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Character Information
Portrayed by Emily Deschanel
Name: Felicity Rowle
Aliases: Fel
Birthday: Sep 22
Position: Artefact & Creature Specialty
Lineage: Pure-Blood


Tall, with dark hair shot through with occasional highlights of gold, Felicity is a driven woman. Everything about her suggests reserve, from the pristine condition of her lime green healers robes with their patches identifying her as a Healer in Artefact and Creature incidents, to the perfectly formed chignon her long hair has been set into. Dark slashed brows rest atop blue almandine eyes tinged with thick lashes. Her features are striking, cheekbones pronounced, nose aquiline thin, chin gently pointed beneath a wide mouth.


St. Mungos

Artefact Accidents & Creature Induced Injuries Specialties


Borne to a life of pure-blood privilege, Felicity Rowle, is the fourth of five children. Her parents, though traditional in many ways are also loving and involved in their children's lives - something which, as an adult, can be irritating but as a child meant they led happy lives. Close to her siblings it was no surprise that Felicity, like nearly all Rowles, ended up in Ravenclaw.

While there she enjoyed academic pursuits as well as cheering on her brothers when they played Quidditch. From early on she knew where her future lay; Felicity was going to be a healer. In her tired moments, on late nights at the hospital, she blames her little sister. When Felicity was in her third year and her sister Phil in her first an accident happened. Phil slipped on the cliffs at Hogwarts and started bleeding from a head wound. Felicity felt helpless, all she could do was shout for someone else to come and heal her sister. The walk to the infirmary was a long one; by the time they both got there Felicity was bloodied and Phil was ghostly pale. She decided then and there she would never be helpless in another emergency.

From that point onwards Felicity has devoted herself to healing the wounds of others; be it through just listening to an elderly patient or performing elaborate medical procedures using the magic she has learned while training to become a healer at St. Mungo's.

RP Hooks

  • Community NPC. For use in Healing scenes at St. Mungos involving Artefact Accidents and Creature Induced Incidents when there is not a PC Healer available. She is extremely clinical and while she does have empathy she believes straight facts to be the best medicine.


  • Protective of Family
  • Socially Awkward
  • Clinical Mind
  • Wealth: Well-To-Do


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St John
Felicity's eldest brother. He works for the Ministry, but she doesn't really explain what he does. He is older, married and has two sons. His eldest, Alfie (named after one of their brothers) is already at Hogwarts. His youngest son, aged two, is named Rupert.


Felicity's second eldest brother. He runs his own business and is doing rather well for himself. Unlike the eldest, he is not married but has come close before. He is an avid Appleby Arrows fan and has season tickets.


The youngest of Felicity's three elder brothers, Alfred works for the Ministry as a lawyer.


The only other girl in the Rowle brood, at least this branch. Phil works for the Daily Prophet and is Felicity's flatmate. They have always been very close, tho lately a relationship between Phil and Laurence has caused some tension. Fel doesn't wholly approve of Laurence and the scandal the two have conjuring if they aren't careful. Fel tries to be a voice of reason, Phil doesn't appreciate it very much.


The eldest of St John's children, he is Felicity's nephew and she is very close to him. He is in Ravenclaw and has just finished his first year. His birthday is 1 November.


Alfred's wife. Winnie is Felicity's sister-in-law. A vapid clingy woman who comes from another old wizarding family (her father is part of the Wizengamot), Felicity does not have much time for her. Winnie and Alfred are not a love match but a political one, each of them having their own ambitions. Plus, Winnie gets drunk and says embarrassing things at family parties.


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