This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

Girly Girl
Portrayed by Aubrey K. Miller
Name: Emily Roxanne Gibbon
Aliases: Em
Birthday: Jun 17, 1927
Position: Slytherin
Lineage: Pure-Blood


The young girl stands at about five feet and three inches, an average height for age. Her small shape is willowy and sporty. She has fair complexion, her face oval that curves softly around her jaw to her round chin, with a small, slightly pointed nose. Her thin, slightly arched eyebrows are full of expression as they rest above her hazel eyes, looking out at the world with curiosity. Her rosy lips are small and thin, normally set in a neutral expression that can easily shift into a smile or a frown. Her long, chestnut hair falls well past her shoulders, usually gathered up - whether it be in a ponytail, pigtails, or a braid.


Emily was the youngest daughter of one of the branches of the Gibbon family. Her sister was seven by the time she was born, and they weren't terribly close to one another, especially when Adrienne went off to Hogwarts. Emily grew up believing in blood purism, absorbing the views of her parents and sister as her own - her mother more vicious to anyone not pure than her father. It was a strict household, and she was expected to behave or be severely reprimanded. She often heard the lectures her parents gave to her; it wasn't uncommon for her to push the limits. It was almost a game to her to test her parents' patience, while in addition she could be quite mouthy. When she was grounded, as was often the case, she could play nice and quiet in her room, or even read and study if her mood allowed it - or sketch, which she was quite fond of. She even enjoyed experimenting with toys, taking them apart and putting them together again.


Twelve inches, rosewood, sturdy, with a unicorn hair core.


A fluffy white cat named Snowflake.

Her father, Maxwell Gibbon, worked long hours in Diagon Alley at a business. Emily didn't see him all that much as he was out the door before she was awake and didn't return home until she was asleep. Her mother, Alice Gibbon, who was originally from the Goyle family, also worked a lot, but Emily never quite understood what it was that her mother did. It was some occupation that had her involved in wizard politics, but that meant that, during the day, she was looked after by hired help. She spent a lot of time being schooled, so when she got the chance to take a break and play and use up her energy, she took it.

Her magical manifestation happened while she was in Diagon Alley on an outing with the sitter. She was on her own, because the sitter had turned to purchase a few things and Emily wandered a little to find something interesting. She saw an older child who was going to be starting their first year at Hogwarts, but the way he was acting was odd. She was sure that he was one of those terrible Muggle-born she knew to stay away from. But the boy started talking to her, asking her about the world. Appalled, she backed away as if afraid of catching a disease. When she returned to the nanny she was soaking, and when asked what had happened, told her about suddenly needing a shower to clean herself. Apparently she had conjured a shower of water over her. She was quickly taken home to dry off. She was, of course, accepted into Hogwarts. Her beginning came at the same time Adrienne graduated and she was sorted into Slytherin, ready to make her mark.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Honest
  • Snarky
  • Squeamish

RP Hooks

  • Pure-blood. Are you pure blooded? Do you want to talk about pure blood problems? Or are you NOT pure blooded and do you want to see what happens when you talk to Emily?
  • Hogwarts. Are you a student? Emily is too! Come find the little Slytherin and have some RP!

School Performance

Classes Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7
Astronomy A
Charms E
Defense Against the Dark Arts E
Herbology E
History of Magic A
Potions E
Transfiguration E
Flying A


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Alice Gibbon nee Goyle
Mother - Born: August 31, 1897 (Class of 1915)
Mother is somewhat intense. She was the quickest to impose discipline and send Em to her room for perceived infractions or very real sassmouthing. Still, Emily loves her. You're supposed to love your mother after all.


Maxwell Gibbon
Father Born: May 5, 1895 (Class of 1913)
Papa is actually rather nice most of the time. He's less rabid when it comes to purity and the wizarding world than Mother is, but he's still very firm in his stance. Emily could always count on him for a rational explanation when something confused her.


Adrienne Gibbon
Sister - Born: March 26, 1919 (Class of 1937)


Percival Goyle
Uncle - Born: June 27, 1902


Cousin - Born: August 9, 1927


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