This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

Mysterious Historian
Portrayed by Holliday Grainger
Name: Endira Lucretia Max
Aliases: Lucy
Birthday: Oct 28, 1908
Position: Department of Mysteries
Lineage: Pure-blood


Ten and a half inches, rosewood, rigid, with a dragon heartstring core.



She owns a Bengal cat named, Mr. Popins. He is rather playful and loving.



Long legs, shapely and positively glacial standing a little over five feet, at first glance Endira is the stereotypical image of an ice queen. Dark red hair gently curls to frames her face that is softer on closer inspection than a cursory glance would take note of: the straight nose is indicative of an aristocratic lineage, but there is a subtle roundness in her cheeks and chin as well as a fullness to her lips that keep her features from being harsh. Her complexion is fair, but there's enough color to suggest some time spent outdoors, and its unblemished condition appears to be natural rather than requiring the assistance of cosmetics to appear so.

Her wardrobe is chosen in such a way as to accentuate her curves without being revealing. Currently she is wearing a yellow sweater over a black blouse. A simple black skirt runs down and ends just above the knee, while a black knit had sits on her head. She has a fondness for heels, to add anywhere from two to four and is never seen without the ornate opal and silver ring on her right middle finger.


The Fifth

To say that Endira Max was a born manipulator would be something of an understatement. As the fifth of seven children born to Divernia and Walthorn Max, she lacked for very little, save for the attention of her immediate family. Her elder siblings generally ignored her, and she had no use for the younger ones, but she learned very quickly that the veritable army of nannies, nurses, tutors and other hired help would drop absolutely everything to ensure that any of their charges had whatever they wished, almost without exception.

Wrapped Around a Finger

By the time she was five, Endira had wrapped most of the staff around her tiny, slightly chubby fingers. She was quite spoiled, and had only ever heard the word "no" with regard to spending more time with her parents, and eventually she came to realize that while her parents clearly loved her, so far as she could tell from the few times a year she saw them, they did not love her any more or less than the rest of her siblings. Precisely why this bothered her, she's still unable to explain, but it gave her something to think about, and she began to pay more attention to what was going on around her.


Isolated from her siblings by her own choice as well as theirs, Endira began taking note of the interactions between the other Max children and the staff who cared for them, as well as the way the staff interacted with each other. She discovered a curiosity about the ties that bound all of these people together in a seemingly random fashion, and it only grew when she went off to Hogwarts. The hat deliberated for nearly a full minute, but placed her in Slytherin despite certain studious tendencies. This proved a wiser choice, as being among fellow pure-bloods allowed her to compare her own background to those of her classmates.


Endira's interest in emotional ties led her to take Arithmancy and Divination as electives in school, and while she was capable enough as a duelist, her true ambition lay in learning more about the bonds that developed between people, and the potential power that could be accessed by learning to manipulate those bonds. Her methods were unorthodox even for a Slytherin, and her success was limited, but she was convinced that her theories were valid, she simply needed a wider sample of people to study.


A chance encounter in Hogsmeade just before she finished school led to a job offer from the Ministry of Magic, down in the Department of Mysteries. Precisely what it is she's studying is unknown to those outside of the department, which is to say much of the wizarding world. Most consider her to be some sort of historian, as she's fairly well-versed in both magical and mundane history.


When she turns up at the obligatory gatherings of family or other Ministry folk or other pure-bloods, she is often charming, elegant company who answers almost none of the questions directed at her. Indeed, she enjoys wordplay, and is quite gifted at keeping up a conversation on a wide variety of topics, particularly historical ones.


  • Occlumens As an Unspeakable (an agent of the Department of Mysteries), Endira is trained in Occlumency.
  • Never Forgets a Face Endira's primary interest is people, and she has a long memory for names and faces.
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do As a Max, Endira is accustomed to a certain standard of living, though much of her lifestyle is supported from afar by a trust set up by her parents.
  • Will Not Lie Endira's life revolves around secrets, but she considers herself far too refined to tell outright lies. This does not, however, mean that she gives things away: half-truths can be used to far more efficacy than even the most elaborate web of lies, after all.
  • Workaholic Even when she doesn't immediately appear to be working, Endira is working. The most trivial of chance encounters is still an opportunity to learn something she can apply her theories to, even if she can't talk about said theories.

RP Hooks

  • Hogwarts Alumnus: Endira attended Hogwarts from 1920-1927 and never forgets a face. Have we met?
  • Travel: Endira has traveled extensively to all parts of the globe, in both wizarding and Muggle environments.
  • Ministry: Other Ministry workers (and family) are aware that she's employed by the Ministry in some capacity. Fellow Unspeakables would recognize her as one of them. Very few are aware of what she actually does, however.
  • Pure-Bloods: Endira is often seen at pure-blooded society events.
  • Muggles: Endira has an understanding of Muggle history and culture that's rare among pure-bloods. She's spent almost as much time in the Muggle world as the wizarding one, since leaving Hogwarts.


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Eldest Brother - (b. 1899) First born, first boy. Met and married a French witch, Marie Bonnesante.


Marie Bonnesante
Sister-In-Law - (b. 1899) The French witch that her other brother fell in love with when he went visiting after graduation in Nice.


Nephew - Ignacious and Marie's eldest son.


Elder Sister - (b. 1901)


Elder Brother - (b. 1904)


Younger Brother - (b. 1911)


Older Sister - (b. 1906) While the pair aren't close, they go through periods of communication. Usually Endira is traveling, and Veruca was in America for a while, so they haven't talked in quite some time.


Youngest Brother - (b. 1913) Married in the spring of 1939.


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