Character Information
Portrayed by Julian Wadham
Name: Charles Keith Faulkner
Aliases: Birdie, Professor
Birthday: Jun 03
Position: SIS Officer
Lineage: Muggle


A man of his early middle years, he has a distinct look of Englishness about him with pale skin, a square jaw, and prominent ears. He stands a shade under six feet and has brown hair that just begun to grey a bit, cut neatly and parted on the left. His eyes are light brown, and set on either side of a straight nose below thick, straight brows.

He wears the service uniform of the Royal Air Force, in its familiar blue hue. An officer's blouse comes to mid-thigh length and has four bellows pockets, fastened around the waist with an integral belt of the same fabric. On the breast of the blouse are a set of silk RAF pilot's wings, and a row of decorations that those familiar with the military would recognize as the Distinguished Flying Cross, Victory Medal with a palm representing mention in the despatches, the War Medal, the General Service medal, and the French Croix de Guerre, while the sleeves have the two and one-half stripes of a Squadron Leader. Beneath the blouse he wears a white shirt and a dark tie. High-waisted, loose fitting trousers and sensible black shoes, along with a peaked officer's cap, complete the outfit.


Charles Keith Faulkner was born in Buckinghamshire of William and Elizabeth Faulkner, the former a local solicitor and landowner, on 3 June 1898. He was their second child, his brother, William, Jr., being several years older. They lived a comfortably upper-midle-class lifestyle, though William, Sr. was a stern man who expected excellence, Elizabeth was far more kindly and understanding, providing something of a counterbalance.

Charles was admitted to the exclusive Harrow School near London, where he excelled academically in the usual subjects - mathematics, Greek, Latin, English, and all those expected of a graduate of one of England's exclusive boarding schools. He was accepted to Cambridge, and began attending there in 1916, in the midst of the Great War. After his brother was injured at the front in 1917, he took leave from school and volunteered, becoming a Probationary Second Lieutenant in the Royal Flying Corps. He served through the end of the war, earning a Mention in Despatches for shooting down a German bomber, and joined the Royal Air Force with the rest of the RFC when that service was formed in 1918. He served also in Palestine in 1919 before being mustered out as a Lieutenant. He then finished his education, earning his Bachelor's degree and M.Phil. in Classics.

After graduation, Faulkner found a position as a secondary school teacher. With the outbreak of war, however, and swept up by patriotic fervor, he has volunteered to return to duty. After passing his physical and getting a crash (no pun intended) course in modern aviation, he has been assigned to an air squadron outside London as a Flight Lieutenant, a promotion from when he left service. While he earns a very good salary as a teacher at a private school, he has a weakness for the finer things in life. Fortunately, he also enjoys outside activities such as climbing and hiking, and so the effect on his health has thusfar been minimal.

Recent History

As tensions ratcheted up between the Allies and the Nazi Reich, Faulkner returned to active RAF duty, taking an indefinite leave from his teaching duties. He was assigned as Adjutant in the 812 Squadron, based in London, and saw action in the Battle of Britain, where he distinguished himself, earning a Distinguished Flying Cross for "gallantry in aerial combat." During the same time, he met, fell in love with, and married Miss Irene Lee, a woman many years his junior. In November of 1940, he was promoted to Squadron Leader and transferred to a seeming "desk job" in the Administrative and Special Duties Branch in London.

RP Hooks

  • Old Harrovian: Faulkner attended the Harrow School, a posh English boy's school.
  • Cambridge: He also read Classics and History at Cambridge.
  • Private School Teacher: Maybe if you weren't in school with him, he taught you Classics.
  • The Great War: He flew in the later years of the first one, too. Are you a veteran?
  • RAF: Back in uniform, and happy to have a fine beverage (or a pint, if you insist) with his Squadron mates.
  • Detached Duty: Since November, 1940, Faulkner has been assigned to the Administrative and Special Duties Branch of the RAF. A particularly opaque assignment, if one thinks about it too deeply.


  • Educated: He speaks several languages, modern and ancient, is familiar with math, science, and the liberal arts.
  • Stiff Upper Lip: "Jerry seems to have punctured my glycol tank. Bother."
  • Wealth:Rich: He comes from a wealthy family of country squires, and isn't living on his salary.
  • Sybarite: Tailored uniforms, cigarettes, good booze, opera… he likes the finer things.


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Wife. Irene "Rena" Faulkner (née Lee). A friend of Guy's, she came out to the airfield to entertain the lads. Things rather went in an unexpected direction from there, and it turned out they were mad for each other. After a few months of courtship, and the ironing out of some issues on her side, he proposed and they were married in April 1940.


William Faulkner, Sr.
Father. A solicitor from Buckinghamshire. A severe man who always expected the best from his children.


Elizabeth Faulkner
Mother. A housewife, and as bubbly and loving as Father was severe. Always ready with a plate of warm cookies or a shoulder to cry on.


William Faulkner, Jr., MC
Older Brother. Walks badly and with a cane after a bullet shattered his hip at Ypres. Father's partner in the Firm. A war hero with the Military Cross.


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