Disaster Prone
Portrayed by James Ainsworth
Name: Felix Flavius Flitwick
Aliases: Fee, Jinx, Cannonball
Birthday: 1 April, 1926
Position: Gryffindor
Lineage: Half-blood


Felix is a short and skinny for his age, with a round head perched atop a narrow neck. His big, blue-green eyes are set a bit wide, over an arrow-shaped nose. He has wide, full, pink lips that are usually stretched into a grin. His dark brown hair is worn long on top, frequently getting in his eyes.


Nine and a half inches, redwood, quite bendy, with a unicorn hair core.


Felix has a pet tortoise, because his parents insisted he have something fairly indestructible. His name is Cabbage.



Felix was born on the first day of April to Oscar Flitwick and Dagney Bagman, during a devastating thunderstorm that blew a tree down onto their family home while they were at St. Mungo's. It was a joke the first time they called him a jinx. But over the years, it became less funny. His first magical outburst as an infant transfigured his father's favourite armchair to a swarm of bees. The second left everyone in the house, himself included, without a single hair on their heads. By the time he was five, he had broken four bones, ridden the family dog into a river, and somehow managed to attract a colony of bats to roost in his bedroom.

By time Felix was off to Hogwarts, his parents couldn't have been more grateful. Their love for their son was not in question, but to say he was a handful was an astronomical understatement, as the school would soon learn. He never meant to be troublesome. But the problems only got worse when he got his hands on a wand — spells exploding in his face, melting his desk with a botched potion, a wrestling match with a Devil's Snare that put him in the hospital wing. Needless to say, his marks were not extraordinary in any of his classes.

The one area where Felix shone was in Flying Class. His parents had been too afraid to let him try a broom before, but took to it like a kelpie to water. Freed from the constraints of the ground, Felix finally had a playground where he was far less likely to destroy anything, hurt anyone, or crash into anything but the ground. That is, until he discovered Quidditch. But at least that involved protective gear and charms. So he wasn't going to get himself or anyone else killed out there…probably.

RP Hooks

  • Force of Nature: Felix is good-natured, and doesn't mean to be destructive, but chaos follows him like a lost puppy. He's the student that explodes spells that shouldn't be able to explode. His potions are almost guaranteed to have wildly unpredictable results. Maybe you enjoy the mayhem, or may he's unintentionally made your life more difficult.
  • Born to Fly: If there is one aspect of magic that Felix excels at, it's broomflying. He's a whiz on a broom, and may have a promising future in Quidditch. Are you on the Gryffindor team? He worships you. Are you a Quidditch fan? He thinks you're his best friend.
  • Choir: Felix sings in the Arts Club choir, which is about the only place he can hold still and relax.

School Performance

Classes Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7
Astronomy T D
Charms P A
Defence Against the Dark Arts A P
Herbology P D
History of Magic D D
Potions P A
Transfiguration P A
Flying O
Care of Magical Creatures


Wealth: Comfortable The Flitwicks live on a modest income, without too many economic difficulties.
Hyperactive Felix cannot hold still for more than a few seconds. He's brimming with energy and must get up and use it!
Short Attention Span Felix's mind races just as fast as his body, flitting from one thing to the next, often before he can complete a thought.
Reputation: Jinx Felix cannot escape his past, and the many small disasters he's been party to.
Angelic Singing Voice One of the only things that seems to help Felix calm down and focus is singing, and what a voice he has.


Logs featuring Felix Logs that refer to Felix



Blackhead don't even know I exist. I guess that's a good fing.


It's a lotta fun runnin' around in her head!


Aye, aye, Cap'n! He says I'm a Pirate! I don't remember takin' the oath…but I weren't really payin' attention.


Higgins was loads of fun! He got sent to the Caretaker's Office even more than I do. I miss him, though. Growin' up is for the birds.


She's right fun, especially for a professor's kid. I fink we're gonna be mates for life. S'what happens when you almost get pinched togevvah.


Maddie is probably the swellest kid at Hogwarts. But don't tell Cillian I said so.


Oscar Flitwick
Poor Dad, he's always so stressed out. I wish I knew a way to help him relax. But every time I walk in the room, he jumps like he just saw a werewolf.


Dagney Flitwick (nee Bagman)
Mum's an old Quidditch player herself. So she was pretty proud when I started flyin'. She's been my biggest supporter in gettin' on the team.





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