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Character Information
Portrayed by Zsa Zsa Gabor
Name: Fifi LaFolle
Aliases: Queen of Romance
Birthday: February 14th, 1888
Position: Romance Novel Author
Lineage: Half-blood, English


Although being in her early 50s, Fifi still preserves the natural beauty of her youth. She has a graceful figure, standing 5'4'' and around 125 pounds. With blond hair and deep green eyes, her photograph has been featured on the Prophet several times.

Because of her remarkable career, she always takes special care in public appearances. Her wardrobe includes colorful and elegant dresses for all kinds of events, but pink ones are her identity trait as an author.


Fifi was born on February 14th, 1888, in a very overprotective family of Channel Islands. During her infancy, money was no problem for her parents, and they were able to fulfill all the wishes and needs of her beloved daughter.

In 1899, she started her magical education at Hogwarts, being sorted into Ravenclaw. It was between this period when she started to write her first romance stories, based on relationships of other students.

In her third year, she took Divination and Muggle Studies, keeping the same ones in her final years along with Charms and Astronomy. By the time she was graduated, her writing skills were quite known.

She worked on a few periodical publications for the Prophet before starting the Enchanted Encounters series. In order to find inspiration for her books, Fifi usually went to Muggle parties, where she ended up finding her own love, a rich Muggle named Henry Charles Scuttle, and whose relationship inspired her first book: The Muggle's Wife.

As a result of this love, Fifi gave birth to her daughter, Jolie. She took care of her the same way her parents did, and has always felt very proud of her precious daughter. Sometimes, Fifi has talked about Jolie's father, but she knows little information about him. Books and stories have always helped Fifi to express her deepest feelings.


  • Famous (as the Queen of Romance)
  • Soft-hearted
  • Posh
  • Theatrical
  • Weath: Rich

RP Hooks

  • Book: The Muggle's Wife - A tale of romance. A witch falls in love and marries a Muggle. He is quite wealthy to begin with, he tries to buy her all sorts of things with that money to try to make her comfortable in the muggle world. But nothing helps, no muggle item can make her feel like she's in the magical world. After bankrupting himself they discover that all they need is each other and acceptance to be happy in each others world.
  • Book: Wild Lace - A tale of a Portuguese witch who ensnares her lover by dancing around in a robe made of lace that leaves little to the imagination.
  • Book: The Black Kiss - A series of tales about a witch and wizard that would disguise themselves as Dementors to scare off muggles from their affluent homes where they would lead fantasy lives for a day or two together before they move on to the next. Eventually the pair get caught and are sent to Azkaban. Hand in hand they kiss each other one last time before facing a pair of real Dementors that give them the Dementor's Kiss. This book was a departure from Fifi's usually sappy fare, and as a result it didn't sell so well (though it has a niche following).
  • Book: The Last 500 Years - While documenting about Italian Renaissance, an actress of the magical community encounters with a ghost of the same period. The well-mannered spirit asks her for help in order to finish his last play. During rehearsals, they notice that the impossible love that is explained in the plot is quite similar to their actual feelings. She continues with her career, but his ghostly lover will be always near, watching her performances delighted.
  • Book: The Cursed Circus - An acrobat with shady past is the main character on the newest show of a circus in the doldrums. Many problems occur during rehearsals, and the spectacle is cancelled when the acrobat's past is discovered. But her luck seems to change when she meets a charming young man that wants to be patron of the circus.
  • Book: We'll Meet Again - A young Obliviator meets a persistent Muggle journalist who wants to tell the secret about the wizarding world in order to win the Pulitzer Prize. Their relationship turn out to be untenable and she finally erases the memory of his lover. Eventually, he starts documenting the havoc of the war, risking his life several times, but without being aware that her former lover is protecting him during his journeys. One day, the tables are turned when he saves her in the course of The Blitz.
  • Coming soon: Enchanted Encounters on Stage - We're trying to find some actors/actresses to bring one of my stories to the theaters. Are you interested?
  • Inspiration: Everywhere - Maybe one of my characters could be based on you.


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Daughter - Cherished sweet, perfect, wonderful gift from the magical powers of the universe.


Idol on Stage - Delightful actress. I've seen her in a couple of plays and has lots of potential. Hope that we meet personally one day.


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