Character Information
Portrayed by Sam Heughan
Name: Emmett James Bleeks
Aliases: Em
Birthday: Sep 02
Position: RAF Pilot
Lineage: Muggle


Emmett is a tall young man, he's got dark hair kept short most of the time which gives a well-kept appearance if it does get long it's a little unruly at times. His eyes are brown his face often times looking inquisitive but not the only expression he wears of course. He is often found wearing his work robes for the Daily Prophet, or when out in the muggle world dressed properly in a suit like attire.


Emmett James Bleeks was born to Parents Albert and Mary Bleeks in the mid-country who oned a small but well shopped store. He learned much from them growing up, and seemed interested often in exploring the area around their house and village when he was old enough. It seemed interested in maps and other parts of the world and the people or cultures that lived there. He'd study maps whenever he was able. He would go to school when of age and though he'd do well in many topics he would sometimes get in trouble for his impatience with really waiting for things to be shown to him or to study topics that he found more interesting.

The young man moving onto his advanced learning at The University of Leeds would choose to study subjects he found most interesting Anthropology and World Geography and cultures. It would be challenging enough for him and yet something which he could keep his focuses on enough to not get into trouble. The degree would take him a few years to get his completion on, but finally he did graduate and while not top off his class he was quite close to it. It would seem that now he knew about the world cultures and may be free to go on to travel and see them first hand. He would learn here that he didn't know about /all/ the worlds cultures. He would meet a young woman named Emilia at a local chippy and they hit it off quite quickly. He did notice some oddities but didn't think anything of them.

The war breaking out put a stopper in many a young man's plans and it was no different for Emmett. How could he travel and how could he resist the call to help his country at need. It seemed that the answer to both of these questions was to join the RAF. He would join up and find that he enjoyed flying it was a thrill to be behind the controls of an airplane. It was after basic training and advanced courses that he and Emilia would decide that they would get married, and he would only than learn of the magical world and that his new bride was a witch. His background made him quite a good candidate for this wishing to learn all he could and able to keep discretion about this new secret and he places he'd come to learn existed and visited with this new wife. So Emmett would straddle both worlds as it were with an important job in the defense of England and a war to fight, and starting his new life with everything new with his wife.

RP Hooks

Part of the RAF, or often around them? We likely have met at one of these functions.
Frequent chippy's or the pub you might have seen Emmett around
Witch or Wizard? Perhaps you have seen Emmett in the leaky cauldron or the alley…how strange..


  • Acute Sense:Sight
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Impatient
  • Loyalty:RAF
  • Honeyed Tongue


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Emmett's father who taught him the value of hard word, and how to keep his head on straight more or less. It is any young adults wish to make his parents proud.


Emmett's mother she is full of every ounce of patience the world has to offer, and taught him how to be kind and make friends.


Emmett's wife (Open for application) the two met and were married after a short year, he would find out when married that she is in fact a witch and that magic exists.


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