Character Information
Portrayed by Travis Fimmel
Name: Flynn Ethan Abbott
Aliases: Fly
Birthday: May 21st, 1911
Position: R.C.M.C
Lineage: Pure-Blood


There is something about this man, he is big and strong, as if the wild has shaped him. His hair is dirty blonde and shaved on the sides. The top part is knotted and pulled back into a long thick braid that trails down his back. His skin is tanned from time outside, and there is a well grown beard around his chin and cheeks. There is a well set nose, but what one may notice most of all is his eyes. They are this blue, the palest of blues. It's as if the world is obsorbed by them. Those eyes are what finish his rugged, handsome and unique appearance .

Being a Ranger, Flynn isn't always up to date on the latest fashion and seems to go his own way. Atop of his outfit is a jacket, it's heavy and brown and lined with fur. Under it is a pair of brown slacks and the top would be a creamed white. The top few buttons would be left undone, which would show the crest of his burley and shapen chest.


Flynn was born to Artimus Abbott and Mary nee Wilkins on May 21st, 1911. He grew up with a happy life, having an older brother and two younger sisters. He always seemed to be different than his siblings however. He took to animals, and animals took to him. With the rest of his family going into politics, and keeping the peace he seemed to show no interest, even if it was something he was good at. Instead, he would spend time outside, always outside, in any weather, and climb tress, work with plants and various other outdoor activities. Flynn was always assured of himself, never did he family make him feel like an outsider. He would defend those who needed it (animals included!), was always balanced and fair, yet never held back with saying what he felt or if he felt something was wrong. Never was he rude or bullying about this.

His letter came from Hogwarts, which was of no surprise, and he went there enjoying his years in House Gryffindor. For electives in his third year it was a given that he'd take Care of Magical Creatures and Muggle Studies as well. After OWLs he narrowed his classes down to Care of Magical Creatures and Defense Against the Dark Arts for the part of the curriculum that covered Dark Creatures and Beings. Those were his favorite bits. With so much love and passion for the two subjects it was not hard for him to do well in their NEWTs.

After graduation he joined the R.C.M.C, he was a Ranger assigned to the Hebridean Dragon Reserve for several years. During a fundraiser event for the ministry Flynn met a young woman who was stunning and was able to get him to dance with her. It was an intense love affair. Unfortunately as it turns out she was the youngest daughter of his boss, Isaac Scamander. Who did not approved and was quite furious when he found out. It was no coincidence that soon after Flynn found himself demoted and transferred to the biggest farce division at the Ministry, the Centaur Liaison Office. It's there that he's been trapped behind a desk doing nothing but languish. However when the Centaur unrest in Hogsmeade led to a villager dying, he is motivated to prove himself and bring peace to the Centaur Clan.

RP Hooks

  • Dragon Expert: Have a question about the eating habits of a Hungarian Horntail? What about the average wingspan of a Chinese Fireball? Flynn's got an answer for you.
  • Bottomless Pit: Flynn is always interested in grabbing a bite to eat or having a chat over a mug of Butterbeer.
  • Hogwarts: Flynn attended Hogwarts from 1922 to 1929 as a Gryffindor. He took CoMC and Muggle Studies from 1924 - 1929 and his NEWTS were Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts. Were you a Housemate or a Yearmate? Did you enjoy the same classes at the same time as Flynn? Hogwarts is a place where everyone knows everyone if they were there at the same time. So did we know each other?


  • Moxie
  • Animal Lover
  • Wealth: Comfortable
  • Ambidexterous


Logs featuring Flynn Logs that refer to Flynn



Artimus Abbott
Father: (b. 1890) Pure-Blood. Dad still tells me how proud he is of me.


Mary Abbott nee Wilkins
Mother: (b. 1891) Pure-Blood. Mom still says I'm her baby boy, it's a bit embarassing.


Furious Boss: Isaac Scamander still hasn't spoken to me since he found out about his daughter and I.


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