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Character Information
Portrayed by Dustin Clare
Name: Fandral
Aliases: Fan
Birthday: <Birthday>
Position: Warrior
Lineage: Centaur


Fandral is like many of his kind, tall and four legged. The whithers of his body are built for power and as a creature of strength the rest of him follows this rule. He wears a sash of purple and woven natural fibers that ties at his shoulder and falls diagonally across back and chest to rest at his hip where the horse half of him begins. Grizzled and defined, his features are stark and in some cases brutish. A solid brow and stark nose fall to thin lips and stubble that covers most of his face. Long mousy brown wavy hair is pulled back at his crown and held away to keep it from his face.

Centaurs have little need for clothing and the sash across his front can be truly the only thing that clothes him.



  • Quirk 1
  • Quirk 2
  • Wealth: Level

RP Hooks

  • Warrior Fandral is a warrior for the Starchaser Herd. Killing the enemies of his friends and family is something he prides himself on.
  • Hook 2, etc.


Logs featuring Fandral Logs that refer to Fandral



Father: Killed in the Swift Arrows attack that forced the Herd to take refuge at Hogwarts.


Mother: Killed in the Swift Arrows attack that forced the Herd to take refuge at Hogwarts.


Colt's Mother: We loved like a bonfire. It burned fast and hot, but it could not last. I am glad that she is the dame to my child, though. There is still the occasional spark left between us. It is why it's so easy to forgive her lack of mothering skill.


Colt: My son! Couldn't be prouder, thick as thieves we are. (Interested in playing Bragan? Contact PirateSpice.)


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