This character is retired, and is no longer in play. This character has faded into the background.

The Littlest Adventurer
Portrayed by Georgie Henley
Name: Fiona Saoirse Quinn
Aliases: Fi, Fee
Birthday: 30 August 1927
Position: First Year
Lineage: Pureblood


At first glance she seems to be a quiet and unassuming girl, serious even, with her dark hair, vibrant blue eyes and porcelain complexion. Standing at about four and a half feet tall, she is a bit on the short side for a girl her age. Her dark hair is straight and often worn down. Her eyes the colour of the sky reflected in a clear lake. A cute little stub nose that is just a smidge wider than her perfect cupid's bow mouth. If she is able to get her way she will be a touch dirty with smudges on her forehead or clothing - little indicators of the mischief she has been up to.


The youngest of the five Quinn children, and the only girl, Fiona has been both spoilt (not her word) and ignored by her parents and siblings depending on their mood or what was happening in their lives. This has given her an independent streak and an ability to find her own adventure and own way in life. She does not remember her eldest brother much and he is not spoken of in the family. She can, however, recall (sometimes to her annoyance) her other three brothers. As she is approaching her eleventh birthday Fiona is very excited about going to Hogwarts - in part because she craves a little more stability as her home life is determined by her father's work habits and moods. Though she never knew of the anxiety her parents were greatly relieved when she first exhibited a latent magical talent around the age of three. Though like most children it tended to manifest when she was upset - this usually was because of one of her brothers excluding her from a game they were playing or adventure they were having. It led to her developing love of climbing as she once got herself stuck on top of a wardrobe. 

She has given some thought to where her future might lie, largely in part because of her interest in lore and runes, but thanks to the relative wealth of her family she will not be forced into work before she is ready and in any case that is a long way off. For now she has plans to resume her game of spying on her brothers and hopes to make some new friends who she may be able to talk into climbing or hiking around the castle grounds with her like she used to do the servants' children at home.

Recently Fiona overheard her parents recently having an argument. Their usual arguments tended to centre around scholarly debate which made this argument stick out all the more because it was about politics. Her father was vociferously declaring his beliefs on racial purity. While Fiona was not terribly surprised, she had been aware of his becoming more vocal in his support for deeper segregation between those with magic and those without she was surprised that her mother did not argue her point in return. Just what this will mean for the children of Brendanus and Caoimhe Quinn remains to be seen, but Fiona is making sure to keep her ears open.


  • Afraid of slugs - this would not seem that bad but the British isles are a temperate climate with plenty of slug inducing rain. Fiona LOATHES these slimy creatures and has been known to run screaming when one is thrown at her by, say, a brother.
  • Hair twiddling - Fiona is a hair twiddler. She twists and twiddles her hair around her fingers when she is anxious over something or at times when reading. It is a subconscious gesture that can give her mood away.
  • Honeyed tongue - Her brothers call her a brat, but that is just because Fiona often gets her way. She has developed a knack of talking people around to her way of thinking. It does not always work of course, but she is almost always willing to give it a shot.
  • Wealth: Well-to-Do - Fiona, thanks to her parents' wisdom does not have to mind where she spends her pocket money.

RP Hooks

  • Musician - Fiona is an avid musician, she plays the piccolo
  • Storyteller - Fiona loves myths, particularly Greek and Gaelic ones and likes acting them out or just telling them to her friends and is always keen to learn new ones
  • Brotherly Love - Fiona has two older brothers at Hogwarts, they are - she has been told - attractive - girls might even try to get to know them through her. Desperate girls (in her opinion!)
  • Highest Heights - Fiona loves climbing trees, or just about anything. She can often be found in high places.
  • Electives: Being a first year Fiona has no electives.
  • NEWT Classes: These are several years away yet, but she is planning already.
  • Clubs: Arts Club, Broom Club, and Dueling Club


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