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Character Information
Portrayed by January Jones
Name: Eurydice Malfoy
Aliases: Eury
Birthday: 1904
Position: Housewitch
Lineage: Pure-blood


Pale skin gives the elegantly cut woman something of a porcelain doll feel. Her features are carefully tended and manicured to the point of perfection. Eyes are defined by a restrained application of liner leaving her lips to play center stage in their painted form. Her long neck flows easily into slender shoulders and her frame much the similar.

The red dress she wears pulls upon the color of her lips. The square neck princess cut hugs her torso to flare at her hips and fall just past her knees in several layers. A flare of laced petticoats can be made out. The simple white pumps she wears give her a few inches in height. Despite the clean polished appearance her beauty has dulled over the years and no amount of careful grooming will hide this fact.


Eurydice Travers' beauty was evident even from an early age. By the time she graduated from Hogwarts, she was pursued by many young wizards. But it was hardly the youngest of them that caught her in the end. The widower, Enceladus Malfoy, wooed and married her before her nineteenth birthday, and within a year she bore him a son, Abraxas.

Since that time, the smile that once came so easily to Eurydice is a rarer sight. She has every luxury a witch could ask for, but the only thing that seems to bring her happiness is her boy.


  • Trophy Wife
  • Alcoholic
  • Wealth: Opulent

RP Hooks

  • Matriarch of the Malfoy family.
  • Renowned beauty.
  • Unhappy marriage.


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Her husband is not an easy man to love. Perhaps she never did. Now that she has provided Enceladus an heir, he seems content to let them live their own separate lives behind closed doors.


Eurydice's son is everything to her. He is the one bright point in her life, and she would do nearly anything for him.

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