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Character Information
Portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal
Name: Fleamont Potter
Aliases: Flea
Birthday: December 19th, 1911
Position: Potioneer
Lineage: Pure-Blood


A fine jaw with a soft fuzz of stubble remains otherwise clean. His straight nose lowers to a generous mouth and his thick brows rest over the pale blue eyes that seem expressive more often than not. His dark brown hair is carefully groomed, slicked back from a side part that hides its actual cheek length. He stands at average height, perhaps just below with broad shoulders to ease that notion of lack of height. The rest of him seems evenly and quite perfectly proportioned.

The tweed suit of brown is paired with a pale blue dress shirt and a tweed vest of the same fabric. The tie at his neck is a solid brown and his shoes contrast by being a mahogany. His hat is one suited for everyday wear with a small pale feather set within it so that it shows the down of it when he moves.



  • Quirk 1
  • Quirk 2
  • Wealth: Rich

RP Hooks

  • Potion Inventor - Fleamont quadrupled the already substantial wealth passed down through the generations when he invented Sleekeazy's Hair Potion.
  • Hook 2, etc.


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Wife: (b. 1912)


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