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Character Information
Portrayed by Lorde
Name: Esther Lowe
Aliases: Em
Birthday: 16 September 1922
Position: W.A.D.A. Student
Lineage: Pure-blood (Lowe/Crabbe)


Esther Lowe is a disarming creature of the first order. At five foot two, the young woman is hardly going to catch the eye for her towering stature, and well under ninety pounds isn't going to be attracting snickers from her fellow students. What earns this bizarre young woman her reputation is the way that her smokey grey eyes seem to stare at, then bore right through whatever attracts them. They're unapologetic, sitting underneath two finely sculpted and lifted eyebrows, within two well defined and fine-boned sockets, joining with an unremarkable nose, and framed with lashes that are straightened, and only a little curled. Her lips are slender, not overstated, the 'cupids bow' elongated but not pronounced, and her chin is pert and almost cute-looking.

The gaze is only one of her well known features - The second is the long, unruly mess of beautiful brunette locks that tumbles down to the small of her back, and graces her shoulders. It's somehow knot free, but resists any and all means of long term (Or some short term) containment. Currently, it's unbound and free to bounce with every step, move, and gesture that the Esther might make.


Esther Lowe is the only child of Anthony Lowe and Wilheminia Lowe nee Crabbe. A pure-blood by birth, while she was fed the occasional bit of prejudice, she was by and large grateful for her birthrights - The money, the house-elf, the bloodline were all perks that she appreciated, and enjoyed without guilt. Her fascination with the muggle world was short lived - Beginning with their newspapers, and then becoming obsessed with playing 'Muggles' with her cousins (A game where one would pretend to have no magical powers). When they moved away, she found herself finding other ways to pass her time, alone while her father worked on his career and her mother accomplished housework, while staring into the mirror, trapped within the confines of Grappenhall, Cheshire.

There was little else to do but escape. First, her escapism would come from brush and ink, painting the world as she wished she'd see it — Gardens filled with laughing children (It looked kind of like it, okay!?), skies lit up with bright suns and dragons, and a figure with flyaway hair and big, expressive eyes, always in the middle of it. Stories would join it - Tales of where she'd 'been', what she'd 'done', who she'd 'been' for a day, a week, a month. Sometimes she'd spend whole days as someone entirely different - Penelope Goyle-Williams, an American half-blood. Patience Fletcher, a muggleborn thief. Dunwill Malfoy, a murderer who used his money and connections to escape conviction.

It came to pass that her parents realised this bizarre behaviour, stepping in almost immediately and crushing her dreams — Her paints, gone, her ink and quill taken away, left only with the sounds of nature. Her imagination took them, transforming them into symphonies, written for her one night, invitation only performance. While she at no point forgot who she was, it was simply easier, more entertaining for her to be someone else.

Hogwarts, much to her parents surprise, put her straight immediately. With other children, with challenges, with things to learn, her mind turned to her studies and she buried herself in them so deeply that her parents finally had a reason to feel proud. She appeared as something of a know it all, combined with the glasses she used to wear, earning the dislike of her fellow students - Something that only intensified as her stares developed intensity, curiousity. She struggled to learn anything and everything - Finding herself memorising potions and charms, dedicating herself to practicing in her dorm.

It wasn't until her second year that she found that there was nothing to stop her brush, her ink or her free thought. She's even stopped (publicly) pretending to believe and be things that just aren't real, Her next few years passed in relative ease — Proving quite adept at most of the schools of 'real' magic' (Divination and her have a complicated relationship). Charms, Potions and Transfiguration proved to be easy strong suits.


  • Not Always Always There - Sometimes it seems like her mind has gone partially or wholly absent, leaving her wonderfully distant and/or esoteric.
  • Unruly Hair - Esther's bountiful hair has been a constant since she was born. Her theory is that her mother was experimenting with self-beautification potions when she was conceived, and that's why her hair literally fails to respond to cutting, dying, more or less any physical alterations. Physical restraints, like hairties, don't last long, if at all.
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do (Old Money) - Esther is from a pure blood family that are living off the riches of days long past. The 'used' items she has, the textbooks that are handed down, are all of exceptional quality. They cannot afford to buy often, but they definitely buy well.
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do - Having distanced herself from her mother, Esther attracts a stipend from her Father and Grandparents, as well as living off the money that she's saved through the lessons she learned.

RP Hooks

  • The Reckoning - Anything and everything to do with Alphard Black or Pringle will get her attention.
  • Scholar Club - Completely Anonymous Study Group. Work on spells with/on other students. No grudges.
  • Study and Schooling - Esther is a fiend for knowledge, and she loves to learn and teach. It's not a hard sell to convince her to join a study group, and she's happy to help others learn more.
  • Dancing, Painting and Journalism!
  • If You Speak, I'll Listen - Esther enjoys listening to others. It's how you learn.
  • Blood - Esther has developed a morbid fascination with blood.

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Sic Semper Evello Mortem Tyrannis I'll know you better when I rub noses with you. For now, know that I don't trust you. Evil


The greatest lie you can tell is one that inspires others to think you tell the truth. Freedom will be sold - So pass out the Blindfolds. We're out of place, and out of time… And the lucky ones all die heroes. Esther's always had a mild mistrust of Silas, even when she confided in him. He got through to her at last, memories of his conversation inspiring her to forgive Jenny and make new friends (Sybil) by offering them nothing but the truth. Unfortunately, before she could tell him this, he made a massive grab for power, at the expense of Esther, Medusa and Lucretia, backed by Jenny, as ever. His true colors have been revealed, new trust shattered beyond repair - Melilflua is now an enemy. Unfit to rule a straight line, much less Slytherin.


I feel sorry for anyone who has to wield their body to feel relevant. Will you be remembered for being handed around Hogwarts like a Silver Arrow, or your skill on the aforementioned? I would doubt; but I could never surrender. Try and break me down, but I won't let you win. You can call me out, but I know you're a pretender. Esther's trust and promise to never play games, was earned through sweet words and affection. From broken trust, Jenny took things a step further when she, along with Silas and Dastan, called her out in public - Airing Slytherin Issues in public, slandering Lucretia, Medusa and Esther in one fell swoop. Oddly Appropriate Theme


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