This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

Character Information
Portrayed by Gemma Ward
Name: Eva Stratton-Willoughby
Aliases: EV
Birthday: Nov 17
Position: Imperial Military Nurse
Lineage: Muggle


Eva Marie Stratton-Willoughby was born on November 17, 1914, a quiet Autumn night in Cambridge to Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Stratton-Willoughby of His Majesty's Army and Grace Stratton-Willoughby nee Poncenby. Timothy was not there for the birthing, as he was serving his Commission in the First Battle of Ypres; Eva had been conceived only a few months before Timothy shipped out. He survived and returned at the end of the War, having been promoted to the rank of Colonel. They were loving parents to Eva and childhood for her was more or less peaceful, if rather disciplined. Since the family was well-to-do she had access to good schools and activities. A few of her favorite hobbies growing up were reading and music. She continues to read all manner of things in her spare time to this day. The Stratton-Willoughby and Poncenby families are both quietly affectionate and proud, and Eva's relationship with all of them is pleasant.

When at the Roedean School, a prestigeous all girl's school, she was popular with her fellow students due to her nurturing and charming nature. She spent much of her free time as a student aide to the school nurse, fascinated by the work she did, and listening to stories of what it was like to serve overseas during the Great War. Over all Eva was a dedicated student and thoroughly enjoyed school. Naturally, she didn't really date as there weren't any boys around. She went to Cambridge to study medicine, however, and had a boyfriend or two, though nothing serious.

When she graduated from University, having been steered into a Nursing program at the London Hospital, she decided to further her training and education as a trauma nurse. Because her parents could pay for anything, she's really not had to work a day in her life, and the training was a nice change. When war appeared imminent, she was sent with other qualified nurses to interview for the Queen Alexandra's imperial Military Nursing Services. She left the interview with a sealed packet of orders not to be opened 'except in case of war'. War was declared. She opened her packet and answered the call of her country. Eva has become a capable nurse that is kind and understanding with her patients, fellow nurses and other medical staff. "Sub cruce candida!" Under the White Cross.

RP Hooks

  • Muggle - Are you a Muggle? Do you want to do Muggle things? Do you want to do Wizardly things TO a Muggle?
  • Military - Eva is a Military nurse. Are you one of her patients?
  • Nurse - MUGGLE Medicine! That's right, we cut you open!
  • The Colonel's Daughter - Eva's father is a Colonel in the British Army. Maybe you served with him in the Great War?


  • Wealth: Well-to-Do
  • Educated
  • Charming
  • Nurturing


Logs featuring Eva Logs that refer to Eva



Timothy Stratton-Willoughby
Father: Daddy will always be my biggest fan. I adore him and am grateful for his faith in me. I hope to honour his sacrifices by saving the lives of men who will go on to be heroes like he was.


Grace Stratton-Willoughby
Mother: I am eternally in her debt, for she instilled a sense of discipline in me that has served me well already in my life. She is kind and firm with a gentle touch. I hope that I am able to be like her to others.


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