards, and are able to provide for all that life needs, even if they can't provide much in the way of extras.


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Benjamin Rosen
Father: A kindly man, and quite possible set the example for Elspeth's quiet tolerance and soft hearted nature


Margaret Rosen, nee Adams
Mother: She's the main, driving force behind the bakery. Organized and caring, she's an honest business person.


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Keenan Michais Phronsie


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