Character Information
Portrayed by Daniel Roche
Name: Eoin Niall Abernathy (pronunciation: o-in)
Aliases: -
Birthday: Jun 03
Position: Hufflepuff
Lineage: Half-Blood


A young boy stands at four feet and nine inches, a child with an overabundance of energy. His complexion is rather fair with deep green eyes that catch the attention, showing a lot of curiosity. His brown hair is no longer than ear length, a mass of curls that sit atop his head, and a roundish face with a pudgy, button nose. He's not very tall, even for his age, but his shoulders are broad and his body shape stout. His lips are full and thick, smiling as often as pouting.


12 inches, English Oak, Stiff, with a Unicorn Hair core.


Eoin was born big for a baby, but his birth was worrisome. Instead of crying right away he gave a little scare until, after a final pat, he began to cry. He was a quiet kid, who grew up in Shropshire with his siblings in an out of the way area. He always had to be moving or doing something, and was most at ease when playing outside in the meadow with his siblings. While he liked to learn, certain tasks were harder to focus on. He could read, and often did, but likely would become distracted with the book unless he could do something else while he followed along. But while he could take hours to work on an assignment, he could focus on a puzzle for who knew how long, determined to complete it.

He took an interest in being able to use his hands, and was quite capable of fixing or building things without magic. His first fit of magic happened when he found a baby bird chirping away on the ground. When he went to pick up the little bird up to return her to her nest, he noticed the wing was wounded. Feeling for the little thing, he plucked at a few blades of grass without even really thinking about it, which were transfigured into bandages with his shock. The little bird was helped and taken care of until she could use her wing again.

When it was Eoin's time to go to Hogwarts he was eager to go and learn at the school. He found himself following his older sister into Hufflepuff, which suited him just as well, and took to working hard at his classes despite his tendency to lose focus. While he got most of his assignments in, a lot were late or incomplete. During Flint's reign he tended to take it as it came, making friends, but just as easily standing up to anyone who was being mean (regardless of who they were).

RP Hooks

  • He doesn't get good grades because of his lack of focusing on his work, but if you ask him he'll know the answer
  • He always has to be doing something, whether its fidgeting or playing or just moving around


Wealth: Comfortable
Restless Always wants to move, easily distracted, has trouble focusing on certain tasks.
Puzzle-Solver Extremely focused on puzzles, having a strong desire to work them out.
Reliable While maybe not quite so with schoolwork, he would never let anyone down. If anyone needs him, he'll come - especially for family or friends.


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Rowan Abernathy
Eoin watches his father carefully and aims to follow in his footsteps, to be a kind boy who can be relied on.


Morgan Abernathy nee Prewett
Eoin tries to behave for his mother, as much as he can for a young boy, but whatever mistakes he does make he is sorry for. He loves his mother whole-heartedly.


Brother - Older


Brother - Older


Sister - Older
She was always fun to run around with outside, and he enjoyed following her around, but since going to Hogwarts he hasn't had as much time with her as he'd like.


Sister - Younger




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