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Character Information
Portrayed by Kiernan Shipka
Name: Erica Amanda Stainwright
Aliases: -
Birthday: April 29th, 1926 (15)
Position: Hufflepuff
Lineage: Half-Blood


A lightly-built young lady with pale blonde hair and warm light brown eyes, beneath expressive, straight brows of sandy hue. Erica's wide mouth is usually pulled outwards in a little smile or smirk, lending her an air of either innocence or mischief, depending on the situation. Her nose is small and slightly upturned, her dainty, classical features set within a feminine, heart-shaped face. A recent haircut has her locks falling to skim her shoulders in subtle, tousled waves of gold and honey, a pleasant frame to a healthy, peaches and cream complexion.


Born the daughter of Boris Stainwright, a Muggle used car salesman, and Faye Stainwright (nee Tugwood), a potioneer riding on the coattails of a relative's success, Erica Amanda Stainwright was probably destined to be a neat freak with a last name like Stainwright. She was one of those children that never seemed to be dirty, preferring more to talk to people than play in the mud. She had a fairly normal childhood for a witch before Hogwarts, though her parents were the sort that dote on their daughter and cave to most of her whims. Her father sold more than used cars, it was really more of a vehicle pawns shop. Growing up in his office, listening to his tall tales about who owned this and that and what it can do and where it came from has given Erica an appreciation for embellishment. When she first hit the lot at age eight she would make up stories about this boat, or that motorcycle and the customers ate it up. While she has a sweet heart and doesn't do it to be malicious or dubious, she does tell tall tales away from her father's lot. Simply she just enjoys entertaining people with her stories and playing out little fantasies for them. when her mother introduced her to the fantastical Wizarding World, she gobbled it up, without losing a hint of affection for her father's Muggle World.

At Hogwarts in 1937 she was sorted into Hufflepuff. First year was entirely traumatic for her. Her mother was very sick and so she was simply dropped off at Platform 9 3/4s. It was loud and boisterous and overwhelming for a little girl that was all alone and being taken away from her home for months on end, she's had a fear of large bodies of water ever since her parents took her to the beach at age five and she got stung by a group of jelly fish. So the boat trip for first years had her sobbing in the bottom of her boat. It really didn't help that the baby Giant Squid concerned about the noise rose a tentacle to try to give the poor little girl a soothing pat. Erica did not take it well. So homesick she often cried herself to sleep. After some complaints Nurse Spleen enchanted the drapes around her bed to cancel out the noise. A prefect was kind enough to share a music box with Erica, the music at night does help. When the prefect graduated at the end of Erica's second year she gave Erica the music box. It has gotten to the point that she can sleep better away from her own bed. Though at the beginning of the school year and when she's just back from vacations it's harder and the crying returns. She knows she's a bother so during the day she is very sweet and kind, especially to the girls of her year that have to put up with her home sickness the most.

For the most part she has a reputation as a chatty, warm-hearted girl that enjoys stretching the truth a little bit. Charms and Potions are the subjects she's most at home with, and when she's not in class, she's either cleaning, telling stories, playing clean wholesome games (she no longer plays Gobstones because it's too messy) or missing home.

RP Hooks

  • Domestics Club - Do you share her enjoyment for keeping the world a tidy and delicious place?
  • Brooms Clubs - While she doesn't like getting dirty and messy she loves brooms and feeling the wind on her face and through her hair.
  • Quidditch - Having been a Chaser until now, Erica's hoping to move up to Seeker after the summer.


  • Neat & Tidy
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Often Homesick
  • Phobia: Bodies of Water
  • Fibber


Logs featuring Erica Logs that refer to Erica



The Boyfriend - Erica and the Prefect made their relationship 'official' just before the summer holidays, to nobody's great surprise. He's keen to join the Quidditch Team next term, too, so she's going to do her best to help him train.


The Best Friend - Maybe they bonded mostly over the discrimination they've faced but Erica and Oscar share an enviably familiar rapport. In fact, it's led to some people questioning whether there might be more there…


Friend - Josie's such a tomboy, you wouldn't expect she and the prim and proper Erica to get along so well. But they do!


Friend - She doesn't know Violet awfully well yet but she seems very nice, and not at all prejudiced which is refreshing!


Potions Professor - Her favorite professor, he loves to hear her stories and she has hopes of soon convincing him to allow her into his club. Like him she sees the merit of having a collection of people that have great destinies ahead.


Boris Stainwright
Father - She adores her father, his charisma and dedication to providing for his family has influenced Erica in so many ways.


Faye Stainwright (nee Tugwood)
Mother - Erica's mother most of all has taught her daughter the merits of 'it's not what you know, it's who you know.' This is why Erica is trying to get Slughorn's attention so that like him, she can benefit from knowing the movers and shakers of the world.


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