This character is retired, and is no longer in play. After another mental break, Estelle is admitted to St. Mungo's. The Long-Term Residence Ward becomes a more musical place. Case: Estelle Avery

Hopeless Romantic
Portrayed by Claire Foy
Name: Estelle Aaliyah Avery nee Thurkell
Aliases: -
Birthday: December 28th, 1908
Position: Singer
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Blue eyes the colour of ice stands out on an oval face. Her features are soft and youthful, and framed by waves of dark brown hair - her bangs are often swept to one side. Her complexion is fair with freckles faintly scattered underneath the eyes. She is usually well-groomed and fancied up, with make-up dabbed onto her eyes and cheeks powdered, along with painted rose coloured lips and sometimes with her hair done up into something fancy. Her slender frame stands to about five feet and eight inches at average, appearing trim and yet solid.


9 inches, Beech, Bendy, with a Dragon Heartstring core.



Estelle was born into a pure-blooded family, brought up with the views one would expect and fearing that if she didn't abide by them than her kind would be wiped out. She was the first to be born, but had two younger brothers who would taunt her teasingly. She was sorted into Hufflepuff in school, for her loyalty, hard work, and her love for friends and family. She did well at Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts, and was interested in Divination. She finished her O.W.L.s and instead of going back to finish her sixth and seventh years, went on to start her career in what she loved best - singing and writing songs.

Since her parents strongly encouraged pure-blooded relations, her mother ended up arranging a marriage for her to a rather nice, and wealthy, man. It wasn't exactly true love, but she did care for him and worked to please, even sung him her songs. She was truly crushed and heartbroken when he died a year later, apparently having been cursed. But the way things looked, the blame was cast on her and she was sent to Azkaban for murder. She was affected greatly at the prison. While she was there she began to feel remorse, thinking that she really must have done such a terrible deed. She was there for a few months before she was found innocent and the real culprit took her place.

But the death of her husband, the time spent in Azkaban, weighed heavily on her mind. She did not come away completely unharmed, even if it wasn't physical. She returned to living with her parents for a bit, still loving to sing and looking for true love even as she had a tendency to be a bit off. Eventually she moved out onto her own into a small, cozy house.

RP Hooks

  • She didn't return to school for her N.E.W.T.s.
  • She spent a few months in Azkaban on false charges.
  • Former Hufflepuff


Wealth: Comfortable
Panicky From her time in Azkaban, she has a tendency to panic when she feels something similar to what she might have felt in the prison.
Hallucinations As a result of what she went through in Azkaban, sometimes she sees or hears things that isn't really there.
Hoity-Toity Estelle quite likes the expensive, the glamour, and is under the impression that a woman can never have too many pretty jewels, sparkly jewelry, or fancy clothing.
Fools Love Estelle is hopeless when it comes to romance. Not only does she love to be treated with chivalry, but it doesn't take much for her to suddenly feel as though she's fallen in love.


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Jayne Thurkell
Father - Born: March 20, 1871 (Class of 1889)


Carol Thurkell nee Bletchley
Mother - Born: August 9, 1879 (Class of 1897)


Tyrell Thurkell
Brother - Born: January 28, 1910 (Class of 1928) - Son of Jayne and Carol, Brother of Estelle and Warrick


Warrick Thurkell
Brother - Born: March 5, 1913 (Class of 1931) - Son of Jayne and Carol, Brother of Estelle and Tyrell


Tad Avery
Late Husband (Died in 1937)


Neil Avery


Esta Avery nee Goyle


Norris Avery




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