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Wealth Without Power
Portrayed by Michael Angarano
Name: Etiam Est Prince V
Aliases: Est
Birthday: March 13th, 1923
Position: Hufflepuff
Lineage: Pure-blood


A boy with an an ever present grin has dusty brown hair in a right-parted style. Est has pale skin, electric blue eyes, stands about 5'4" tall and is approximately one twenty-two pounds. Est is aristocratically attractive, until he opens his mouth. Which is always, since he loves the sound of his own voice. This is unfortunate, as it's a rather grating sound. Est's voice can be used as a measuring stick against which all annoying sounds are checked.


Highly eccentric (and rich enough for it not to matter), the Princes are a well-established pure-blood family. Their ancestral manor is in the Welsh countryside. They lack somewhat in modesty. The Patented Prince Method for Problem Solving is to throw money at it until it goes away.

Est's parents always knew he would attend Hogwarts instead of squibbing out; he's practically a vortex of weird. Sound echoes far longer than it should, or won't carry at all when he's playing just ten feet away. Though that one may just be a convenient excuse for when he doesn't want to hear. His Hogwarts letter was a matter of course, and in the fall of 1932 the second James Prince of the current generation went to Hogwarts. Hijinks would soon ensue.

Est was not a hard one to sort. One of the quickest sortings of his year, Est practically joined the Hufflepuff table before the hat touched his head. Boyhood fantasies of Order of Merlin, First Class, besting dark wizards, and membership in the exclusive Slug Club were quashed over the course of the year when it was revealed that Est really sucked at magic. Not ordinary untrained-sucks-at-magic (and this at least Est can be grateful for, that he is not ordinary), no, that would not do for a Prince. Est sucked at magic so flamboyantly it was immediately clear to his eleven year old brain that this was to be his life's mission: fall with style. Hijinks ensued.

By his fourth year the situation had improved somewhat, although he continues to be a liability and charms and someone you do NOT want as your transfiguration partner, he is quite skilled at potions and other branchs of magic that don't depend on vigourous wand waving.

Year Year Year Year Year Year Year
Classes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Astronomy E E E E
Charms P P P P
Defense Against the Dark Arts A P A A
Herbology A E E E
History of Magic O E E O
Potions O O O O
Transfiguration P D D D
Ancient Runes E O
Care of Magical Creatures A E
Broomflying A


Pear, 13" with dragon heartstring. Supple.


Bridget, an ill tempered Barn Owl. She bites.

RP Hooks

Rampant Pure-blood Inbreeding - Est addresses most everyone as "cousin," figuring he's probably related to them somehow. Marrying a Prince is a popular option when you need more money than clout.
Rule of Funny - Est has resigned himself to being useless, so at least he will be amused.
Stored Spells - Normally pretty rubbish at magic, the one thing in Est's wheelhouse is stored spells. Runes, wards, potions, if you need to do something now to go off later, he's your man.


  • Wealth: Opulent
  • Inept at Magic
  • Annoying Voice
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money


You May Be Right - Billy Joel
I was only having fun, wasn't hurting anyone. And we all enjoyed the weekend for a change
Happy at Last - Josh Joplin
And I'm ready for the footlights, to play the part I'm cast. I may not be a star but I'm happy at last
Shinin On - Big D and the Kid's Table
And I can't help but just smilin when that damn sun is shinin down, shining down all over me


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Etiam Est Prince, IV
Father -


Harriet Prince nee Pyrites
Mother -


I have a sister.


Didn't make her cry! VICTORY IS MINE.


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