Character Information
Portrayed by Phoebe Tonkin
Name: Elysia Agrippa
Aliases: Ely
Birthday: Aug 24th, 1920
Position: Lounge Singer, The Prestige Club
Lineage: Pure-blood


Slender to the point of waifish, all long limbs and angles, this young woman still has an undeniable hint of the petulant adolescent about her. Vaguely leonine, with a broad, slightly upturned nose and the faintly feline tilt of her big eyes - an intense, magnetic shade of pale green beneath slender, arching brows - and a full-lipped, sulky mouth, Elysia's expressive features can range with ease anywhere between thunderous ire and charismatic, sultry invitation… it depends entirely, of course, upon the beholder. Her hair, lustrous and thick, falls to the small of her back when loosed; tumbling swathes of almost-black, so dark it catches shades of ravenesque plums and blues in certain light, with shorter layers in front that often escape to frame her face in a devil-may-care fashion. She carries herself with an air of quiet grace and while her willowy build doesn't allow for much in the way of curves a tiny waist at least offers the illusion of an hourglass silhouette.


The Short Version

Elysia was actually born of an Agrippa father, Octavious, and a Pyrites mother, Ellenour; a powerful union of old German and British Pureblood and a source of great pride to her purist parents. An only child, the queer little girl displayed an unsettling natural flair for both theatrics and tricks of the mind from a young age, the latter a talent her father actively encouraged and tutored her in over time, as a skilled Legilimens himself. At Hogwarts, Elysia proved to be a capable and popular Slytherin; attaining excellent grades notably in History of Magic and Charms. If she was occasionally labelled as something of a bully, with a knack for honing in easily on her victim's weaknesses, well.. too bad.

She was 15 and in her Fifth Year when her father was killed. An active supporter of what would, in time, become the Army of Truth, he was often away from home on obscure 'business' - something of a reprieve for her mother, who much preferred fluttering about at social events to the solemn business of reformation. Only the news of his being murdered in a violent encounter in Germany seemed to rouse any sense of impending danger in the woman at all. Yanking Elysia from Hogwarts on 'personal grounds', Ellenour attempted to flee the attack she knew was coming. Alas, she met a sticky end at the hands of a squad of Grindelwald's men. An explosive outburst of uncontrolled magic from Elysia, in self defense, left one of the team, Antony Agrippa, dead and several others injured. A prolonged stay at St Mungos would follow, before she was pronounced 'sane' and her memory of the event was successfully obliviated.

Released into the care of her father's long-time friend and trusted comrade, Ove Helstrom, Elysia would finish her schooling at Durmstrang, much to her chagrin - she had intended to seek a place at the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts, as an aspiring actress. Instead, the spoiled girl had to adapt quickly to her training in Dark Arts. In due course, Ove arranged for her to be wed upon her graduation. Unbeknownst to Elysia, her new husband was the twin brother of the wizard she had slain all those years ago. Since then, she has been training ever harder and, following their return to London, has endeavoured to build a network of spies and contacts for the benefit of Grindelwald's noble cause, as well as their own interests in the Underworld. She currently enjoys the guise of a singer at The Prestige Club - an easy 'in' to a high-flying crowd that might otherwise be closed to her.



11 3/4 inches, Silver Lime, hard, with a Dragon Heartstring core.

  • True Legilimens - Don't you think at her in that tone of voice.
  • Wealth: Comfortable - The sole benefactor of her late parents fortune. Cha-ching.
  • Zealous - She's a firm and ferocious believer in Purism, and unwaveringly supports Grindelwald's vision of a better future.
  • Spy Network - Elysia has eyes and ears in many places, usually thanks to either owed favors, infatuation or outright blackmail.
  • Intense - There's something oddly entrancing about Elysia, when she focuses her attention fully upon you… (Charisma 7 + regular use of Entrancement)

RP Hooks

'An Angel who did not so much Fall as Saunter Vaguely Downwards.'

  • Underworld Connections: She's a familiar face in the shadier parts of the Mysticked District, and makes no secret of it.
  • Pure-blood Zealot: Born of particularly old and pure blooded families, Elysia has zero time for Mudbloods or Muggles.
  • Singer: If you frequent the VIP Lounge of The Prestige, chances are you've come across Elysia. Voice Actor (Singing): Lana Del Rey
  • Middleman: Need something? Or need rid of someone? Ely seems like the sort of woman who might 'know a guy'.
Army of Truth: Elysia and her husband were active soldiers in Grindelwald's European forces. Are they still?
The Veritas Party: Elysia is a member of this poitical party, using it as a means to network amongst the more politically-minded of Grindelwald's British supporters.


Logs featuring Elysia Logs that refer to Elysia


Octavious Octavious Agrippa
Father (deceased), Pureblood: "I must confess, I don't remember an awful lot of my father beyond my childhood. He encouraged my abilities from an early age, and without doubt honed my 'useful talents' long before I would enter my official education. But by the time I left for Hogwarts, he was often travelling in Europe."
Ellenour Ellenour Agrippa nee Pyrites
Mother (deceased), Pureblood: "My mother was a gentle creature. A socialite and artist at heart, she didn't have the same driving goals and ambitions as my father - her loyalty to the cause was more decorative than all-consuming. Still, she's likely the source of my own theatrical abilities."
Antony Antony Agrippa
Victim (deceased), Pureblood: "As I understand it, Marcus' twin brother was killed several years ago, only in the early days of his career as a soldier for the Army. He refuses to discuss the matter, though."

The Reluctant New Husband, Pureblood: "I'm perfectly aware that this was not a match made for love. Or even distant affection. In fact, I'm rather certain my dearly beloved cannot stand the sight of me, more often than not. But we're stuck with one another. For better or worse, indeed."


Former Guardian: "Considering he had me unceremoniously dumped on him, following the death of my parents, I can't really blame Ove for pawning me off as soon as was humanly possible. Still, there is much to admire about the man, and he certainly saw to it that I finished my education to a high standard.. whether I liked it or not, actually."


"Ove's wife and Marcus' sister. We have rather a lot in common, I fear."


"An old school friend who might turn out to be very helpful…"


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