Character Information
Portrayed by Danielle Campbell
Name: Ethel Marie Murray
Aliases: -
Birthday: Jan 09
Position: Hufflepuff
Lineage: Half-blood


Standing no more than five foot, three inches, this young woman seems to be shy. Tresses the colour of umber, cascade down this young woman's back ending just past her rear. A small oval face gives the look of youth, perhaps about fifteen to sixteen years of age. To the side of a perky little nose are two eyes as brilliant as polished emeralds. Her eyes are set off by thick, long eyelashes, that lay softly against her tanned skin when her lids are closed. Her mouth is small and with pale pink lips. The young woman's body is lithe and toned, her skin flawless and tanned. A slender graceful neck connects her head to her slender shoulders.


Born to a muggle and a muggle-born wizard, Ethel came into this world just shortly after the beginning of 1924. Even from the time of a young age, Ethel tried to always do what was right, she never lied, if she got into trouble, she would tell the truth, which would often end up in a nice warm rear, which taught her, not to get into trouble.

Ethel's parents, Luther and Hazel had four children, all girls, but they were much older then Ethel, by the time she made it to Hogwarts, her sisters were already out into the world.

She is a friendly girl, but she grew up different then other witches, while her father knew magic, her mother wanted her to grow up like a muggle and know both worlds rather then just the wizarding world. This made her very helpful to others, if there was a little old lady that needed to be helped across the street, Ethel was more then happy to help. She was especially helpful, when new students came in, muggle borns especially, as they had no one else to help teach them about Hogwarts. The one thing she helped out with most was animals, especially birds. At a young age, discovered that she could understand and speak to birds. She made it a goal to help little baby birds if they fell out of their nests, and often held conversations with the post owls.

Her years at Hogwarts were lonely since none of her family was there, the sorting hat putting her in Hufflepuff, she went to all the functions, quidditch, and of course domestic's club. She excelled in care of magical creatures, and charms. And whilst she took Defense against the Dark Arts, and she excelled in it, she didn't like it that much.

Now Ethel is starting her fifth year at Hogwarts, she's excited and ready to go, this year will be different, this year she was chosen to be a Prefect, her letter came when her school list came.

RP Hooks

  • Can talk to birds: Is your owl depressed? Ethel can help you!
  • Helpful: Likes helping people, be it a first year who has lost its way or homework help
  • Prefect: It's not all about the special bathroom.


  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Animal Lover
  • Honest
  • Soft-hearted


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Luther Murray
Ethel's father, he was born a muggle Wizard, he works at the Ministry of Magic, in Muggle Artifacts. He is a loving father and is always very supportive of his daughters.


Hazel Murray
Ethel's mother, a muggle, she is a house wife that loves her husband and her daughters, but won't let good hard work be replaced by magic.


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