Gabriel Ward Jr.
Portrayed by Joshua Rush
Name: Gabriel Ward Jr.
Aliases: Gabe, Gunny, Doc
Birthday: Jul 21, 1926
Position: Ravenclaw, 4th year
Lineage: Muggle-born


Gabriel is a short little guy even for someone his age. Jet black hair, cut short and worn tousled tops a round face dominated by big chocolaty eyes and a little pug nose. He is a little on the thin side with a lanky, coltish body that is rarely still.


Gabriel Ward is the son of Gabriel Ward Sr., a British doctor, and Marjorie Johnson, an American nurse. The couple met at Middlesex Hospital in the middle of the summer of 1920, when Marjorie decided that she wanted her first full-time work experience to be somewhere outside of the continental United States and a managed to procure work at the hospital through a business associate of her father's. Gabriel Sr. was instantly smitten with the outspoken, vivacious Marjorie but she refused his advances for almost 6 months since she had never planned on making the move to London a permanent one. But in his patient, subtle way Gabriel managed to make Marjorie fall in love with him and they were finally married right after Gabriel finished his residency in December of 1921.

Gabriel went on to become a permanent member of Middlesex's staff and Marjorie continued working at the hospital until the birth of their first son, Gabriel Jr. in 1926. After Gabriel was born the couple decided that it was time for Marjorie to become a stay at home mother and quickly after Gabriel's birth his sister, Joan was born in the summer of 1928. Once both Gabriel and Joan were of school age Marjorie returned to work in a sense, since she started volunteering in a local clinic so that she could be home by the time the children returned from school.

As Gabriel grew from a baby, to a toddler and then to a child his parents noticed odd things tended to happen around him but they attributed them to chance or precociousness. Like the time when he was five, when after being bitten on a finger thanks to poking a spider one too many times spiders started appearing squashed anywhere in Gabriel's vicinity for a few months, even in place where there was no way a child could have reached. The cat must have developed a taste for spider hunting. Or how he managed to fall down a well in a field near their house and somehow miraculously sustained no injuries and managed to get back out without help. Must be that overactive imagination of his again. Or the time when he was eight and lost that soap-box derby he was so sure he could not loose after all the effort he and Dad had put into building his racer? The fact that the winner's car burst into flames immediately after it crossed the finish line had too be cause by too much friction in a badly lubricated wheel axle. All those strange little events happening around Gabriel could always be explained one way or another, even if at times it required some strained logic.

More recently the family has been experiencing some change. Gabriel Sr. has been promoted to the sub-head of the pediatric department of the hospital but more importantly for Gabriel Jr. some strange people have come around to the house and explained all the strange events that happen around Gabriel in a different way. They believe he's a wizard and he has been invited to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. After many a discussion and much pleading by their son the couple has finally decided to let Gabriel Jr. attend Hogwarts even if they still don't clearly understand what it means that he is a wizard.

Over the last 2 years Gabriel has made some good friends, especially Cillian and the rest of the Pirates. And he has made some 'enemies' (at least in his mind) including Evil Princess Number 1 (Ria Sykes) and Evil Princess Number 2 (Lorraine Nott). He's made the Quidditch team as a Chaser and has been doing well in his classes. At the end of his second year Gabriel applied to be a student aide to Hogwarts' Nurse, Madam Spleen. A couple of days before his return to Hogwarts he received an owl with an official letter from the school informing him that his application to become a Nurse's Aide had been approved, which made for an exciting beginning to his third year. His only concern with this new honor was that the letter also informed him he was most definitely not allowed to use Muggle healing techniques in the course of his duties as a Nurse's Aide.

Even as eventful as Gabriel's third year at Hogwarts was it will always be overshadowed in his mind by the summer of 1940. Because of the growing war it was the first time in 7 years Gabriel did not visit his grandfather in the Colonies. In and of itself this would have been an annoyance but nothing memorable. Then the war came to London. Living in London proper Gabriel and his family were lucky that their house was not affected. However, Gabriel was deeply impacted by the destruction and devastation he witness along with the death and injury of dozens. The things he witnessed while helping with first aid and triage at his father's hospital have had a lasting impact on the young man and have reinforced his desire to become a Healer, along with his desire to combine Muggle and Wizarding medical techniques into an effective, holistic whole.


Sturdy, 11 inches, Dogwood wand with a Unicorn hair core.


Gabriel is a happy-go-lucky teen that tends to see the bright side of almost any situation and has a definite competitive streak that spans everything from academics to sports. He also has a great amount of curiosity. Enough of it, in fact, that it brings up the old saw about curiosity and cats.

Theme Songs

Take Me Out To The Ball Game


  • Wealth: Well-To-Do
  • Overconfident
  • Mild Phobia: Spiders
  • Curiosity

RP Hooks

  • Gabriel's mother is North American. Gabriel has spent the last 8 summers in the US with her father.
  • Gabriel's grandfather is an avid baseball fan and has ensured Gabriel not only knows about the sport but also that he has spent all of his summer visits playing the sport. Gabriel is rarely seen without a baseball on his person.
  • The Pirate's Gunnery Sergeant and medic.
  • Ravenclaw Chaser
  • Gabriel serves as a Student Aide to Hogwarts' Nurse, Madam Spleen Need some quick first aid or someone to talk to while you're in the infirmary? Let me know!
  • Not. A. Morning. Person. Want to have some fun, wake him up carefully any time before 10:00am. Want to have a fight? Wake him up roughly any time really…

Report Card

Classes Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 Year 7
Astronomy A A A
Charms O O O
Defence Against the Dark Arts E E O
Herbology A E A
History of Magic A A A
Potions O O O
Transfiguration O O O
Flying E
Care of Magical Creatures A
Muggle Studies A

Extra Curriculars

Year One: Dueling Club, Athletics Club, Broom Club, The Pirates
Year Two: Dueling Club, Athletics Club, Broom Club, Mudclub, The Pirates, Quidditch - Ravenclaw Chaser
Year Three: Dueling Club, Athletics Club, Mudclub, The Pirates, Nurse's Aide, Quidditch - Ravenclaw Chaser
Year Four: Dueling Club, Mudclub, The Pirates, Nurse's Aide, Quidditch - Ravenclaw Chaser




Gabriel is just getting to know her but at least she knows her bedtime stories.


She's nice. And working with her on art projects is enjoyable. But what is it with the strict black and white world view? And why does she have to be so friendly with the Slytherins?


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