This character is retired, and is no longer in play. Frank has been placed in St. Mungo's Long-Term Residence Ward. Case: Frank Weasley.

The Polyglot
Portrayed by Simon Pegg
Name: Francis Honoratus Weasley
Aliases: Frank
Birthday: August 2nd, 1895
Position: Patient at St. Mungo's Hospital
Lineage: Pure-blood


Average height, a bit on the reedy side, middle-aged and ruddy-complexioned: Frank could not be more 'everyday bloke' if he tattooed it across his forehead. His wildly darty eyes are a muddy mix of blue and brown - blue at the edges, brown at the centers - set squarely in the center of a round face with a full forehead; crow's feet line the corners of his eyes, and the furrows in his brow are firmly etched. There's something about the set of his mouth that hints at a sort of existential dissatisfaction with the universe. Strawberry Blonde hair has grown out and could use some attention with a comb; in addition to a scraggly short beard.

Over his gaunt frame Frank wears the hospital robes of the Janus Thickey Ward of St. Mungo's Hospital. When he is shuffling around the ward he wears bright yellow fluffy slippers and the pockets of his robes at his hips are extremely wrinkled as he has a tendency to grip at them when in a fit of madness.


Given the fancy name of Francis Honoratus by hopeful parents, Francis remained a Francis for eleven years and twenty-eight days. On the twenty-ninth, he boarded the train for Hogwarts for the first time and met one of his future classmates - a girl by name of Frances. Immediately, and forever thereafter, he was dubbed a 'Frank'. Despite his occasional attempts to reclaim his original name, the simpler alternative has stuck to him like a barnacle. Other attempts through life to class himself have tended to end equally in failure. No matter what accomplishments he might manage to rack up, there's just something about him that is existentially 'ordinary bloke'.

That first Hogwarts trip was not, incidentally, something Frank had taken for granted, despite being raised in a Pure-blooded (if plebeian) household. For most of his childhood, his parents had strongly suspected their son was a Squib; the unnatural peculiarities of a magical child showed up late with him, and even then showed up rarely. Sorted into Hufflepuff, school soon confirmed what he had already guessed: Frank was not skilled at magic. Oh, he could manage the more indirect classes quite well, as he was plenty bright, and lord knows he gave his best effort at anything involving a wand. But even the most honest toil never did earn him beyond mediocre scores in Charms or Transfiguration. His more natural environment seemed to be the bottom of the class, and he came to have a philosophical acceptance of this.

It wasn't until third year, and Ancient Runes, that he found a subject he was not only good at, but spectacularly so. Grasping ancient sounds and letters turned out to be something he really, really excelled at. Surprised further exploration soon proved that the unexpected talent applied to modern ones, too. By Fifth Year he had all but tuned out of most of his classes, and earned the O.W.L. scores to prove it - but he had also managed to learn the basics of French, German and Italian, and had no intention of staying in school another two years anyway. Not when he could be out in the world, being good at something.

Travel, though, it turned out, was an expensive venture - especially when your lower class parents can't afford to loan you a knut, and you have no impressive N.E.W.T.s to flash as credential to well-paying employers. A series of poorly paying jobs translating for various continental businesses who eyed the British Wizard market had to suffice: at least it gave him the chance to flesh out and polish up those languages he had taught himself, and led to him learning another two on the side. (Bulgarian has only ever been useful to him once, during a two-year stint working there in the early 1920s - a stint that also led to him learning how to use Muggle firearms, in a convoluted series of events he tends to bring up whenever pub conservations turn to 'weird experiences' - but he figures you'll never know when something like that will come in handy.) And a job in Munich led to a chain reaction of events - one that, for a long time, had Frank thinking he had finally managed to fall into a patch of real luck.

Ulla Abendroth was her name: a German witch from a quite prestigious family, freshly graduated from Durmstrang. Wealthy, pretty and talented, Frank had no idea why she found him interesting, but she did; she clung to him like glue, in fact, and by the end of that first summer he was utterly head over heels for her. The feeling, she assured him, was mutual - and she even pulled strings to get him a stable job working for her father, helping translate the man's political essays for publication outside of Wizard Germany. If it seemed strange that she insisted they keep their relationship a secret, well, she was posh, her parents were dreadful snobs, and he was an utter nobody. It rankled at his pride a bit, but he became a willing participant in her deceptions, and found himself surprisingly good at such chicanery. He even invented a cipher for them to use, putting a skill he had learned via another odd job (in Denmark) to use.

His connections to the Abendroths, and the simple reality of living in a country wracked by social changes on both Muggle and Magical levels, led to an increased interest in matters political, if one that is patchy and uneven. Though Ulla rarely mentioned her own political interests to him, he was tangentially aware of her support of Grindelwald, without thinking much of it; most of the people he knew were Grindelwald supporters, after all, and he didn't see any real harm in it. Oh, Herr Abendroth's essays did get a little… assertive, at times; but it was only hot-headed rhetoric, after all.

A year ago, Ulla rather suddenly proposed that he get a job outside of Germany, citing storm clouds on the horizon due to Muggle politics. Her reasoning felt paranoid: the peaceful return of the Rhineland to Germany and the lack of any real uproar about it seemed proof enough that the Muggles had no intention of starting a war. And it certainly didn't make sense that she didn't want to go with him. Still, ever the obedient beau, he assented. She and her father pulled a few strings for him; Herr Abendroth had an acquaintance in the Ministry of Magic who was willing to finagle him some labor for them as a translator in the I.M.C. He is only a few months on the job, and feeling rather out of place in his homeland. If the Muggles will only get over their silliness soon, surely a return to his beloved Germany will be in the cards.


Oak, 8 1/2 inch, unyielding, with a unicorn hair core.


Two German wirehaired pointers by name of Bruno and Björn, originally a gift from Ulla. Despite being terrible apartment dogs, he would sooner fork over an arm than give them up.

RP Hooks

  • Foreign Languages: Frank has one true gift, and this is it: he's got five fluent languages under his belt besides his native English, and can make a go at a number of others in a pinch. Beyond working for the Ministry in that field, he supplements his income by tutoring. Perhaps you're looking for French lessons? Or Italian, or German, or Danish, or Bulgarian…
  • Well Traveled: And on a related note. Frank has spent more than half his life so far living outside his motherland, working all sorts of odd jobs. Do you have interests or entanglements on the continent? You may very well have met him before.
  • Pure-blooded: Well… technically. The Weasleys might be an old Pure-blood family, but they're sort of an lower-class clan - by family standards Frank is downright prestigious, with all those fancy languages and traveling experiences. Still, given what Pure-blood family trees are like, they're probably somebody's poor relations.
  • Grindelwald Supporter: Frank doesn't agree with everything the man says, but some of the British reactions are utterly narrow-minded and ridiculous. He's been living in Germany amongst German wizards for the past several years - he thinks he'd know, if the man was a scheming Dark Wizard plotting the subjugation of Mugglekind, thank you!
  • Dog Person: Dogs are the best. Do you have a dog? Frank will probably love your dog.


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  • Wealth: Poor: Frank's job at the Ministry is not richly paying, and he's no longer in a good position to mooch off a wealthy girlfriend - at least without it being embarrassing.
  • Natural Linguist: His one great gift, although he suspects that at six fluent languages he's likely approaching his limit.
  • Dogsbody: Not for Frank are glorious positions with attention-getting glamors. He is, and ever shall be, a mere worker bee, diligent, loyal, and harried.
  • Crap at Magic: Seriously. Man is weak at the wandwork. He can barely cast Lumos reliably, and must rely on other, more powerful Wizards for most things that require direct application of magic.
  • Resourceful in a Crisis: You don't survive to middle age after a life of working odd jobs if you don't know how to keep a cool head and a keen eye in strenuous moments.



An Auror he met in mildly embarrassing circumstances. But she likes German food and speaks the German language - two quick ways into Frank's esteem.


The ambassador is a co-worker of sorts - and, potentially, an employer. After a good meal and businesslike conversation, Frank finds himself trusting the man.

Also, at the moment Frank's an Imperius-Zombie minion. So there's that.

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