This character is retired, and is no longer in play.

Character Information
Portrayed by Gerard Butler
Name: Frid Lowe
Aliases: Alfred Lee, Fred Lee, Frid Lee
Birthday: Dec 22, 1896
Position: Valet
Lineage: Squib


Standing at just over six feet tall, with clear blue eyes and chocolate brown hair, this respectably turned out gentleman is just beginning to show signs of ageing. His beard, always neatly trimmed, is beginning to pepper through with flecks of grey, and the creases at his eyes and forehead and longer rely for their visibility upon a spontaneous smile or frown.

Neatly dressed in a slightly old fashioned wing collar and tie under a plain, dark three piece suit, somehow he seems to blend in with the background; a nondescript part of the furniture.


Born a Squib, to wizards who wanted nothing to do with the Muggle world, it would be an understatement to say that Frid Lowe was a disappointment. No talent at all, not an inkling of power or spark of magic, no letter from Hogwarts when he turned eleven. Instead, remained out of sight in the Lowe household, attending to such basic tasks as looking after the house elves and making sure the groceries arrived on time. As rumours of war filtered through from the Muggle world, Frid took a chance, headed out, and found himself in a recruiting office, claiming his name to be Alfred Lee. He served in the KRRC throughout the Great War, until at the 2nd battle of Ypres his military career was curtailed by German mustard gas; he was fortunate enough (fortunate?) to be invalided back to England with severe burns. He has suffered ever since from shortness of breath, and has scarring on his wrists and neck, which he keeps carefully covered.

At the end of his war, he signed on as a footman in a prosperous house in London, working his way up in time to reign over the belowstairs world as a butler. Things being what they were in the early Thirties, with all the great families in England feeling a decided financial pinch, he was laid off in 1933, with glowing references but little hope of finding a similar berth. How lucky, then, that he chanced upon a well-off and rather elegant woman who'd recently found herself alone and was in dire need of a valet extraordinary. There was something about this Fabia Fairfax that made him sit up. Definitely not a Muggle. Fate.

Having admitted his name and lineage to her, Frid has for five years been Fabia's steadfast servant, driver, valet, rescuer, financial advisor and unheeded voice of reason. With the death of her estranged actual husband and her sudden inheritance of the Three Broomsticks, Frid is finally back in the wizarding world, although he's keeping his head down, and sticking to 'Lee' as his surname.

RP Hooks

  • Military service - did he serve with you in the Great War?
  • Domestic service - London's network of belowstairs staff is a hive of gossip about their respective employers.
  • The Three Broomsticks - Occasionally spotted working the bar at the Three Broomsticks, when Fabia is in drinking, partly to watch her, and partly so he knows the money's going in the till and not down her neck in the shape of more martinis.


  • Knows a man who can!
  • Gas victim
  • Wealth: Comfortable


Logs featuring Frid Logs that refer to Frid



One does not discuss ones relationship with ones employers. Suffice it to say we have had a satisfactory arrangement for five years.


A very pleasant young lady who works as a midwife at St Mungos. We met under the assumption she was a muggle, had a light lunch and she joined us for an evening off in London to see a dance band. Mrs. Fairfax has naturally read far more into it. Terribly embarrassing.


This witch is a regular at the Three Broomsticks, a favourite of Mrs. Fairfax, and is looking for a volunteer to peer into their mind. I am intrigued, but wary, but she is a woman in need, and it would be churlish to refuse.


A young lady of negotiable affection, and another favourite of Mrs. Fairfax. I suspect she is trying to woo me, but I imagine I don't have the sort of finances it would require.


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