Darcy in Disguise
Portrayed by Jenna Boyd
Name: Evelyn Tabatha Eibon
Aliases: Lyn/Ev/Eve
Birthday: Feb 15, 1923
Position: Ravenclaw
Lineage: Half-Blood


This slender, light skinned girl stands at an average height for someone her age. Her angular face seems to bring attention hazel-blue eyes, which seem to light up if, and when, she smiles. Her hair, a dirty blonde colour, falls gently down her back. While at school, she is constantly seen wearing school robes with the blue and silver Ravenclaw colours.


Twelve and a half inches, chestnut, supple, with a Dragon Heartstring Core




Evelyn has a long-eared owl who is named Septima.



Born February 15, 1923, Evelyn Tabatha Eibon is the second child of Greg and Eve Eibon. Being born deaf is not easy for anyone, and Evelyn was no exception. The family itself learned sign language to facilitate communication, but they felt that this was hardly enough. Being of substantial wealth, they began extensive treatments at St. Mungo’s from the age of five, to help her gain her hearing. It was a process that would take quite some time. In the meantime, they had hired a nanny and a tutor to help her along in a day to day routine.

At the age of eight, tragedy struck her family. Her parents, who were researchers of aquatic creatures, drowned in an unfortunate accident, leaving Evelyn and her brother, older by a year, were moved in with their aunt and uncle Angeline and Noalan Jr., and their kids. While she mainly like to keep to herself after the death of her parents, she found this side of the family to be extraordinarily supportive of supporting her, learning sign language as well, and continuing her treatment at St. Mungo’s, where she was having speech therapy in addition to the treatments for her hearing issues.

It was during one of her treatments when her magical ability first made itself evident. She accidentally slipped on a wet floor and began to fall forward. Instead of hitting the ground, however, she started to glide just a few inches above the floor. After five meters she slowed to a stop and gently came the few inches to the floor. The family knew, then, that they’d be getting a Hogwarts letter for her once she turned 11.

It wasn’t until late into her 10th year that she was to gain full use of her ears. While she could fully hear, and it was known that she had a firm grasp of conversation and using spoken word, she would at times fall into habits of remaining silent and preferring to use sign language at times, much to the chagrin of her aunt and uncle, who attempted to encourage her to speak, a skill she was able to accomplish with fairly good elocution by this point, if she so chose.

With her nose quite often in a book, it was no surprise that when it was time for her and her cousin Noalan to attend Hogwarts, that she was sorted into Ravenclaw. While still quite shy, she took to her lessons, studying the best she could. The first year or two of Hogwarts, though, were the hardest. She was often whispered about behind her back, which occasionally she could hear, due to the fact that she was so quiet. It got to the point where she would hide and attempt to take alternate routes to class just so that she wouldn’t have to hear the whispering or see the pointing of a wondering classmate. It has gotten easier, as she has made friends, but she can still, on occasion, be seen sitting alone reading a book instead of being off with friends.


  • Shy
  • Notorious Family
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do

RP Hooks

  • She is a Ravenclaw, though a quiet one, but if you're currently in Ravenclaw, or have recently graduated from the house, you've probably seen her around
  • She descends from a long-standing relatively notorious pure-blood family, the Eibons
  • She quite enjoys books, whether for school or pleasure, she usually has one in hand, and enjoys sharing her passion for books with others
  • She is a member of the Mud Club at Hogwarts, as well as a background leader of said group


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Her cousin, who happens to be the same age. Of her cousins, she would say she gets along with him the best. It helps that they've grown up side by side, of course. She's certainly thankful to have him around.


Evelyn and Angelus have certainly had their issues of late. It doesn't help that they're on the different end of the spectrum, as far as their views on purism are concerned. She has made attempts to keep their relationship on an even keel, though it hasn't worked. Not as well as she would have liked.


Elspeth is, perhaps, Evelyn's best friend. They started out at Hogwarts together, both in the same year and both in Ravenclaw. The fact that she also didn't seem to mind her being quiet helped in Evelyn warming up to the girl. It hardly phased her that she was a muggle-born, not that it mattered. If anything, Evelyn feels the closest to Elspeth. She hopes that they'll be friends for the remainder of their lives. She can't imagine it being otherwise.

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