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Character Information
Portrayed by Lauren Boles
Name: Eutheria Flitwick
Aliases: -
Birthday: September 28th, 1928
Position: Child
Lineage: Part-vampire


The generous would call Eutheria fair-skinned - others would just call her pale. Dark hair hanging loose around her face and dark eyes only heighten the affect. She's slight, with a willowy figure, and often dressed in long sleeved clothing tailored to her thin frame. She wears a serious expression on her features and when she does smile, she only very rarely shows her teeth.


Eutheria was born into a half-blood family, to Lloyd and Beulah Flitwick on an unremarkable fall evening. Her birth had been anticipated and welcomed by both families - and at first nothing was noticed to be amiss. As a babe growing up in the Mysticked District, she did seem rather unfond of bright sunlight, and she burned easily, so her mother made sure to keep her pram covered. It wasn't until she began to teethe that anything was noticed to be amiss. It caused temporary strain in the family - Lloyd had trouble understanding why his wife would not have told him about being bitten by a vampire, or believing that she was trading in favors and information with Cruentus in the shadier parts of the Mysticked District to suppliment the family's income, but they did manage to work through it in the end.

Eutheria, meanwhile, spent the first several years of her life not thinking that there was anything to differentiate her from her siblings - and indeed, she's proven to be a good, and unremarkable child in almost every respect (once her mother trained her out of her biting habit). It was only as she grew older that her mother let her know how different she really was, and cautioned her against letting others discover the fact. In particular, she was trained to be careful how she smiled and to never show her teeth, and she's spent many hours in front of a mirror practicing just that. Her mother also protected her by isolating her from most other children, leaving her siblings as her only companions. This left Eutheria feeling rather lonely whenever they decided to go out and play in the day, but she learned to stay indoors and occupy her time with crafts.

Eutheria is also an avid reader, both fiction and non-fiction books alike, which has lead her to dream up a number of possible futures for herself - these change on about a monthly basis. As with most things, she largely keeps these notions to herself. For now, she simply hopes to make some friends at last.

RP Hooks

  • Part-vampire: Though she does her best to hide her true nature, her pale skin and aversion to sunlight to make her stand out.
  • Bookworm: To keep herself occupied during daylight hours, Eutheria has become a voracious devourer of books.
  • Handicrafts: For the same reason, she's also relatively skilled at handicrafts - particularly those involving needle and thread.


  • Wealth: Poor
  • Skeptic
  • Timid
  • Loyalty: Friends and Family
  • Graceful


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One of her cousins, Eutheria has spent some time around Felix. She's not sure if he knows the truth or not.


Oliver says they're friends. Eutheria's not quite sure what to make of that yet - but she's curious and hopeful.


Lloyd Flitwick
Eutheria's father. He fancies himself something of an inventor - but he's very poor at it (possibly due to his fondness for the bottle). He does try, though, for the sake of his family.


Beulah Flitwick
Eutheria's mother. These days she works part-time as a clerk in a shop on Diagon Alley, and also sells handicraft items.

Special Abilities & Complications

System: Part-vampire powers are not as potent as their Living Dead kin. But unlike vampires, part-vampires can still be wizards.

  • Superhuman Strength: Part-vampires gain a +1 bonus to all rolls to apply physical strength (including damage from unarmed, melee, or thrown attacks).
  • Magic Resistance: Part-vampires are naturally resistant to magic, and gain a +2 bonus to any roll to resist a spell or magical ability.
  • Enhanced Senses: Part-vampires have superhuman senses of hearing and smell, gaining +2 to all sound- and scent-based Awareness rolls. In addition, they have excellent night vision, and can see twice as far as the average human in dim conditions.
  • Vampiric Constitution: Though not Living Dead, part-vampires are highly resistant poison and disease, gaining +6 to any roll to resist their effects.
  • Fast Healing: Part-vampires heal injuries twice as fast as the average human.


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