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Fashionable Gossip
Portrayed by Elizabeth Banks
Name: Eupraxia Theodora Pyrites
Aliases: Xia
Birthday: Feb 14, 1905
Position: Columnist for the Daily Prophet
Style & Fashion
Lineage: Pure-blood


There is an attractive woman in Eupraxia Pyrites, but it is often hidden beneath layers of makeup, fabric, and accessories. She is a woman of average height and build; perhaps bearing a bit more curves than needed, though they lend well to her soft, feminine appearance. Her skin is naturally pale and she has rather pale blue eyes which have a slight almond shaping to them and are set to either side of a nose that is neither prominent nor small… It just is. Her face is soft and round enough to be cherubic, but would otherwise be perhaps a touch masculine. The strong jawline often gives her an authoritative bent. Her hair, in its natural state, is straight and wheat blonde, but potions are often used to change the color.


Eupraxia Theodora Pyrites is the second child of Kashus and Antonia Pyrites. Her brother, Florinus, is seven years her elder. She has two younger sisters: Kallisto (two years younger) and Herminia (five years younger). Being the eldest of the girls, Eupraxia often had to take charge of them. Florinus was enough the elder that he had little to do with his younger siblings.

Their childhood was a rather idyllic one, all things considered. They were raised and educated at home by their mother, Antonia. Kashus was often off and away, being a Muggle Liaison. Like Florinus before her, Eupraxia's magic revealed itself early. A lover of sweets, she desired one so greatly one day and having been denied thrice by her mother… the head chair at the dining table became a large cupcake, covered in frosting.

After the initial elation at knowing their second child (and eldest daughter) was indeed strong with magic, Eupraxia was given the task of tending to the younger two. In those years when Florinus was away at school and Kashus was busy with work, it was a very woman-centric household. This led to learning much of domestic magic (largely in theory, though Antonia wasn't beyond letting them try a spell or two on occasion), the latest wizarding fashions, and no small amount of Antonia's love of gossip rubbing off on Xia.

It was no surprise when Eupraxia began school that she was sorted into Hufflepuff. She was rather an embarrassment for her brother, Florinus, who was a Prefect in the House. She spent much of her time expecting special favors whilst running into trouble with the uniform rules. However, the embarrassment of having your elder brother call you out soon wore thin on her as well and it was for the best of their future kinship that he graduated and she continued on.

Xia excelled in a many things. She was sharp and dedicated to her studies, primarily in Charms, Potions, and Transfiguration. The latter two, especially. Her interest, however, was not always what her Professors desired as she tended to use them to alter her looks (and ultimately the looks of other girls that became interested). Different hair colors, especially, became the Pyrites girl's trademark.

Her inclination to gossip also stuck. It was never done in a malicious way, for she truly does have a good heart. She just loved to learn about the goings-on of other people. This nosiness did tend to get her into trouble and it was largely thanks to Xia's good grades that she didn't have more problems than she did. Rather than play Quidditch or find her way into a Prefect position, she joined clubs. She was a member of a fair few and really, it was just to overhear all the more.

When her sisters (Kallisto and Herminia) eventually joined Hogwarts, they both tried to distance themselves from her. Florinus' success and Eupraxia's big personality (making her well-known throughout the school) overshadowed them and they both distanced themselves to try to ensure whatever name they made was their own doing and not simply their name or relation.

When Eupraxia graduated, she went straight into the Daily Prophet. She had interned over a few summers, loving the hustle and bustle… Never mind being the first to get a good story. She began with small blurbs and write-ups. Announcements (birth, death, marriage, etc.) were her domain for a few years, but it wasn't long before she was filling in for other columnists. When the previous gossip columnist retired, Eupraxia was right there to fill her shoes.

RP Hooks

  • Gossip
  • Fashion
  • Hufflepuff Alumni
  • Daily Prophet

Eupraxia is a community NPC, which means please feel free to use her as a contact at the Daily Prophet in the Fashion and Culture section. Feel free to write fashion/culture articles in her name.


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  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Bold
  • Honeyed Tongue
  • Nosey
  • Pest


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