Families of Witchcraft and Wizardry

In order to keep everyone feeling like they are a part of a bigger picture and integral to our communities story we like to focus on In Character Families as they bring instant role-playing hooks and are a huge part of people's stories. Even an orphan has a story about their family in one shape or another.

We have separated families into five sub-categories:



In order for your character to automatically show up on the appropriate pages, please include the specific tags on your characters page, found below. Fill in what's between the <>s appropriately and remove the <>s before saving. Also leave out the 's.

'pure-blood', 'half-blood', 'muggle-born or muggle'

For example:

Linc a Half-Blooded Palancher who's Mom is a Hobbs would have the tags:

half-blood surname:palancher bloodline:palancher bloodline:hobbs

Adding a Family

While the Pure-Blood Families are stuck in stone to be those listed on their page, there is open market to Family names in the mixed blood and muggle communities. If a Non-Pure-Blood family is not represented on the right page, please put in a +request in game to have it added. Include which page it should be on and who is in the family.

+request Family Add: <Surname>=<Character> is a <Blood-Purity> with a <Blood-Purity> Father with the surname: <Surname> and a <Blood-Purity> Mother with the surname: <Surname> and maiden name: <Maiden Surname>. There is not an entry for the <List of Surnames> on the family pages.

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